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  1. Booooooooooo migraines. Are you still doing the LBEB training?
  2. Your parents need help....seriously. And hopefully this cheers you up.
  3. I love watching videos of thrusters. Like...damn. Klokov. What else can I say? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9MY_zu7YePc
  4. Week 1 Report: Goal #1: Meditate 10 minutes a day, 7 days a week via http://www.calm.com/ Did 6/7 days. Quite a success! I love meditation. Goal #2: Walk 3x a week. Walked 2/3 times. This one is hard. I didn't really think of how much my feet hurt after work. I guess I'm going to take the time to walk before hand? Goal #3: Strength train 2-3x a week. *sigh*. My hip was out most of the week, and just got things back in order yesterday. This is a fail. I did, however, realize that it's better to take time away than go and hurt myself more...maybe I've made progress in my mental attitude towards setbacks? Goal #4 [side goal]: Save $400 from each paycheck. N/A. Payday is next week. Other stuff: - Started clean eating again, as mentioned in my 1.7 report. Nothing like cleaning up the eating to make you feel awesome! - Started looking for a place to live. I'm realizing several things. a] I don't want to buy right now. House upkeep would drive me crazy, and I'm not considering a condo a sure bet. b] There is no-way in hell I will survive another room-mate situation. Unless I'm married to them. But seeing as how I haven't met anyone, that's not happening. c] I can get a lot more for my monies on craigslist. It's amazing what $850 gets you there, compared to an apartment complex.
  5. Day 1.5 Not much to report. Work. Meditation. That is all. Day 1.6 No meditation. Booooooooooo. I remembered that I was supposed to it after I woke up a couple hours after going to bed. Day 1.7 Did meditation! Also started back on clean eating. I swear, there's nothing like a giant zit to make you realize how bad your nutrition is...
  6. Heh. Welcome! Sounds like Seattle City Officials. I swear, they need a sense of humor! That it is. Did you see they have a t-shirt for it too?
  7. You can SQEEEEEEEE all you want, but details details! C'mon!
  8. Diet. It's 85% (or more) diet. Heavy weight training, clean eating (think primal or paleo ala robb wolf), lots of sleep in a pitch black room (think 8+ hours) and some walking'll do it. The truth about cardio? http://everydaypaleo.com/friends-dont-let-friends-do-cardio/
  9. Is there a reason you'd like to do cardio? What are we defining as cardio? If it was me, I'd do mon / wed / fri stronglifts (5x5), then maybe do sprint intervals (5 or so w/ 100m), or maybe some prowler pushing. Or farmer carries. Or running stairs. Or intervals on a rower, if need be. I'd do that on one day that I felt amazing and awesome and felt that I could destroy everything. Maybe do it two of those days. But really? I'd worry more about what I was eating than any cardio. If you really want to do *something*, go walk. It's good for you. This is an excellent take on everything: http://robbwolf.com/2013/07/16/15356/ Just stay the hell away from running, unless that's your goal (to be good at running). In which case I'd take a good hard look at actually doing 5x5.
  10. booooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
  11. Kicking people! YES! Don't laugh, but I use these when I need a quick carb hit after a workout: http://www.peterrabbitorganics.com/ Maybe try eating some carbs with every meal?
  12. Day 1.4 Not much to say about today. Took some time off to relax and enjoy the day. Read some books. Got some thai food. Puttered around the house. Did my meditation. That's about it!
  13. You know...I've never had that. I'm sure it's good, but I have no desire to eat fast food right now... Yeah, Seattle Center is fun. Seriously. I think it's gotten a lot better over the years... YUM SKILLET. Yes, I went there. And yeah, this was visit #3 to see Pacific Rim. I loved Imax. There's that dark water sequence at the end, and I could actually see everything happening! Kudos to engineers maintaining their equipment. Never? Really?! You need to do it. Make sure to sit in the very front. It hits 37 mph at it's top speed, and it's a lot of fun! Yay meditation! It's a good lil' app. Crazy people... *mutters* Yeah, the future past. Seriously. You should go try it just because. I was looking at taking the SLUT [the seattle trolley service], just because... Drywall was fun! It'll be cool to get everything put together.
  14. You're welcome. It got hidden for a couple days while they figured out which day they were actually going to be here.
  15. Not sure if anyone has seen this or not, but we do have a meetup happening pretty soon... http://nerdfitnessrebellion.com/index.php?/topic/33228-seattle-chammy-and-loren-wade-are-visiting-august-13th/
  16. Day 1.3 Meditation: Done. I'm having issues with being bored at about 8 minutes into a 10 minute session. Going to have to work on that. Life: It was a fun day. Went to the seattle science center. Got over my fear of the unknown and took the bus. And then the monorail. I love the monorail. It makes me feel like a little kid! And you know what? It's cheap. 7 bucks round trip for the bus, then 4.50 for the monorail. Considering it'd cost me about 12-15 bucks to drive, plus parking? Yeah. Taking the bus is cool! Got to talk to tourists from Britain, and then another couple from B.C. --> which is weird, because I AM NOT a "oh talk to other people randomly sort of person". Then got to see the view. Or not. Got poutine and a burger for lunch. OMG so good. I love poutine. Then I went and saw pacific rim. So...imax. Real imax. Wow. It's a 6 story tall building with an 80 foot wide screen. Incredible. ~ Then I ended up volunteering at church. We're in the process of renovating the building so we can hold worship services there. Soooo...learned how to hang drywall. +1 for extra activities?
  17. Yeah, I'm not worried about the interview. It is what it is, and it provides valuable experience for the future. Not really weird. I mean, it just depends on what you mean by "weird". Another normal day in the life of watching people for a retail person.
  18. I had to google DSAL too... I was like...wtf. oh. and how the hell do you get 10 pages on day 3?!?!?!?!?! Besides boobies, of course. I cannot keep up with the madness!
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