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  1. Hey, I'm in week 7 of the Academy and live in Edmonton. If anyone is playing a Druid class, hit me up for some Taiji pointers or friendly push-hands practice!
  2. Hi; I justed started Nerdfitness and found your post here from a few months ago. I see no one offered feedback here but have you formed your own opinions? I've read other interpretations of the classics and found them often obscure or too poetic for my comprehension. Also, learning a form from a book is never easy so I'm curious. How did you do? Thanks;
  3. Hello, Taiji folks; I just joined Rebelfitness and I'm trying to find my niche. Druid was a fairly obvious class choice but I suspect I'll be exploring challenges from other classes quite quickly. I've been practising Taiji for 20 years. LIke most, I started with the Yang Short form but quickly expanded into other practices. While there are many differences, the principles are quite universal so Yang, Chen, Sun, Wu, etc, it's all taiji. I'm more than willing to answer any general questions about Taiji. If I don't know the answer, I almost assuredly know someone who
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