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  1. Hi, I am new to this group and had few questions that I wanted to ask. I am someone who used to be overweight and have lost considerable amount of weight recently (34kgs to be exact). I am 6ft tall and weigh about 72kgs now. However, my body is still out of shape and hence why I have decided to follow a work out plan that will help me gain strength, bring my body back in shape and build muscles. However, I cannot go to gym. It's too far way from my home and I have no time to travel that far right now. Does anyone have a specific work out plan that I can follow at home? I do have couple of dumbbells at home (weighing 3kgs each), but I was hoping for a work out plan that required no use of additional equipment - that's not a big deal though and I can buy heavier set of dumbbells, if required. I know nothing about building your body and can do with lot of help here. I hope I get some good advice here. p.s. I am sorry if similar thread has been made before, I am new here and will be browsing through this forum during rest of my day.
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