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  1. I have a lot of stuff i would like to do but, after reading about Eager Beavers in the mistakes newbies make article I know I need to break it down. Part of me says no try to do it all but, I know better. 1. Do Nicotine Anonymous books and meetings. I got devotionals and a step book I want to work on. The meetings encouraged me to stop smoking once cold turkey but, not sure i want to try it that way again. Maybe, if i spend a month learning this stuff I can do better next time. 2. Walk Away The Pounds out of my workout video collection i decided to pick this one i just bought. it looks fun and think it is a good start. 3. Clean house and Body. I definitely. need to get in the habit of cleaning. everything is better when it is clean and organised. 4. try to spend twenty a week and make a grocery list. I noticed on the walmart website you can look up food and prices. I also, want to ,make healthier food choices. I would like to save money as well, plus, making a list you see what you beed and don't need i think i will stop here. i got a list but, I think that is too much. one thing i like about walk away the pounds by leslie sansone is she talks about how exercise relieves stress, gives you energy and is motivational.