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    [JediNickD] World 4 Level 10: "Something to Fight For"

    150.6 lbs this morning. Good to finally be moving back in the right direction. Kept the portions down. Karate class and spar class on Saturday, then yard work and trash duty. It was a sweaty weekend in the mild heat. My wife wanted hammocks for Mother's day. We set up two and a bench swing on the decks. The one on the lower deck should be nice, once we clean up the tree and leaf debris and fix the screen to keep the bugs out. The top deck ones will likely be too hot and sunny to use. Until we get an awning up there... Father's Day? I'm keeping pace to have my stripes and class counts done before my work travel in less than two months. I've got to get on my scheduling for the summer. I have travel and vacation to plan! Anyway, the 4-week challenge is complete and I have a ton to reflect on. Pretty damn successful. Grades are coming soon.
  2. JediNickD

    [JediNickD] World 4 Level 10: "Something to Fight For"

    151.2 lbs this morning. Fierce racquetball games. I could have won all three with a few more good bounces, but I'll settle for a solid win in the first game, just barely losing the next two. What is more important is the hustle, effort, and fun left on the court. We had some great moments out there. Some goofiness with odd bounces and funny turns, but also some really competitive rallies. I'm putting together two or three 15 minute educational speeches on briefing and using PowerPoint to train another directorate. I'd like to start with a funny story about using PowerPoint, but I'm drawing a blank. Hopefully, I come up with something next week. I need to be practicing the last week of May and first week of June. The first presentation is June 12th. The tips I'll be giving out are nothing out of the ordinary. You can find it all online with ease (as I looked them up to have some sources to reference). The main secret I'll be sharing is about preparation and practice to improve your confidence. A secondary secret is to build interest and memorability in your presentation before and during the brief through purpose, message, and a hook. Should be fun. I am in the midst of my IJRS Novice Research Project, having finished reading the main subject work "Traitor" and have begun outlining the thesis and looking for secondary references. My instructor is super excited for my work, and believes it will serve others well on their path to knighthood. I feel like I need to start writing before I start to forget about all the good thoughts and connections I have put together in my notes. I have the IJRS Novice Exam to work on as well, which does not appear as though it will be too time consuming, but it will draw my mind to other areas. That can be good to broaden my research and references to support my writing, but it can also be distracting pulling me off my main message, which could make the process take longer. Either way, as long as I am working on them keeping my mind busy, then I feel like I can only get better content and closer to completion. I feel like this is a long way from my perfectionist mentality I used to put into all my work.
  3. JediNickD

    [JediNickD] World 4 Level 10: "Something to Fight For"

    Sooo... I've only been doing martial arts for 3 years. I have no idea what you are talking about, but it sounds fascinating. I'm here to learn, so at some point I'll be googling all that stuff you wrote about. Now so you understand my current program, here is an explanation from my dojo's website: "We are an American Karate Style. We practice a "mixed martial art." Technically, our style is Ails-Ha Rising Sun Budo. The influences for our main program include Tae Kwon Do, Aikijuijitsu, Ninpo, Kyoshujitsu, and Verbal Judo. Qualifying students may also pursue tools training in Japanese Sword, Six Foot Staff, and Nunchuka." And most of that I still don't know much about. For the most part, my training through Brown III has been based on Tae Kwon Do with subtle changes and emphasis to build a solid foundation. In adult class, we get to do some of the grappling and submission holds possibly from the other influences, but I expect training for Black Belt and beyond will incorporate more of the those other influences. At 38 years old, my overall objective is to have an outlet for my active lifestyle which fits my current body condition (I can't play sports like I used to) while also giving my family an activity we can do together, training my family in self defense, and building their confidence. There are several benefits which I personally enjoy from the training. The flexibility and mobility training is perfect for my previous back injuries. The classroom is great for my active brain, always learning new things. The philosophy is perfect for my personal philosophy, where I study and apply eastern philosophy continually. And the teamwork, coaching, and teaching lines up with my current leadership growth needs. All these benefits lead to personal satisfaction, which is key to a happy life. Thanks for tuning in, and I'm looking forward to learning from all the Monks here.
  4. Welcome back for another episode of The Exciting Adventures of JediNickD! It was a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away that I joined this site and started my first challenge. World 1 was my first extended stay through 22 challenges. I took a hiatus from NF and came back with a new direction for my goals where I warped to World 2, which I defeated in a Boss Fight slaying some mighty big goals. In World 3, I continue to develop my fitness, getting my body in the best shape of my life, even with the Degenerative Disc Disease, Arthritis, Disc Fissures, and more. Through physical therapy exercises and karate, I have maintained my core and back muscles to ease the pressure off my spine, but in the end I defeated World 3 by transforming my life into a new form. With chiropractic care healing my spine, reaching the high ranks at karate, blazing through the new Toastmasters education program called Pathways, and working to complete Novice rank at IJRS, World 4 is something new everyday. For Level 10, I decided on another new experience. I have moved over to the Monks to reach for more diversity in my workouts and culture as my focus has been more on my karate training in the recent months. My next rank will be Probationary Black Belt which will consume my time more than ever before. As I actively take on more responsibility of coaching, mentoring, and teaching in all aspects of my life, I can see a different me forming with World 5 is on the horizon. I just keep on L-I-V-I-N, fight the good fight lightin' it up, and level up my life! Challenge Lesson: "Something to Fight For" [Spoilers for The Last Jedi] Finn is such an interesting character in Star Wars. We know nothing about his past as First Order Storm Trooper except that he worked in Sanitation and they trained him to fight. I believe through what is shown in the two movies is that his past does not matter. Where he comes from does shape his character a bit, which we see in his decisions to run, to get as far away from the First Order as he can, but that mostly only explains what he knows of the First Order and not who he is or who he was. It is an important distinction for him and Rey, that their past is not shaping their future. For Finn, we know he has a good sense of what is right. Through his escape from the First Order and subsequent adventures, he meets others who share that good sense forming a new family of friends who he would give his life for. He learns what the Resistance stands for. He determines for himself that standing against the First Order is the best way to live his life and keep those he cares for safe and protected. He finds something worth fighting for. The idea behind his arc (and Rey's arc) is to retell Luke Skywalker's hero arc with new characters. Luke comes from meager beginnings and is radicalized through experience and friendship. The meager beginnings are mysterious with Finn and Rey, but their radicalization against the First Order is the same. I was raised to know right from wrong, to stand up for those who can't stand up for themselves, and to be kind and charitable. I was not raised to "fight", but I was raised to defend, to mediate, and to uphold. And I've always had something to fight for. Honestly, I feel like I have been fighting for it, too. But I don't feel like I have put my life, my integrity, my reputation, or anything of merit on the line. Do I really have something to fight for? I think I live too comfortably to understand that question. My Main Quest and Mission: My mission is to be the best Jedi I can be. My main quest is always to enhance my overall health, fitness, and knowledge to be prepared for whatever challenges life could throw at me. As a Jedi, I need to be able to help people, whether that is a life threatening situation or just a charitable one. There is no boss level in Jedi training, there is only tomorrow. World 4 Level 10 Challenge: FITNESS: Cardio: Speed and Stamina - 400 min total, 100 weekly. Track time and distance. STA +1 Walking: Fortify the Spine - 1000 min total, 250 weekly. CON +1 Exercise: Lifting and Bodyweight - 240 min total, 60 weekly. Track reps for push-ups and sit-ups AMRAP and daily total. STR +1 Flexibility: Stretching and Physical Therapy - 560 min total, 140 weekly. DEX +1 Karate: Training and Practice - 1100 min total, 275 weekly. Track progress towards belt. Track improvement on all material. DEX +1, STR +1, STA +1 DIET: Weight Control - Track weight. Complete measurements before or during Week 1 and again during or after Week 4. Watch portions and make healthy choices for 24 of 28 days. Track lunch portions for 24 of 28 days. Track "fasting" after dinner nightly for 24 of 28 days. CON +1 Keep on cutting out the crap - No CheezIts, limit snacking at work, 6 Dr Peppers a week, and limit cheese to 6 meals a week. CON +1 LIFE: Get Stuff Done - Complete 80 Hours of various Chores and Maintenance, with at least 20 hours each week. Chores and Maintenance are the following areas (goal hours for challenge) Dishes (16), Laundry (10), Cooking/Cleaning/Dusting/Vacuuming/Trash/Other (32), Yard Work (2), Animal Care (24), Home Renovation and Auto Maintenance (10) WIS +1, CHA +1 Epic Quest - Complete something EPIC! I want to be able to look back at my four week challenge and say, "that was the challenge I did X". My challenges tend to be a lot of the same old. I've given myself plenty to improve in small steps, but I also want to see big strides in the things I've been working on. What box can I check? What have I been procrastinating? What am I focusing on? WIS +2, CHA +2 INCENTIVES! Working hard for CASH! ($148.35 carried over) REWARD: For each week in which I complete 22 or more hours of Chores and Maintenance, I will put aside $10 to spend how I see fit. CONSEQUENCE: For any week where I complete less than 20 hours, I will give up $10 of saved cash. REWARD: $5 for each Personal Project hour CONSEQUENCE : Lose $10 for each week without at least one hour for Personal Projects. REWARD: $10 for each HIIT workout. For a healthy heart among other things, HIIT is recommended by my health coach. I don't like them, but they are a necessary evil. CONSEQUENCE: Lose $5 for each week without a HIIT workout. REWARD: $2 for each day with weight below 150.0 lbs. CONSEQUENCE: Lose $10 each day with weight above 151.0 lbs. REWARD: $5 for 1 Sprint/Run/Bike workout (minimum 10 reps/30 min/10 min), $10 for second, $20 for third and up. CONSEQUENCE: Lose $10 for each week without one of these workouts. BONUSES: $1 for each hour working on Jedi Training (mentoring, reading/writing, charity, meditation, IJRS lessons). $2 for each hour working on Toastmasters including meetings. $2 for each Home Renovation or Auto Maintenance hour PENALTIES: Lose $10 for eating pizza, candy, popcorn, CheezIts, pretzels, potato chips. Lose $10 for more than 6 Dr Peppers a week or more than 6 meals with cheese a week.