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  1. This morning was all the Muay Thai!!!!! Coach on the vacay so sub. WAS ONE OF MY FAVORITE COACHES!!! SQUEEEE I never take his class bc I lift Fridays. Oh the joy!! Man he's tough too. BAM right over to correct me. Makes me a better fighter every class. Great partner, great combos. All power punching! So exhausting... Esp when you warm up w sprints and cool down w burpees.

    Best combo: jab, cross, lead hook, rear cut kick, slip the jab and at the same time return right uppercut, power punch a cross, uppercut, cross and finish w two lead body kicks. SQUEEEEEEE. so awesome. So exhausting.




    Sounds like you had a great time. Maybe switch friday lifting with another day so you can attend his class more often? :)

  2. I met w/ my specialist for the first time today. Pretty cool meeting. 


    - He doesn't believe it's cancer. Most likely an auto-immune condition given my current results with medication. It's either graves [burning hot], or a flare-up of hashimoto's. We're doing a radioactive iodine test next month to see what it is exactly, and start a treatment plan. If it's not either of those, then it might be cancerous. Still...doubtful. 


    - He's super cool with paleo. One of his colleagues is on the lifestyle plan, and has had significant success with it. He's cool with me cutting out eggs [going auto-immune paleo monday], and doing whatever I need to do to be healthy. The nurse was super-pumped with all of my progress with clean eating, and can't wait to see what I look like in two months. She was nice enough to take the photo that's in my previous post. 


    That's about it. Afterwards, met for lunch with a friend, went to the emp museum to see the sci-fi exhibit [YES!], and managed to use the car service uber [amazing], and the monorail! Oh, and had a long black. The best coffee EVER. 

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  3. Being with people is AWESOME!


    I'd spend my whole day socializing and then go parties all night and do it every day! 


    Mmmmm cline is a social butterfly!!! 




    I'm not a social butterfly. So not. 


    But I like people more than I have in months. It's like I finally understand what it is to live... 


    Spent yesterday morning reading w/ kids at a 4th grade class. Was thinking I might hate it. Found out I love it. Spending time giving back to people is rewarding. A reminder to myself? When life / stuff / whatever feels overwhelming, it's time to dive in and figure out how to enjoy the journey. 

  4. This ends my first cycle of 5/3/1. 


    I've really enjoyed it. I believe that I've gotten stronger. Hell, the numbers prove it. I have come to realize that gym time is a nice break from "normal". Where I can push my limits. Where everything is possible...now to make life like that. 


    I've also spent the last week or so reading Chris Kresser's new book, the Personal Paleo Code. It's hard to escape the truth when you add up your score and realize you need to make some changes. So after all the shenanigans in Dallas (can't wait!), I'm going to transition to a paleo elimination diet with an auto-immune protocol. It's only 30 days...it may be "hard", but it's 30 days. So time to toughen the fuck up and get it done. 


    On that note, it's amazing what a bit of home cooked food does for your attitude. I <3 life. I love cooking. I love doing things. I enjoy spending time with people. Yes, this is just as weird for me as it may be for you reading it. 


    Yes, life is different. Yes, that's a good thing. :)


    In other news, I interviewed for a supervisor position at a neighboring store within the company. I think it went quite well. Here's to going to round 2! 

  5. Today's gym fun time! #boom


    OHP of awesome


    5 @ 45 [actually, this was supposed to be 40, but I didn't want to switch bars from ladies to men's so...]

    3 @ 45 

    8 @ 50 [technically my "working" max. Heh.]


    Accessory movements


    3 sets of dumbell rows @ 20 [about 8-12 reps apiece]


    3 x 3 @ 75 lat pulldown. 

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