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  1. It's been stuck in my head all day....so I might as well share the awesomeness (or pain if you hate kpop) with y'all.
  2. Good to see you making progress! Starting to see change's with chron's is amazing! And yes, I think I need to make that tuna salad....
  3. Do you have access to voodoo floss? It helped a lot after wrapping my ankle, calf, and foot. Hurts like the devil though!
  4. Week 1, Day 1 I always enjoy the first day of a challenge... I convinced myself to get up early, and got to the gym! Today was my first prowler experience in quite a while...and damn. I forgot how "awesome" it leaves you feeling afterwards. I ate veggies with my meals, which was cool. I'm learning that I actually like veggies when they're prepped and ready to be eaten. I also updated my first post w/ weight and photos. Yes, I'm getting a haircut tomorrow, since I didn't realize it had gotten that far out of control... >.<
  5. Gym session Warmed up w/ foam roller and the stick Pulled (from pins) -- 185 x 3 and 225 x 1 Cooled down with a prowler session from hell. It felt like I was going to die... -- 2 70ft runs with 30#'s. 2 70ft runs with 120#'s.
  6. I know what I'm wearing! http://www.spirithalloween.com/product/uw-thunder-sa/
  7. The SFH is supposed to be pretty good. I was more implying the fishy burps....
  8. I was...stuff happened. This is what's working for me, right now. Thanks! Hiiiiiiii. It's good to see you back!
  9. I just took some fermented cod liver oil. Trust me, fish oil has nothing on this. I take this...if you're willing to try it, only buy the cinnamon tingle: http://www.greenpasture.org/public/Products/CodLiverOil/
  10. Hey! I know it's been a while, but I thought it might be fun to do a challenge. Lift heavy weights I'm currently recovering from a soft tissue issue that has gotten me back to square zero (65# squat 3x3, 65# bench 3x5, and ?? Deadlift). I'm going to the TTTT and would like to at least put some #'s on the board, but I've realized that the most important thing is showing up, putting the work in, and being happy with that. My goal is to show up to the gym 2x a week (3x being a good stretch goal), and doing some sort of heavy lifting + metcon (5-10 min). Post I know that I'm lax about posting here during the end of the challenge. I want to post 3x a week, and bonus points for taking the time to post 5-6x a week. Eat veggies at (least) two meals a day My eating is....fascinating. I usually eat veggies w/ dinner, and am merely adding these to lunches. I would describe my diet as such: http://www.archevore.com/get-started/ I might try to add veggies to my breakfast's too, but am unsure at this point. If there's one thing I'm discovering about myself, is that small changes tend to work better than anything else. Mobilize I'm starting to realize how stiff I am. Spending time with my physical therapist has been a date with pain, and I need that to stop. I want to utilize the tools at my disposal, and that means that I need to properly warm up / cool down for every workout session. I also need to roll out my feet, and take the time to voodoo floss several times a week (wrists, knees, calves and ankles). Stats Weight: 292.5. (this doesn't make any sense since I weighed 310 a month ago, but I'll take it).
  11. I remember you! Good to see you here! And yes, I find it hilarious that you're that over-committed. Keep it up!
  12. I saw the facebook post. You might want to bring beer and cookies for the cadre.
  13. I'll be picking up my car at that time. Though I'll be at a different airport...
  14. Good to see you here! Welcome to the NF family.
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