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  1. Cool quote from a New Orleans teacher following Hurricane Katrina relevant to the COVID-19 outbreak and all this missed work whether school work or anything else really.
  2. While teleworking and self-quarantining, I'm going to take a break from NF Challenges. I am having to make so many changes to my routine, I can not accurately predict and plan goals. Hopefully, in 5 weeks, everything is returning to normal, but I doubt it as the US and especially NYC is getting hit hard by the virus.
  3. World 5 Level 5 Challenge GRADES: FITNESS: Cardio: Speed and Stamina - 400 min total, 80 weekly. Track time and distance. STA +1 A = 480 min, weekly met Walking: Fortify the Spine - 1250 min total, 250 weekly. CON +1 A = 1950 min, weekly met Exercise: HIIT Lifting and Bodyweight - 400 min total, 80 weekly. STR +1, STA +1 A = 400 min, weekly met Flexibility: Stretching and Physical Therapy - 700 min total, 140 weekly. DEX +1 A = 720 min, weekly met Karate: Training and Practice - 1250 min total, 250 weekly. Track pr
  4. No idea. My karate instructor gave it to me.
  5. I was trying to find a quote to use in this time of self-quarantining and social distancing, but I felt it would be better to quote myself. "You are not alone in this time we are so far apart. Technology is available to allow us to connect to the world. We can finally use all those social media platforms, communication devices, and online games to do the things we should have been doing the whole time. Connect, communicate, and care. Reach out to friends and family with your phone, your computer, your Echo, your XBox, whatever. Talk to them about all the things, not just the
  6. I have a 10 min squat thrust challenge I have been doing since December. 10 different Squat Thrust exercises, 12 reps each, in under 10 minutes. Yesterday was my 4th attempt. I've always made it under 10 min, and I have improved each time, but yesterday I broke 9 mins finishing at 8:50. I steamed through the first 6 sets in under 5 minutes. It was smooth sailing after that. I'm impressed with the progress, but I know I'm not in great overall shape. I probably couldn't beat an 8 minute mile, or a 40 min 5k. But I got the Squat Thrust challenge! Here it is: 12 no
  7. Well, my work network has not been cooperating with Nerd Fitness until today. With the gym and dojo closed, working out at home has been a challenge, but progress is there. I need to ramp up my workout time and just do it regardless of those around me. Trying to get them to workout with me or give me the space I need has been the biggest problem limiting me. I just need to figure out the schedule and exercises. Thanks for checking on me!
  8. Welcome back for another episode of The Exciting Adventures of JediNickD! It was a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away that I joined this site and started my first challenge. World 1 was my first extended stay through 22 challenges. I took a hiatus from NF and came back with a new direction for my goals where I warped to World 2, which I defeated in a Boss Fight slaying some mighty big goals. In World 3, I continue to develop my fitness, getting my body in the best shape of my life, even with the Degenerative Disc Disease, Arthritis, Disc Fissures, and more. Through physical therapy exe
  9. Illness hurt my progress physically in Week 3 and 4, so I'll be grading those weeks on a curve. I'm staying on track. I'm going to ditch the incentives for next challenge with a plan to revamp them. I've saved up the money for my Black Belt celebratory gift and 40th birthday present to myself, an Arashikage tattoo, and earned it with some pretty epic accomplishments. I may get it done in March as the schedule looks good then and not as good in the fall around my actual birthday. I also saved up enough to purchase a new laptop, which I now need since the old one burned up liter
  10. I wrote a post yesterday, but Tron ate it. Racquetball this morning was fun. I played terrible. Head was not in it and I let a few bad plays effect my game. At least, my illness is almost gone. Crushing the diet sticking to the fruit and veggie routine. Getting sick didn't knock me off too bad.
  11. 153.8 lbs Racquetball this morning. Saturday we have a funeral to attend to support a friend, Sunday is SUPER BOWL! There will be cleaning an cooking. Tonight is Youth Group game night, which should be a blast.
  12. My Lesson for this round didn't really teach or inspire much, but the theme "This is the Way" from The Mandalorian speaks for itself. I just decided to move on and look at things I'm passionate about. If something doesn't strike a cord, then find something that does. I'm not planning to waste any more of my Earthly time debating the pros and cons of something I didn't feel great about. I feel anyone putting their efforts into tearing TROS apart is just wasting their time. I'm passionate about Star Wars and Jedi, but I'm not going to let the sequel trilogy and lackluster continuity of the
  13. 156.6 lbs I helped with a karate class last night, but didn't have the energy for black belt class. I woke early enough for racquetball so I went. Racquetball was fun and helped clear my throat. The body is finally back. I just need to kick the cough. Tonight and tomorrow, we are hosting games at the house. Should be a fun weekend!
  14. Sleep is at a premium with this cough. I may taken another morning off, but I need to get to karate tonight. I'll probably try to nap when I get home to be ready for karate call at 8:30. If I miss tonight, then I would have missed the whole week and spar class on Saturday would be rough. I'm going to have to make a tough call on racquetball tonight. The right move again is to sleep in, but I need to get some activity in.
  15. 158.8 lbs A few pounds from sitting on my butt for two days trying to get better. No workout this morning either as I need my energy for my first full day of work, which is a super important day. I have training on new equipment this morning, so i need my brain ready to learn, then I have my first face-to-face hiring interview where I am the project lead. It'll be a 9 hour day when I get done. Hopefully, I have the energy to get to karate tonight. If not, then I will get an easy workout tomorrow morning. I might have a to skip racquetball on Friday.
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