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  1. Fun time at the gym: friday edition! Bench 5 @ 55 5 @ 65 9 @ 75 [bad news: I can now bench more than I can squat] OHP [Accessory] 5x5 @ 45 Chest Supported Row Machine [accessory] 5x5 @ 20
  2. A couple weeks? Amazing how much has changed.
  3. Sometimes everything sucks. That lift you thought was easy was horrid. But then there's that moment. Where you take a deep breath. Your mind focuses. You will yourself to beat the iron into it's place... And the set is easy and smooth.
  4. Every time I think you've done it all, you pull something else out of your hat. Bravo!
  5. You're welcome. May 2014 be graced with many pr's.
  6. Thank you! No, I'm welcoming you back! Or something.... Well, it's good to see both of us back. Time to kick friday's butt!
  7. Hmmm. Starting strength vs 5/3/1. Well, you should do a program for sure. Starting strength does 3 lifts a day, so it's a LOT of volume. If you can spend the time in the gym, it's worthwhile. But if you're short on time, 5/3/1 is better. I can usually get in and out in under an hour, and it has programs for twice a week lifting (nice for the crazy busy people).
  8. Monday's gym fun time! Squat (ssb weighing 65 #'s touch and go to a box -- per coach) Bar x 5 70 x 5 (video'd and got approval from coach to move up) 75x6 (video) -- I probably could have done 1-2 more reps, but I'm slowly learning to save some in the tank. No sense in needlessly blowing out your cns until you have to. Assistance 5x5 leg press with 155#'s (10-15 deep breaths between sets) 3x5 good mornings (just the bar) I'm using assistance work to move and work the muscle. I'm not really worried about work sets at this point. It really doesn't matter either: it's all about time, tension, and putting load on the muscle. As long as you feel it...it's perfect.
  9. I think we're all tired of the bullshit. It's easier to just rip the bandaid off, right now. To stop wondering "what could be" and talk about it. To find a solution. I love my nerds! Keep up the awesome!
  10. Also...your boyfriend has never seen the west wing?! I hope you enjoy it. You might check out the newsroom later. I also really liked that one.
  11. Thank you for taking the time to write this. I know it's hard. Hell, admitting you're "weak" is one of the hardest things out there...especially here, where we prize strength above all. But you know what? Don't feel bad. There's lots of things to celebrate during this time. I went through a bunch of similar stuff (injuries, at least), and nearly killed myself trying to squat 100#'s (silly, I know). Who knew having a tight pec minor would cause so much trouble? It turns out that it leads to no use of your abs, and not recruiting your quads. Which means that your hips get f'd up and everything goes downhill... And even after everything is "fixed", I'm squatting 5 @ 65, 5 @ 70, and 6 at 75. Which is hard, considering I squatted 330 last year, and pulled nearly the same (pulling 225~ right now, and let's not even talk about bench or ohp). I may not be "strong", but my current lack of strength has proved useful in understanding some things. - I want to lift heavy weight. I decided I want to embrace the harder part of life. I'm determined to fight for what I want to achieve. I love that I'm actually enjoying myself through this process. - I love that I'm learning how to move correctly. I had my coach walk me through how to squat correctly (no, it's not as easy as it sounds after you break everything), and it looks hell of a lot better than something like this. It's funny for me to realize that I'm setting new pr's and moving better, and it's soooo exciting! I started crossfit so soon after discovering lifting (two years ago) that all of this is a foreign experience! - I'm starting to realize how important accessory movements are. I'm discovering that it's not about reps or weight with the accessory, but real movement and time under tension. Yeah, it's bodybuilder talk, but paying attention to John Meadows or 5/3/1's accessory movements never made anyone weak. I'd like to encourage you through this time. I know it's hard. But hell, you got newbie gains! It's pr's every time you show up! It's amazement at video's of your body moving well (which is why I'm videoing nearly every session). It's taking the time to feel those awesome endorphin's that have been lacking. I'm assuming you're doing some sort of program, but if not, I'd suggest something like 5/3/1. If you need a copy, send me a dm. Good luck!
  12. This mini challenge I'm hitting up the gym. 3 days a week, yo! Already did monday, going tomorrow, and saturday morning! Will update with workouts tomorrow.
  13. I'm late to the party...but I brought cider!
  14. I'll have a car as well. I get on Friday at 12:30 (DFW), and leave Sunday around 5.
  15. Hello. I pm'd you on chat, but I don't think you saw it, so here I am. #1: Bravo to you for posting this. That's the first step towards where you want to go. #2: There's a huge difference between losing weight, losing fat, and building muscle. I would encourage you to seek ways to be healthy. If you're healthy, everything is falls into place. #3: I'd encourage you to take a good, hard look at your food log. Honestly, if you're struggling with depression, sleep apnea (yeah, I have it too), and other things...I'd recommend looking into a different diet. Maybe check out "Practical Paleo" or "Well Fed" or "It starts with food". Hell, follow this! #4: Set a timer for 20 minutes or something. Start moving and doing stuff after that. Go to a doctor. Check your hormone levels, and see if you have enough Vitamin D. Make sure you're getting enough sleep. If you have sleep apnea, make sure you're using your c-pap machine. #5: I'd love to tell you differently, but there's ten thousand (or so) nerds on here. Getting lost or (accidentally) ignored is easy if you don't post a reasonable amount of updates. So your mission is to be proactive, to post different things happening, and to be creative! (Seriously. I've posted to the warriors forum in the beginning of the day and by the end of the day, it was three pages back). Get plugged into the challenges, do the challenges, post nearly every day, and see change happen. The reality is, most people don't post replies to the logs. They usually post to challenges or whatever. I notice there is activity on your challenges, so go hang out there. Make that your place where you post about food and other stuff. Make it easy for people to follow what you're doing to make positive change.
  16. This week has been...interesting. I've been conducting an experiment on myself regarding carb timing and quality of food. Unsuprisingly, I've found that eating non starchy food before 4-5 pm, eating vegetables at every meal, and avoiding sugary treats have been quite satisfactory. In the evening, I've been eating sweet potatoes, potatoes, white rice, and a lot of meat in addition to those veggies. Every meal has included copious amounts of fat. I think it's working...because I can fit into my post-whole30 jeans from January (size 40 slim lucky), which haven't fit since May or June! The gym has been...interesting. I'm not quite sure what to say. I'm learning to move again. To relish the clanging of iron. To devote my time to the barbell. I'm starting to love deadlifts and rack pulls. I'm despising anything regarding pushing, which really means I get to do it MORE OFTEN. After a lot of time working on mobility, since it seems every rib is locked down tight. I'm currently indifferent to squatting. I think that'll get better once I can move more than 50-60 pounds. We did get a leg press at my box (!), so I'll be using that as assistance work for squatting. I've been spending a lot of time wondering about the future. It's weird to think I might have cancer in my thyroid. It took some time to realize that it doesn't really matter. Not till I get a diagnosis. God can take care of it till then. So...I get to do a lot of lab tests and hope and pray that everything turns out for the best. In reality, I'm probably not going to know for sure till several weeks after the TTTT meet. Booooooooooooo. I'll leave you with this.
  17. Sorry for my absence. I'm getting back into the slog!
  18. Squats are always fun! I seem to be getting better with mobility, I was actually able to do a below parallel air squat last night. Which is progress! Thank you. Currently waiting on the specialist. I have an appointment with him the day before we do the meetup in Dallas. I'm doing bloodwork this next week. If any of the labs are worse, we're going to see about getting into the doctor earlier than planned.
  19. I could hit a $100 tab by myself if I was bored or hungry.
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