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  1. Do you do Turkish Get-Ups with your kettlebells? Those things sure can drain you of all available energy if you do them at the end of a work out. K-Bells are great!

    I'm currently on no-weight turkish getups. Hopefully my shoulder stability and strength should improve in the next couple weeks to start somewhere...I'm just mainly worried about destroying my floor if I have to drop it, so I'm just going to have to be careful...

  2. Well, it looks like we failed on 'name our team before our fearless leader returns'. Sorry Spezzy, I did try...

    So Dantes, welcome back, though I wasn't here when you left. How was vacation?

    As for my intro:

    Name: Jake. Call me what you like within reason, though as a barbarian warrior I would caution you to choose your words carefully...

    Age: 29.

    Height: 5' 9''

    Weight. I'm hovering around 320. Hoping to get that down to 250 and 18 % bodyfat by the end of the year, and then 2012 will be the adventure of dropping down to 10 % bodyfat. I'd like to see abs sometime in this lifetime [rolls eyes]. That and defined biceps...and for everyone out there, I realize that I could probably lose the weight faster, but am trying to be sane, sensible and I'm not sure I WANT to give up carbs at this point. Please be somewhat patient. If I don't see progress by March, I will change more dietary habits...

    Favorite lift: Kettlebell snatch, farmer walks.

    Most disliked lift: Cleans w/ a barbell. There's something evil about that arm position. The carpal tunnel does not like you! Though because of the weight position, I don't have that issue with the kettlebell clean...

    Due to current budget restrictions I am stuck with several pairs of dumbbells and kettlebells [honestly, I hate the gym. I can play my music as loud as I want when I'm working out at home -- disturbed anyone?]. I'd love a challenge, but can't even lift my bodyweight for a pull-up quite yet. Give me a couple months, okay?

    You can read about my challenge in my post in the forum...well, this link 'should' work: http://nerdfitness.com/community/showthread.php?1541-I-am-a-lumbering-Ogre-Warrior-Barbarian!

  3. I have the book, and have tried it.

    It's hard for the first time. The second or third time were a lot easier. I put it off for a bit just because I saw myself losing muscle and fat. I don't know if my testing was bad, if intermittent fasting is bad, or what. I have a very physical job, so perhaps me fasting when I needed to eat instead was bad. I've had a lot better success just fasting one day a week on my day off.

    I think the program is worth the money, definitely for the amount of info you get. Some people out there think fasting is a joke, take it as you will. I don't have any issue with the science behind it, or my personal beliefs [i'm a Christian and there's a whole lot about the need to fast in the Bible]. I would recommend purchasing the book and reading it before attempting any fasting, he does it a lot differently than many of the other ideas of fasting out there.

    Leangains is another method of fasting that might work as well. Don't know how much his services are, but if you look around the whole program is available on a couple webpages. http://www.leangains.com/ I've had a lot more success breaking the fast in mid afternoon after following his program for a week or two, but the issue I have with his method is the sheer amount of protein you're supposed to be eating. That and it's more difficult to fast every day than once or twice a week.

    If I may give some advice, the one thing I've taken from all of my research into paleo, dieting, IF, and the like is that these processed carbs at least appear to be a weight loss inhibitor, and that we don't eat enough fat. As such, I've sort of gone mid line protein and carbs, with high fat in the form of butter, lard and coconut oil; I've had a lot more success with that change than any of my dieting over the past 5 years or so. I'm trying to figure out if going completely low carb would be even more successful [read: if I can give up carbs, that is].

    Hope this helps,


  4. *sputtersputteranguishednoises!*

    How are people like this allowed to train people, let alone oversee a gym? Of all the exercises that a Smith machine is wretched for, a deadlift might be the most wretched of them all.

    I was going to say. Wow, they run a gym? Spezzy, you have me giggling at home reading the owner's idea of training.

    People like that are why I bought a bunch of kettlebells and train at home. At least if I damage something [or myself], it's my fault...

  5. I'll vote for Team Conan.

    And there's nothing wrong with barbarians. Just push us out in front, cower behind your sissy shields, and watch the mayhem commence! However, I might be biased since I'm a barbarian AND a warrior. So, take it as you will :)

  6. Sounds like my old cat :)

    You'd be surprised. A couple weeks of consistent swings can quickly move from 'oh, that's too heavy' to going and buying something a lot heavier. I remember the UPS guy handing the 32lb'r to me and I was wondering if I could even swing it. I like the dragon door stuff because they stick obnoxious stickers on the side of the box like 'play with pain'...

  7. I like roasted asparagus. Break the spears at the natural breaking point, coat in olive oil, some salt/pepper, and then roast at 400 on a sheet pan for about 10-12 minutes until tender [more or less depending oven type, act of God, or how big or small the spears are in thickness]. I like mine more black with a drizzle of balsamic vinegar after they come out of the oven.

    I did see a recipe for roasted brussel sprouts w/ bacon that I was going to try. I'm not a fan of brussel sprouts, but anything with bacon can't be bad ;)

    I realize I might actually have to eat salads [oh no, the horror!]. But for the time being, I'm trying to find roasted, satueed, or otherwise interesting preparations for things I otherwise try to avoid...

  8. Hello all!

    I realize I'm a bit late posting this, I didn't realize the actual start date, and what with the party to bring in the new year...

    This is my first time joining a fitness forum, but I have faith that my fellow nerd fitness geeks are absolutely awesome. Reading the different posts just inspires me in ways that I normally well, don't usually care about. I'm hoping we all hit our goals for the next 21 days.

    So this is 2011, and a new year has begun. My goals of 2010 weren't completed due to a complete disregarding for actually having to work at losing weight, general issues with my thyroid [which now appear to be fixed], and now I'm ready to change 2011 into a year where I am faster, stronger and in shape. I [right now] am about 95 pounds over where I want to be, and I need to lose about half of my body fat...

    However, I realize my goals for this 28 day challenge [well, I started on the 27th, but at this point I have 23 days left] are more obtainable than any sort of year long stretch I think I can beat. So without further ado:

    Race: Ogre

    Class: Warrior, with Barbarian thoughts thrown in for good measure.

    Stats: 5' 9'', 320 pounds. Never going to run a race, but I do enjoy lifting lots of weights.

    Goal 1: Snatch my 53lb kettlebell. Currently I can do 15 snatches w/ each hand w/ my 32lb kettlebell, but I want to reach this goal this month.

    Goal 2: Swing my kettlebell 120 times per workout session. Currently I'm okay w/ about 60-80 swings in a 10 minute period. Obviously I need to get serious...

    Goal 3 [semi-fitness related]: Drop a pant size into my size 40 jeans I have sitting in the closet. Currently everything is fitting better, and I have some stuff in my closet that hasn't seen the light of day in months. I just need to see the rest of my wardrobe. I actually care more about clothes fitting than any number on the scale or fat percentage, which is why I haven't listed any body fat or weight loss goals for this challenge.

    Goal 4 [food related]: Actually incorporate veggies into my diet. I'm just not a fan, and have to figure out different ways of cooking them to make them interesting...

    I'm already working out about 3-4 days a week w/ 15-30 minute sessions and am happy w/ the slight changes that have started occurring. I just need to up intensity and volume, fix my eating habits, and I'll be set.

    ~ So here's to a new 21 days to a slightly different stronger me ~


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