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  1. You're training at being more awesome! Really though, that's kind of sad...aren't we allowed to get strong without competing? I will compete, but just because it's fun. Most people don't care though. Going to a crossfit box does have it's merits...
  2. I was at the signing tonight. So much fun!
  3. Since I've had this on repeat ALL DAY LONG, I felt it was only fitting to share it with all of you! Enjoy!
  4. Mmmmmmmm tacos. Yes, tacos, tex-mex, burgers. I'm just going to eat my way through Dallas!
  5. Thank you! Long term is the only way. For instance, two months ago, I had to take the elevator to get the second floor doctor's office. Last month, I walked up the stairs. Grudgingly. And today? I sprinted up the stairs! TAKE THAT GRAVITY! I had a meeting and treatment with my acupuncturist, and we had a talk about diet. I'll be skipping her recommendations to buy a juicer and take 4 one cup servings of granny smith apples and carrots a day. Um, yeah. No. Then she wants me to take b-vitamin supplements. I told her I'd get some grass fed beef liver. She had this look...like "wtf?". It was priceless. I'm not against supplements. But there's better long term options that are cheaper. No need to spend a bzillion dollars at the drugstore when you can go to a butcher's shop.
  6. Thank you! The last couple felt rough, but yeah. I'd say I'm a good 30-40#'s from my max with that.
  7. I do 5/3/1. One major movement per day. So today was deadlift day...boom. Deadlift video's on my thread. I don't see the point in video'ing assistance lifts, and sometimes skip bench / ohp. I usually have room to setup for deadlift and squats though, so they get a video. If I was doing something that had multiple movements per day [say 5x5, starting strength, etc], I'd strive for 1 video of each movement each week. I'm probably a bit over-zealous on the video thing, but I like seeing progress and form improvements [or degradation].
  8. Training session Deadlift 5 @ 135# 3 @ 155# 5 @ 175# [rep pr] Leg press 5x5 @ 90# Set #2 deadlift: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UE1x0d2WMdk Max rep deadlift: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QMAoHlhFK3U And the guy you hear talking in the background? Yeah, that's my coach.
  9. My coach and I had a good discussion today... - I'm going to skip the deload week for this cycle, and do it the next one. So my new cycle will start on Tuesday, after doing ohp on monday. - I'm going to increase bench press weight by 10 pounds, not 5, since last night's...was insane. - I'm going to email him about ideas for max rep efforts, and we're going to switch around movements ala westside.
  10. Spent the evening at a paleo book signing [balanced bites and Primal palate]. Meeting authors is fun. You see a new perspective on everything. These are people who love food. Who love old cookware. Who cook like your grandmother. Who adore duck fat and keep ghee on the counter. Who hide liver in meatloaf. And y'know...that doesn't sound like a bad thing. In fact, it sounds kind of cool.
  11. Gym Bench press 5 @ 70# 3 @ 75# 15 @ 85# [so...this happened. This is supposed to be my "1rm" for max reps. Yeah, not my "1rm" anymore. Going to talk to coach and probably move 10#'s up next week. It's deload week next, so it's time for a weight increase.] T-bar Row 10 / 7 / 5 / 5 / 5 @ 25#
  12. *hugs* Whose opinions are they? Do you need me to go re-write them for you so they sound like you're amazing (as you actually are) ?
  13. Now you know why I video 1 set per day. Helps with figuring out what I'm doing right or wrong. And mirrors? They're useless. Video. Ignore your reflection! No, you're smart. Very smart. Just video, upload (we do have a forum sub-section for that), and ask for pointers. I do this with my coach all the time.
  14. I see your "angel" and raise you one demon killer. Welcome back!
  15. My coach heard about the false grip and wendler and was like..."yeah, that's a powerlifter for you. No flexibility....NOW MOVE YOUR ARMS LIKE THIS". Yeah, I don't do a false grip anymore...
  16. Thank you! I can actually go out and do things with real people on a weekend night. Amazing.
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