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  1. Just let me know, I need 5-6 weeks notice to get a saturday off. edit: it appears that we can each order 2-3 menu items ($100 total bill) and then the cost of the room is waived? That's cool.
  2. Well, I got a pr the last time I did it! I really think it's kind of bullshit. Because I've benched, pressed, and pulled after giving blood. I probably wouldn't squat though... Hope you had fun at the gym!
  3. Have you thought about hiring a lifestyle coach? Or a paleo style dietitian? There's a lot of people in the paleo-sphere eating good food and getting shredded. Have you looked into the mountain dog diet? You may also want to run a hormone panel and see how everything is doing.
  4. Have you considered a dunk tank or bod pod to check your bf?
  5. Or do what I did, and throw out the scale. I save the gym one for a once a month date.
  6. Um.....um.... I was thinking more scotch and cigars. That sounds too touchy feely for me.
  7. Yeah, the workout is good. Not really working with coach, doing a couple sessions to work on form and that's about it. Yeah, we'll see about the scan. Hoping to get an idea of what's happening in the next week or so.
  8. As far as safety goes, you might look at http://www.legalnomads.com/ She's spent several years travelling by herself, and hasn't appeared to have issues.
  9. I have jelly legs... Coaching was good. Figured out that my legs weren't tracking well on the way down, and that I always was doing "legs up" instead of "bar up" on the way up. - Did a ton of box squats w/ the bar. Figured out that for right now (w/ mobility), that I do better a slight bit more than parallel. - Then did a raised ghd back extension. OW MY HAMMIES! - Then some standing weighted crunches. Fun! I don't usually think I need to work with a coach, but this was useful! ------------------ Talked to my doc. Got the scan back and the thyroid is enlarged with a nodule. Going to see a specialist and figure out what we want to do.
  10. Yeah, already planning on repeating the labs. Not going to do something crazy off of one lab reading. Also planning on seeing a specialist. Just going to wait for the results from the imaging test. YES! ALL THE SQUATS!
  11. Hmmmm. Let's see. Went and got a 90 minute massage. Quite nice. Very relaxed. Then went to the doctor to discuss labs. My naturopath is freaking out because it looks like my thyroid is in over-drive (hypo leading to graves or hashimoto's), and she's worried that I could experience symptoms leading up to death (!)...um, yeah. So I was ordered to an emergency ultra-sound of my thyroid. Not fun. Now I have orders to eat broccoli, to make sure I'm feeling okay, and then if anything bad/weird/funny happens, to call her stat. Based on the results of the next round of labs (and the ultra-sound), I may be going to see a specialist in endocrinology to figure out what's going on. I'm praying it's a mis-diagnosis, but I can't really argue with the lab values or what "normal" should be. It's all so fucking weird. In other news, I also have a squat session w/ my coach tomorrow so we can figure some stuff out.
  12. I did. It was awesome in the theater. It had a couple extra opening sequences that were quite cool too!
  13. Waiting for doctor who to start. Sitting next to very nerdy people. They brought their laptops and are watching S7 episodes. I love it!
  14. Not yet...I'll plug some numbers into a 1rm calculator two-three weeks before the meet. Then I'll hit 90% of that and make sure they're solid. Currently I'm squatting 65#'s for 3x3, I'm benching about the same, and pulling 225#'s from pins for a single. Recovering from an injury sucks, but form is more important than anything. Most of the strength is there, it's just going to take time.
  15. It looks okay if the hang is supposed to be there. If not...well, I'd start working on a list of stuff.
  16. I'll be happy to lift....something. I have no expectations at this point.
  17. Definitely. I'd suggest openers. I know there's a lot of us with vastly different levels of experience (or recovering from injuries).
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