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  1. You can't be old. Really. Also, try cutting out all veggie oils and gluten and see if the knee stuff gets better. Or buy voodoo floss and wrap the knee!
  2. Also, reading your workout log...reminds me of this insanity. *laughs* [note: unlike earlier, this post does include a video]
  3. Thank you! Yeah, that was a warmup set to verify that I do, in fact, know how to deadlift. After several months of just doing rack pulls, deadlifts feel very very weird. It's nice to pull off the floor. I'm starting to love the way my mind works. Hopefully there'll be more icy fire stories in the future.
  4. As a nerd who loves the written word, I appreciate your rants. They make me happy. Thank you!
  5. There’s this moment where everything changes. I flip off my procrastination. I tell it we can have 10 more minutes, then we’re going to the gym. Building new habits is never easy. There’s moments where you scoot through smooth as butter, but then the slog hits. Cravings for the old way represent themselves as “safe†options, but hide the destruction they’ve done in past moments. The gym is never this way. It instead presents itself as this amazing alternative to sitting on the couch. But the gym presents it’s own problems. There’s too many things to do! Move! Stretch! Mobilize! Do all of this or suffer in your old age! There’s so many options that a death grip is needed on my brain just to keep track of all the options. What shall we do? How shall we bash down this body? How shall we repay ourselves for these dietary choices over the past weeks, months, and years? But then my mind retreats. There’s this focus as I pull out my training plan. I remember my coach programming extra things. I reach for the “shows up needs to do something†day. I walk into the gym. I fistbump with my coach. I talk shit with coach about programming, crazy events, and then talk eventually goes to steroids. I proclaim that there’s never any way I’d do it...even though I’m jealous of their results. I’d love that...but then I realize that I’m happy with getting results au naturel. Steroids are easy. Procrastination thinks this is a great option, but I flip it off again and do my work. On the way home, an icy fire burns. It’s my heart, proclaiming that hard work is worth it. It stays with me, reminding me that everything is worth doing right. That my determination conquers all.
  6. It's a short clip video service. Like instagram, but with video. Till Instagram came out with video.
  7. Yeah, I can see it. Definition in your arms! Boom!
  8. Went to the gym. Got a progress photo taken. ACTUALLY SEE PROGRESS!!!! The one on the left was taken in early November, the one on the right, today. I actually didn't do a workout "per se". Woke up feeling like I got hit by a truck. So I did my "bonus" accessory workout today. Pulled the sled, then did a bunch of mobility work for my calves / achilles, then my upper back / lats, and then hit my forearms and triceps. Now I feel great.
  9. *hugs* Love what you've written. That's a lot of stuff. Hard stuff. Sad stuff. *tears up* I love that you're willing to tackle it. A lifestyle of no regrets...amazing!
  10. You are IN law school, and you are not an imposter. Your grades are not you!!! You're funny, smart, and you got this. Don't let your brain talk you into feeling miserable!!!
  11. Thank you. It was a mental tug-o'-war for a while, but I won!
  12. In other news, I didn't go to burger king. Instead, I reminded myself that while going out means I don't have to cook, it's sort of like playing roulette with my stomach. Those damn veggie oils! Oh, and glutens. And fake meat. Take your pick... I made eggs w/ some butter instead, and ate some pickled asparagus.
  13. Wait wait wait. Another nerd from the seattle area?! YES!
  14. Thanks! Um....they're pickles? You know, those delicious things that curb cravings when all you want to do is go to BK at 11:21 pm.
  15. There's a local store that sells these magical dinners?!?!?! Also, your cooking sounds amazing, as usual.
  16. I wish there was a like / hate button for this one. Good to see you back at crossfit! Go kick butt! Also, I <3 the super simple goal set. It's amazing!
  17. I just wanted to let you know...it's all your fault. I just got sucked into watching the model for the perfect presidency. AGAIN. #westwing
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