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  1. Oh, and I forgot. I'm going to go see pacific rim tomorrow. AGAIN. For the third time. Because it's fucking awesome. Except this time? I'm seeing it in a giant imax screen in seattle!!! And because I'm sick of driving, I'm taking the bus. And the monorail. Because I live dangerously. [seriously: I've taken the bus exactly once during my existence as an adult. And before that? I think I took it once or twice as a kid if you don't count busing to school.] http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LpuhWD4mjUY
  2. Day 1.2 - Did 2 + 10 minutes of meditation. I love the 2 minute sessions. I get bored at about the 7 minute mark with the 10 minute ones. Going to definitely have t- -o work at it! - Went and did the interview today. It was good, for the stuff I knew about. They went way into left field, and I didn't know the answers to several questions [not totally my fault, no-one ever covered it in my training]. For full clarification: I don't [and didn't going into it] expect this job. This is homework for me to get ready for a future interview. I now know what they're asking. I know what they're looking for. It's up to me to get answers to the couple questions they were asking and not really worry about it after that. THAT'S WHY I'M DOING MEDITATION. So I can stop worrying about all this stuff. I've pretty much been told [by other supervisors] that I need to be a supervisor in my warehouse to get a supervisor job at another warehouse. We'll see how that works out. I have a lot of confidence towards getting a job as a supervisor. I'm just not sure when it's going to happen. I'm pretty happy with how it went, overall. I think I did pretty good [given my level of knowledge], and am hoping for a second interview. As for the job? We'll see. - Went to see pirates of penzance at the 5th avenue. Fantastic performance. Like, wow. I saw the movie growing up [several times], but the level of acting here was superb. I really really loved it. All except getting out of the parking lot afterwards. *GRRRRRRR*
  3. Thanks! And awesomesauce, that's the stuff they put on a in-and-out animal style burger (or fries), right? Thanks. Though all the credit goes to Shukar. He's the one who came up with it. Thank you! Hi! Yeah, they're okay. Though I like rainfall for meditation better. Phew. I was worried there for a second. I'll take rainfall over singing bowls any day though. YES! Love you too.
  4. I know. I woke up and was humming it.
  5. Day 1.1 Actually started this day sort of normal. Except about half-way through I was realizing that I should do this challenge. Even though I had repeatedly said I was "no never way doing it". I guess things changed? So I started thinking about goals about half-way through the day and somehow got this thing together. In some ways, I think this is best, because really...I need to be focused, and this is the most on-point I've been in years. Did a 2 minute *and* 10 minute session of meditation on calm.com. Boom! Oh, and it's amazing how much more quiet my mind is when taking the time to do this. Did a shit ton of work towards my interview tomorrow. Hoping it goes well, it's for a supervisor job in a nearby store and I REALLY REALLY WANT THE THING. I honestly don't care about the extra money [though it'd be nice], and instead am realizing that I'm frackin' bored, and this would give me a lot of extra stuff to keep me busy. Which is always nice. After the interview, I'm going to head down to the 5th avenue theater and see pirates of penzance. Which is supposed to be awesome!
  6. Meditation is soooooo awesome. After you get used to sitting in one place, and realizing that you need to shoo thoughts away [and not bash them with a hammer]. Really, check out that Jim Laird episode. Completely changed my thoughts regarding smart living. And holy cow, the follow up guest [Jason Seib] was awesome! Heh. And that video? WEIRD. YUS! Thanks.
  7. RAWR. Eat all the foods! Be awesome! Oh. And the pacific rim soundtrack rules. Perfect for this challenge!
  8. Welcome to my take on the "bear necessities". It's all about health, and setting myself on the right course. What's my motivation? I want to be stronger and leaner. I want to be free of emotional eating and adrenal fatigue. And you know what? Everything follows health. Goal #1: Meditate 10 minutes a day, 7 days a week via http://www.calm.com/ I'd argue for the benefit of meditation, and why I should do it, but I think that Jim Laird does a better job of convincing people. Like me. I used to think it was a crock of bs, but he's sold me on it. Bonus points for taking the time to do a 20 minute session. Goal #2: Walk 3x a week. Walking's good for you. 'Nuff said. Goal #3: Strength train 2-3x a week. If you're in the warriors, you love the iron. I've been slacking on getting to the gym, hence the goal. Goal #4 [side goal]: Save $400 from each paycheck. Financial peace of mind is huge, and I need to stop "having fun" and really focus on what's important. There's 3 pay periods between here and the end of the challenge, so I expect to have saved $1200. Bonus points if I can save more than $1500. ~ Now time to kick this challenge's butt!
  9. *hands cline a banooookie to meet calorie goals*
  10. Hello everyone, Chammy and Loren Wade are doing a cross-country road trip and stopping by Seattle on August 13th! I figured a meetup might be in order... When: Tuesday, August 13th @ 6~ pm. Where: Wingdome (7818 Greenwood Ave N, Seattle) Note: You're more than welcome to suggest an alternative location. It must have some gluten free options and be reasonably affordable.
  11. BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO pictures and measurements and scales. They all lie! As long as I'm stronger [pr's baby!] and am not huffing and puffing after 2 flights of stairs, I'm happy. Oh. And no more bigger clothes. Those things need to get smaller. I will be super duper excited when I can wear a pair of 2pood shorts!
  12. No. Go eat your banookie!
  13. The scales bf % measurer is super super inaccurate, btw. Go do a bod pod test or get dunked. Or dexa scan. Y'know...carbs won't kill you. Neither will eating. Eat when you're hungry and don't stress out about it so much. And if you're only eating 100~ grams of carbs, where's the fat? You should be eating a decent chunk of fat for that low-carb. *hugs*
  14. Thought of you when I saw this. *hugs*
  15. What do you mean? There's deadlifts in it.
  16. It's a decent option compared to the rest. Seriously. It's fruit. It has fiber in it. A serving once in a while won't kill you.
  17. Can someone please explain to me why we're demonizing watermelon?
  18. It's not about weight, it's about muscle. Please pay attention and notice the difference. There's nothing about eating food that is going to kill you. If you want to be an ass kicking machine, please realize that you're going to have to eat to get there. I'm not asking you to stuff your face, but aiming to eat some carbs would be nice.
  19. Stop. Now. Please don't fall for the lure of 2-a-day training. It's hard to recover from, and would probably make it worse, not better. Do some mobility work instead. But don't believe the lie that more will make everything better. Nope. It won't. As someone who has done 2-a-days and found out the truth, it's hard to recover from. It puts a huge stressor on your body. If you were willing to eat the 200+ carbs the day before, of, and after, maybe try it, but without it? No. Your body is just going to hate you. I guess the question is...where is your recovery here? Ideally you should do 2-3 days of work, a day or two off, then repeat. Your body gets better because of rest, not because you don't do it.
  20. Your parents lack of empathy is disturbing. They need to go back to parenting school. Or get a swift kick in the ass. Or both.
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