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  1. By "dating" I'm guessing you mean meeting a variety of new people and trying to make a good impression? Or do you have a new special someone and you're worried about him/her? In the first situation, have a list of places where you can go that you know you can stick to your diet. Iced tea at the book store might be better than a sweet-filled coffee shop for example. Or does your favorite coffee shop stock bags of nuts? Honestly Paleo snacking really isn't going to look that different from gluten-intolerant or diabetic or vegan to someone who's completely new... and none of those things are really someone's business until you've decided you *want* to talk to them more. If you're past that step then paleo is just a way to practice communication skills. You are working at being healthy. Anybody who's going to fall in love with you is going to value that. People who want to push you on that point are likely going to see where else they can push as well.
  2. Hi gnollcharisma -- Welcome! You're asking a psychological question and one that bugs people most of their lives. You need to develop three strategies -- one that helps you want your goals more than anything in your environment; one that helps you quiet the voice that demands the stuff from your environment; and one that helps you stay connected to the people you love in spite of making choices they don't understand. For the second strategy I use "HALTT" -- you stop and ask yourself if you are feeling Hungry, Angry, Lonely, Tired, or Thirsty. Those are the feelings that get converted to temptation. But if you put the real name back on you can go do what you really need. As far as the staying connected piece -- it helps me to just tell people I have to use up this food I bought before I have whatever and/or tell them I just ate and I'm full.
  3. Taubes goes a long way to answering all the dissents in this thread in his book "Why We Get Fat". And I have to say I've moved to the "not all calories are equivalent" camp. (With the caveat that a scientific calorie is equivalent to a scientific calorie.) Taubes presents a lot of empirical studies of this in his books and his comments on the Ludwig study should be understood as an addendum to those. So here's my line of reasoning in support of "carbs make us fat" (or fatter faster) 1. We know from the treatment of diabetes that not all food calories are seen the same. Carbs, and in particular sugar, trigger an emergency response in the bloodstream of people with this disease. 2. Diabetes can develop over time. So some percentage of the normal population are susceptible to the body's panic response to carbs. 3. Not even all carbs are the same. But given the body's emergency response to sugar, we should consider anything the body treats as sugar *as sugar*. So if whole wheat bread has a higher glycemic index than table sugar -- which it does on average -- let's not pretend it's healthy because there's some fiber in it. On the anecdotal side, I've observed for the past two years that when I eat more carbs I experience more hunger. Place two days from my food diary side-by-side. Take one that has 55% of calories carbs, 100 grams of protein, and the rest fat and compare it to the one with 55% of calories from fat, 100 grams of protein, and the rest carbs and with exactly the same calorie intake (deficit) you will see that I am crankier on the first day (and that I overeat on the next) whereas on the second I am happier, I have the energy to exercise, and that I also comply the next day. This is true even if the higher fat day includes fried foods such as egg rolls! (and btw I eat 5-7 servings of vegetables a day in both these scenarios.)
  4. I second the stage combat workout request! And on the topic of videos -- how about Demi Moore's GI Jane training sequence?
  5. Wow -- so many new faces! Welcome to the rebellion! I'm a Colorado native who's lived all over the Denver metroplex. I'm up north by Hammlin right now. I don't know if I'm up to summitting but it might be fun to join you for the first part of the hike to see where I'm at right now. I'll keep you posted as my schedule works itself out.
  6. WOAH Work Out At Home -- Or how to fit a strength training workout in a 5x10 hallway. Equipment: 4x4 piece of puzzle mat 42 lb bag of kitty litter 20 lb kettlebell doorway pullup bar and doorway Optional: dog Routine: Circuit of: 12 pushups down to dog's head, 12 reverse situps, 12 hip raises, 10x10 count holds on pullup bar, 12 squats with kettlebell, 1 minute balance on bag of kitty litter, 1 minute of either calf raises off bag or squat position on bag with heels off. Repeat for 3 times total. Achievement unlocked! Do it Anyway! -- you didn't have time, space, or equipment, but got in a 30 minute workout anyway!
  7. I did some poking around the interwebz yesterday for Kathy Long's training program -- She's the 5 time kickboxing champion who body-doubled Michelle Pfiffer's Catwoman. I didn't find much on how she trained, but it looks like she's got a documentary coming out featuring Carrie Ann Moss among others.
  8. I just read Steve's post about becoming a superhero and he covered tips for Hulk, Thor, Iron Man, and Captain America -- but no Black Widow. So I wanted to start a conversation about female superheroes and throw around some suggestions about training to be like them. I think what Black Widow brings to the team is functional quickness in both mental and physical tasks. I think training to be like her includes building mental muscle through learning languages, probably music, and art. In the physical area, well, sprints. But I don't know much about training for speed. I'm guessing there are also mobility workouts there. So who wants to take a shot at Catwoman, Wonder Woman, Elektra, Storm, Phoenix, Canary, Poison Ivy?
  9. Such a good topic! For me: I've lost 18 lbs (so far) this year. And I am exercising at least 3 times a week, which wasn't true last year or the year before.
  10. Howdy all -- It's been a busy week in these parts so I haven't gotten my challenge thread started until now... But I have been playing! My starting attributes (with the help of http://www.kevinhaw.com/add_quiz.php; adjusted for 15 initial points an a Stamina attribute instead of Intelligence...) STR: 2 ¦ DEX: 3 ¦ STA: 1 ¦ CON: 1 ¦ WIS: 5 ¦ CHA: 3 For my very first NF challenge I'm getting back into fitness, with a focus on Strength, Stamina, and Dexterity -- and hoping Constitution follows along. Cardio goals: * Run 2x per week + Do one additional cardio workout per week -- 14-16 total: CON +1; 17-18: CON +2 * Go from 54 min 5k to 50 minute DEX +2 * Complete a mile in under 15 min DEX +1 STA +1 * Run a mile -- stops allowed but no walking STA +1 Strength goals: * 3 sessions a week -- 14-16 total: CON +1; 17-18: CON +2 * Pushups (full body plank) (2 on 6/23/2012) 10: STR +1; 25: STR +2 * Pull 60% of my body weight on assisted chin-ups (50% on 6/23/12) 60%: STR +1; 70%: STR +2 Life: Complete one of the following each week: Dog's shots WIS +1, Dog's grooming WIS +1, Seat belt repair WIS +1, Oil change WIS +1 Dentist appointment CHA +1, Update resume CHA +1, Presentation at work CHA +1, Follow-up bloodwork and appointment CON +1 -------------------- Week 1 update: Cardio: 2 sessions Current mile is 16:20 Strength: 3 sessions Pushups: 2; Chin-up 51% Life: Completed Presentation at work. CHA +1 From Adventurer side quest: DEX +1, WIS +1 New total: STR: 2 ¦ DEX: 4 ¦ STA: 1 ¦ CON: 1 ¦ WIS: 6 ¦ CHA: 4
  11. In my experience the cravings for sweet things is a symptom of having gotten some sugar by accident earlier in the day. If you want to be able to ignore them try brushing your teeth or sucking on a whole clove. What you don't want to do is give in. In my experience, my body panics and hangs on to a whole bunch of water when it sees sugar reappearing on the menu.
  12. I'm really looking forward to getting started on my NF Adventure! Yay!
  13. Okay -- the clean version of gatorade is: 12 drops of TraceMinerals's "Endure" performance electrolyte concentrate Lemon or lime juice to taste Natrual sweetener of your choice to meet your taste and calorie needs. I use this mix as a recovery drink when I've worked out and gotten too hot to want to drink water, so I use a small amount of agave or honey. If I were not trying to get calories but just get more electrolytes down I would probably cheat and use a sugar-free syrup as I cannot get over the taste of stevia.
  14. LOL -- Requirement #1 for me on any diet is: could I complete a Boot Camp class on this diet? I totally could not based on what you've described. "I add a tablespoon of sand to mine." -- Brittany S. Pierce
  15. I keep turkey jerky and almonds in my desk drawer for my mid-afternoon snack. I also have some packages of a low-carb protein shake I like. My new favorite snack at home is ~4oz of whole fat plain yogurt, a squirt of sugar-free vanilla syrup (usually shelved with the coffee stuff in stores), and lemon or lime juice. It's a nice combo of tasty and satisfying.
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