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  1. Sometimes you just need to ask for things you want. Case in point...I've been working at my particular job for 10 years. Days off are based on seniority...so what did I get?!


    FRIDAYS. Tuesday's and friday's. [i wanted split days off, so don't wonder at my crazy ;)


    I don't even know how to explain how happy this made me. I've had a huge grin on my face after meeting with the scheduler today. :D

  2. Exactly!! You were not at w "losing everything" point. Shirt happened. You grew from it. But shit doesn't have to be existential or serious for growth. Everyday is an amazing chance for growth and development. Try mindful eating sometime...mind blower. Or really explore laughter. Or nothing and how you respond to sitting on a bus with no headphones, no book, nothing. Don't hit the snooze...you can grow from that!

    I hear you on the cancer scare. Remember, I'm old...been there done that. And I'll tell you what, cancer scare ain't shit compared to cancer and I knew better than to dwell on it like it was. So I learned, just like you, to keep on keeping on.

    Change and growth are possible every day, in every moment if you want them in your life.

    I think you are doing that right now!!!

    Plus, don't it make life grand?

    Life and discovery and growth do not have to come from drama, tragedy, or artistic navel gazing. Life is full of wonder and joy that leads to growth every day.


    Thanks for that. And I am!


  3. Yeah, there's nothing like a wasted year to motivate you...or a cancer scare. *shudders*


    I should say that I don't think 2013 was a complete waste of time. 


    I've learned a lot about myself, how I like to live, and some glaring blind spots. I believe that changing my motivations through mindful eating, thinking and outsourcing things that I can't manage will prove to be worthwhile. 

  4. I'm not sure that existential angst by the successful is really solved by losing everything.



    For fight club? No, not really. Real life? No, but I think there are events and circumstances that convince us that we must move from beyond where we're at to something new. 


    I believe that suffering and "starting at zero" is a necessary point for the human soul to grow. I believe that my faith, my confidence and hope grow with each thing I'm given to fight through. 




    Note: I'm not saying that I'm living in a dream world, it's merely my acceptance of reality is different. It's allowed me to embrace change and hard circumstances. 

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  5. oh, no. It's almost cookie season. /die


    I dunno. I feel bad not supporting them, so I always give them $20 and tell them to donate it to the troops. :)


    I know I can't control myself around them, so it's just easier not to buy them. They'd disappear faster than I can type. ;)

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