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  1. My take: Abs are 99.9% diet. You would do better to focus on a paleo style meal plan than worrying about your workout (such as this: http://www.archevore.com/get-started/ ). Also, compound movements are going to hit your abs hard. Don't discount squats and deadlifts. Those are your ab exercises.
  2. Probably. But maybe it'll get excited to know that I booked my airfare, hotel, and rental car?
  3. This seems like an appropriate crossfit workout for the people in the arctic. Though I think it should be done with 185 or 225. *kudos to Knightwatch for linking to this on FB*
  4. Good thing I sent you that article. Im glad to see you so happy!
  5. Got my time off request back, I'll be booking tickets tonight! So exited!!!
  6. Yeah, I know what you mean... I'm thinking of flying in friday afternoon, and leaving sunday evening. I just figured out the nice thing about flying southwest: they're always on time. There's also a couple nice hotels about 10 minutes away from BigM's place.
  7. Have you taken a look at southwest? You have flights running $95 each way.
  8. I'm in! (provided my requisite time-off request is approved.)
  9. Congrats on the scholarship! I admit, I saw the interview list and was like "damn, I want to be in the academy". And wow. Dinner looks incredible!
  10. If you lose 20-30# I'll eat my hat. I've taken a week off lifting and gotten pr's. I call bullshit. Eat lots of food, relax, and have fun. Imagine that you're prepping for a meet. Come home and set pr's. And if you can't go to the park? Do a road trip and come up here. You can train with the powerlifters and spousal unit can have fun in the crossfit box.
  11. Spousal unit is being stupid. Boooooooo. No, not really back. Just lurking.
  12. All the nerdiness! Awesome! Oh, and that's a cool box!
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