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  1. I have a set of Wusthof knives. I believe it is this set. And I can confirm they are fantastic and keep their edge very well.
  2. I love this game. I too am a completionist, and I think I got REALLY close with this one but never quite got all the notes. I wonder if I still have a save file on my cartridge...
  3. I'm not terribly familiar with VBA or Kendo UI unfortunately. If I had a better idea of what you were attempting to accomplish with those technologies, I might be able to be a bit more helpful.
  4. There's actually a pretty well-established assortment of similarly-textured fruits and vegetables utilized in the making of various sweet breads and desserts in America: banana bread, zucchini bread/bars, carrot cake, and the list goes on. Most of these are heavily augmented with sugar and spices, but for some reason none seem to draw quite the ire that pumpkin does. Maybe none of them have quite the signature spice mix as pumpkin and therefore haven't been as commonly reproduced seemingly in places they don't belong. Either way though, I stand by the general premise that the fans
  5. Walkouts are a pretty common way to acclimate onesself to heavier weight. I wouldn't mess around with the safeties though. Just load the weight up on the bar and walk it out as you would with a normal squat. And after that, load it up even heavier and do it again. After having a supermaximal load on your back a few times, the actual weight you want to squat will feel like nothing in comparison. But I do think there's value in doing the actual movement of picking the weight up off the pins, stepping back, getting in position, etc., as opposed to just a static hold in a format you would never ac
  6. I'd rather have a little extra energy stored on my body than ash coating my lungs any day. I'd say the extra eating has been well worth it for you. And it's always awesome to see there's some extra muscle there as well. Nice job!
  7. It's been a while since I posted last. I've just been trying to maintain mostly. I did 1 split last week that featured deadlifts and OHP. Two workouts in a week is better than 1 or 0, and I actually had a really good OHP session where I cleared 5x6 @ 135. I don't think I ever even completed 5x5 at that weight before, much less am I often masochistic enough to do more than 5 sets. I've been getting weird PRs like that on occasion, not necessarily because I'm getting any stronger, but just because I'm trying different set and rep schemes that lead to specific results I haven't seen before. And s
  8. Looks like you are crushing it. I am a little late catching up on this thread but I just wanted to say that game and your character for it looks awesome!
  9. Week 2 Thursday I finished off my chicken wings and drank some whiskey, and not much else. I think I like mowed the grass or put away dishes or did like 1 productive thing and called it a day. I didn't track my calories, and I haven't tracked them since. Week 2 Friday I spent way too long in my hot garage cleaning and putting up pegboard. There were some old disconnected wires and old garage door controls and stuff that I tore off and cleaned up before getting started. I also had to saw some bits off to fit around light fixtures and stuff, so this was a bit more challengi
  10. Hi. I keep struggling to post something, because I struggle with a lot of the same general existential malaise and I don't have any more answers now than I did the last time we discussed it. I'm just chiming in to lend some support in the form of paying attention and following along with your challenge. I'm curious how all the video stuff is going for you. Talking about things helps me focus on them; I'm not sure whether or not that's the case for you. It's a big part of why I'm around these parts. Anyway, stick with it and good luck on the rest of your challenge.
  11. That's all that matters.
  12. I don't have a lot of walking room in either of the places I work out, so I don't walk, but I still alternate legs between each rep. 8-10 reps per leg, or 16-20 paces total, with dumbbells, weight dependent on how tired I am since they are always after heavy leg stuff. Usually 3 sets.
  13. Eh you know, kind of but not really. Bodies are complex, yadda yadda. Not sure if that covers gender differences or any of that. Actually re-skimming that, my number is probably more like 15 lbs of muscle than the 10 I said earlier, but I still think my 70ish lbs of fat is probably a higher priority from an overall health perspective. Week... 2? Monday Monday I went and picked up a bunch of stuff at the hardware store that I need to tinker with all week to fix some stuff in my house. Then I grilled some burgers and asparagus, and went and watched the new Spiderman
  14. Very nice and comfortable-looking sweater. I sit in a desk all day and got me some moderate APT, and my squat is better than my deadlift, which is kind of unusual for anyone, but especially so if APT is somehow supposed to skew someone towards better deadlifts. My guess is that correlation may not equal causation in this case. I have done pretty much these exact 2 things: mental cues, and these exact types of exercises, and I think I've had some pretty good success as well. Highly recommend these tips!
  15. Full disclosure: I only got a little over halfway through it before setting it down, and I haven't picked it up or read any other books since. It kind of killed my desire to read anything. I may have been more receptive to the profound cynicism of that book in my younger years, but while I find it entertaining, that type of writing just drains me these days. Maybe it was just really edgy to be a cynical asshole in the 90s when all the fat and happy boomers were oblivious to the consequences of their actions, but it just doesn't have the same punch when half of what he wrote is already worse in
  16. I don't think that's unfortunate at all! I would naturally assume the "studio" is for artsy type stuff (depending on the owners of the home I suppose). Also I wasn't trying to make any implications about proper naming; I just think dojo is a fun word to say. Some variant of school is nice to imply education.
  17. Usually this is just chores and adulting shit if I'm being honest, and I tend to get all that stuff out of the way as soon as possible. I do regularly entertain the thoughts of more "productive" things I could be doing with my free time, but I struggle to execute. Are you a David Foster Wallace fan at all? He's not for everyone, but there's a really good bit about the webcam thing specifically in Infinite Jest. He wrote this in the 90s before video conferencing was actually much of a thing, but he proposed that people's vanity would contort the process to the point that p
  18. Couple things... That point a few inches out of the hole, where a squat can turn into a good morning, should be the sticking point for squats for most people most of the time. It's not necessarily a sign of any imbalance or weakness. If you're doing glute bridges at the same weight you're squatting, you probably don't have weak glutes. The only times I've ever really felt squats in my calves is when I've been leaned too far forward. In another post, you talked about "using your toes." If you're on the balls of your feet and/or toes, that's another sign of weight too fa
  19. I mean, in a house that you own and cater to your own needs, isn't every room kind of a RoR? Also from a practical standpoint, you want your identification of things to be different or you won't be able to identify them, right? I personally like "studio" for more of a working space, and like gym or dojo or something for a work-out-y space, but that might also be my art background showing some bias for how I'm used to interpreting "studio." I'm also a big fan of letting names come naturally. My parents' house came furnished when they bought it, and one of the bedrooms featured some
  20. I've never once thought about this. At least not in recent memory. A general idea of balance is probably fine. Everyone's goals are different, and so on. Yes There is not a better delt-specific accessory as far as I know, but as always, for overall strength, being able to use heavy weights, and maintaining the support systems I'd still say barbell presses are the best. No, but they could help you work towards a pull-up. People seem to like reverse flyes and face pulls. 8 lbs for lat raises is fine. Good eve
  21. Most of Sparklehorse lyrics are just evocative imagery. Dark, chill, and unsettling hits the nail on the head. I have a system in place to do all of this with Fitbit's integration with MFP. I don't necessarily trust Fitbit's calorie burn assessments, but it's consistent if nothing else, which should allow me to make tweaks that work, even if the actual values are inaccurate. In practice, I do already eat more on workout days, sometimes deliberately, sometimes not. Big leg days make me ravenous. Thanks, it's nice to hear. I actually get a lot of anxi
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