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  1. Recovering from injury? Oh yeah. That was the summer where we challenged ourselves to pr and conquer the gym no matter what the cost. I like our current challenges. It's sensible and same. After seeing some of the goal suggestion guides online, I think we're amazing planners.
  2. So the main issue seems to be me not using my glutes on the way up, so my hips aren't under the weight. Which is probably why my knees hurt after squats every once in a while. The first video is me demonstrating the absence of hips in my squat technique. The second one is me activating my glutes. Which my coach is happy with.
  3. I'd probably soak them in water, then use a butter knife to scrape off what you can. You might also buy some straps and lift with those while they're getting better. Most of my callus removing links and guides are at home. I'll see if there's a better solution there.
  4. Video from yesterday's squat session. Can you spot the difference? Besides the lack of oly shoes in the second video. Video #1: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4mRylgWRlJI Video #2: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-AUBV7rdkP8
  5. Great. Now I'm singing along to the hokey pokey song on youtube..... The last couple years coach has done a new year's eve midnight wod. I was kind of disappointed that there wasn't one this year....even if I could only go and watch the crazy happen.
  6. Good habits and consistency *are* more important. Remove the roadblocks, and the really awesome stuff just happens!
  7. I see a distinct lack of "get a kitteh" goals.....so disappointed!
  8. YES! So good to see you here! Wait. No "getting a kitteh" goal?
  9. I don't really have a "favorite" gym shoe. Hell, lately I've just been kicking off the shoes and doing stuff barefoot (well, in socks). And y'know...no one cares. That's the beauty of working out in a crossfit gym.
  10. Those people are breaking the "rules". I mean, I have mine up as a place holder. But I'm still posting to this one because the other one doesn't start till monday.
  11. ...oh, and it's weird. I think I'm going to start squatting barefoot or with minimalist shoes. The oly shoes just didn't feel right! [video forthcoming]
  12. Eh. I did 6 + 1 + 1 at 80#'s for squats. And I learned more about how much work my squat form needs.... Yeah, we're all a learnin'
  13. Classy is as classy does. It's not a proper challenge without Arnold!
  14. Where's my hate button? Booooooooo. Hope you feel better soon!
  15. Fun day at the gym: new years edition! Sled Forwards, backwards, left right KB Swing 5x5 @ 26.5#'s Squats 65 x 3 70 x 3 80 x 6 [then showed video to coach, who said I wasn't using my glutes and that I needed to do X instead], then did two singles. Abs: cable pull [easy], and leg raises [hard]. I could actually do a leg raise, soooo. PR! 1x20 [easy] 1x7 [hard] 1x6 [hard] 1x4 [hard] 1x20 [easy] 1x20[easy]
  16. Days off are quite nice. Somehow my computer hates me, so I'm going to be spending the morning re-loading windows.
  17. I'm just going to leave this here....I've never actually seen a "before" picture of cline until today. Can I just say damn? Holy cow amazing progress! Cline right when she started training w/ wmat: Cline while training with current super awesome coach: I was also cc'd on something sent to coach (I asked for permission to share). Here's what really blows me away. Seven months has been everything to me. I learned that keeping a promise yields its own rewards. I learned I love every minute of every lifting day. Powerlifts, assistance lifts… every moment. I know, without a doubt, everything is easier if you are stronger. Life, sports, everything. I learned how hard I could get hit and keep moving forward…about how much I could take and keep moving forward. Really. I actually learned how hard I could get hit – having a pro MMA fighter hit you or kick you is not easy. Everything is easier if you are stronger. And I learned to kick down doors and punch demons in the throat. That’s how winning is done.
  18. Took a break from the gym today. Woke up at 7:30 and promptly went back to bed for another two hours. Which was actually a good decision. Because today was hell. But kind of fun, because we're closed. Again. For new years.
  19. I dare you to get a kitten. And name him...spike. Yes, spike is a good name.
  20. Hammmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmaiiiii!
  21. Simple is awesome! Also, I know there's TTTT in our future. 2 plates it is! [Yes yes, I know. I just only count one side of the bar and multiply. Easier that way. ]
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