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  1. I'm impatiently waiting for the legendary thread to start....
  2. It's all quite simple. What is best in life? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6PQ6335puOc
  3. 2014 Challenge #1 Welcome to the first challenge of 2014. This is going to be a bit...different compared to my previous challenges. But that's a good thing! Theme: discipline through consistency Goal #1: show up and lift. Lifestyle focus: do the 5/3/1 program 3x a week. Minus the prep for TTTT (several days off before and after), I will complete 16 workouts. I’m not going to worry about sets, reps, or anything else. I’ve hired my coach to program accessory work and anything else he deems necessary. My only mission is to show up and do what’s planned for the day. 5/3/1 accessory as planned by my coach: Goal #2: eat real, tasty food. I’ve learned over the course of 2013 that my diet….has issues. I wouldn’t even call it a diet. I’d call it a road to hell in an early grave via mass consumption of baconators. It’s time to change...something. I’m fucking sick and tired of the bloat and feeling like crap. But it’s hard to eat well if all you have is crap. So. Bring on the menu planning! It’s time to cook! Lifestyle focus: Batch cook 1-2x a week to provide good, tasty food. Goal #3: Clear the distractions I’ve been meditating for a while. I’ve seen great benefits from it. And I’ve decide on an experiment. When I’m frackin’ stressed or want to emotionally eat a giant bag of skittles, I need to meditate before I do something stupid. Lifestyle focus: meditate 3-5 minutes when ready to stress / emotionally eat. Reward: completion of a successful challenge will be rewarded with three sessions in a float tank. Special thanks to catspaw, lorenwade, cline and childofscorn for helping with goal creation. Progress Pics Left one taken November 11, 2013. Right one taken January 9, 2014.
  4. Accessory movements for 5/3/1 Squat Pre squat: 2x15 kb swings (26-35#'s) Post squat: Cable pulldowns (1 set) Hanging leg raise or abmat situp (2 sets) Cable pulldowns (1 set) Optional: Sled work Bench T-bar rows 10/7/5/5/5 Deadlift Legpress (rotate through a, b and c) a -- 2x20 b -- 5x5 c -- 10/7/5/3 single leg OHP DB Rows 2x20 Lat pulldown 3x3 HEAVY Optional day If I'm bored, feel great, and need something to do. Can also do on days before / after weekends, squat days, some bench days. Sleds. Forwards, backwards, left, right. 1 plate, 2 plates, etc.
  5. I'm counting today's stuff w/ coach as the overhead work I need to do. Going to squat tomorrow. W/ the safety squat bar because...well. My arms are fried.
  6. MY ARMS THEY ARE ON FIRE! Seriously. Worked out all the assistance work w/ my coach and then we did a bunch of technique work with my deadlift (fixed), the bench (fixed), and then...the overhead press. Which needs a ton of frackin' work. I'll be doing a lot of stuff with that shoulder to make sure it externally rotates correctly. It's nice to see everything coming together and working better. Not like, good. But better than it was. I'm counting today as my overhead work with all of the stuff we did. Seriously. OW. ------------------------------ I also have a great plan for assistance work for the next several cycles of 5/3/1. And then? We're moving to custom programming. My coach said that the other programmer (who I was talking with) was great, but he didn't know my stuff (like, how broken I am), and so said he would do it for me. Which is cool. I really really enjoy working with him, so this is great. He doesn't want to do month to month though, so we're going to do a spring and then a summer cycle, and then probably a fall one to prep for the powerlifting meet I want to do in October. He said he's going to program a fuck ton of sleds and other heavy movements to get my core working hard (he said that's my main weakness at this point). Then lots of strength stuff like what we did before I left the crossfit programming. And no crazy metcons. The really really cool news? He's charging somewhere between $75-150 for the cycles. Which is killer deal! YES! *fist pump*
  7. Oh, you're welcome. I hope you enjoy them as much as I did. Thank you!
  8. So sorry to hear that, that's horrible.
  9. This is what I think of when I hear "jacked".
  10. Also, did a ton of work on my challenge for January (send me a pm if you'd like to see it). Then went to the movies and saw "Daving Mr. Banks". While I'd probably go see Walter Mitty before Mr. Banks....it was quite well done. While there's some disagreement on whether they're too hard on the creator of Mary Poppins...it seemed to be a knock out drag out fight in the creators room to see what got produced. Based on the audio roll in the credits, the role of Mrs Travers appeared to be quite difficult and the actor did a magnificent job. Also, omg. Tom Hanks as Walt Disney stole the show. Seriously. Amazing.
  11. Went to the gym today! It was fun! Lift Rack pull (4 holes up from the bottom) 115 x 5 , 135 x 5 , 155 x 10. Those last 10 were really really smooth. I've gotten better at clearing my mind. I should really do it for all my lifts, but at this point I'm experimenting with my last sets. Accessory Lat Pulldown 5x10 @ 75lb's Hanging leg tuck? It's more on the ground since I can't hang that long, and I used to able to do leg raises, but noooooooooooo. 3x10
  12. You. Are. Not. Fat! Based on the pictures I've seen, I'd say jacked. But that's me.
  13. No judging! I mean, I'd have to judge myself, because we got a leg press, and now I'm using it...and pretty soon I'll be ordering brotein and be one of the dude's.
  14. I've spent a lot of time over the past several days working on goals for 2014. I thought I had them. Then I read this. And realized my goals were a load of crock. I was talking to scorn about it, and suddenly realized it was simple. In 2014, I want to be: strong like ox move like leopard eat like athlete meditate like monk pray like Paul read like Gaiman
  15. I <3 t-nation. They write amazing articles that breach the depth of stupidity that is present on the internetz. I am...opinionated. I admit it. I don't believe that's a bad thing though. Love love love Walter Mitty.
  16. Shoulder ouchies are no fun. I believe your program is calling for a rest day. Go watch 'The secret life of Walter Mitty' and make your imagination happy.
  17. Oh, and my back is feeling better. Got to walk around the mall, got my watch fixed! Now time to go buy growlers full of beer and watch pacific rim with friends!
  18. It was amazing. Like the perfect movie for your imagination. I didn't really like the dating setups in the beginning (I don't really like any of that in any movies I watch...), but once you're past that, the rest is incredible. One of the better movies of the year. YES! Walter Mitty today, Saving Mr. Banks tomorrow!
  19. So today.... Woke up ready to go to the gym. My back was having none of it... So I'm declaring today a rest day. Going to try to go tomorrow evening, otherwise monday it is. Going to go see "The Secret Life of Walter Mitty" with my brother this morning, then an evening with friends watching "Pacific Rim" (Again. I love that movie). So it's not completely bad, just something that happens. I'm going to go foam roll and pray that tomorrow is better!
  20. I can just imagine the conversation... "hey I just wanted to let you know. I'm on this...fitness...message board. It's really cool, and I'm the resident badass!"
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