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  1. I have not abandoned working out! A few things have thrown off my schedule but I've got quite a few workout days I should have logged here that I have not! Whoops! I think I'm going to switch to physical journaling for a while to track different fitness information. The points system worked well for me here for a bit, but I no longer have a reliable reward mechanism since the husband and I are trying really hard to save money for several planned and unplanned expensive things (vacation, new car, new tires on the other car...some exciting, some make me sigh!) so buying myself a trea
  2. Last week: Monday: Cardio 3 pts Tuesday: Cardio / weights 7 pts Wednesday: Cardio / weights 7 pts Thursday/Friday: Crocheted for about 4 hours total, made 1 healthy meal: 3 pts Subtotal: 20 pts Running total toward next prize: 45/35 Right now Joe and I are in a financial constraint because we have a lot of expenses all in the same week / paycheck (rent, paying off the last payment from having broken our lease in Texas, and we have to take our dog to the vet) so I'm probably going to just keep racking up my points and buy treats for myself
  3. This week has been pretty idle in the self-improvement realm! My husband is out of town on a business trip and I leave tomorrow for Texas for my commencement ceremony. Joe and I are meeting at the DFW airport, but not having him in the house and it being my first week of "freedom" after finishing finals I'm sort of lollygagging. Not even working out. Whooooooops. Nevertheless, the goal isn't to guilt myself, so I'll just do a quick roundup: M-Today 2 hours + of crocheting: 4 points Tuesday: Made a healthy dinner for myself: 1 point Subtotal: 5 points
  4. Summing up today now because I bought coffee out and I'm not planning on cooking tonight! Cardio (30 minutes, incline from 4-9 increasing 1% every 5 minutes, 3.2 mph) 3 pts Weights: 4 pts -- and I'm starting to increase the weights already!!!! Crocheting 2 hrs: 1 pt Subtotal: 8 pts Running total toward next "prize": 20/35 pts I'm realizing that I keep coming back to that whole "argh, I need to meditate" thing. I think I need to incentivize myself better for it -- I'm going to increase its value from 1 pt per ten minutes to 2 pts per 10 and see
  5. This is one of the incline treadmill workouts I'm really proud of...I "climbed" 1,000 feet! I know it's not the same as spending several hours navigating terrain, but the fact that I can both accomplish my short-term fitness goals and sort of look toward potential travel and adventure goals makes me really happy: Got up to a 20% grade, 1138 feet, and burned close to 400 calories in one go (according to the rough estimate of the machine)!!!! I'm hoping to do it again tonight.
  6. Aahhhh! I need to check in and log what I've done this past week...it's been a good one!!! (With the exception of this Wednesday, when I had a mild stomach bug and didn't go work out. I stayed at home and got a lot of crocheting done and final exam work finished.) I have divided up my weight circuit so that I have a "top/arm day" and "leg day" and so that all of my workouts have about the same time and effort rather than having 3 days a week when I do my entire body and then 2 days per week with cardio only -- I could tell that was going to cause myself a huge motivation problem fo
  7. I know I'm bad at giving back all the support here on NF that you have given me; part of it is I know you've had your thing going on long before I dipped my toes in the water on this community, but know that I'm rooting for you and I'm always inspired by what you share!!! Go you! <3
  8. Oh, and I suppose I should log today and yesterday: -Weight circuit: 8 pts -Cardio: 3 pts -Healthy dinner: 1 pt -Cardio: 3 pts -Crochet for 2 hours: 1 pt Dang it, I need to get meditating. Sheesh. Honestly the knitting and crocheting is very meditative for me, so I shouldn't beat myself up, and my general mental health is so much better since we moved. But I should still make a habit of it! I've been watching The Knitting Monk's podcast, A Maker's Pilgrimage, and it's very meditative to do while actually knitting (or crocheting as
  9. I had it done at the company rec center -- in addition to being a full rec center / gym, they provide certain services to employees and their families like fitness testing, workout arrangement, instruction on different types of exercises and machines, nutritional counseling, and classes free of charge with membership! It's awesome. So, without going into all of the numbers, I basically got these results: I'm of average general fitness levels, but my endurance is poor (aka I'm out of shape, which I knew!) but I score really high on general strength. I'm not overweight / none of my b
  10. I did it! I also had my introduction to my weight circuit today -- which resulted in a full workout. I'm tired and my muscles are wobbly! I'll come back here and update once I figure out how exactly I'm going to schedule a regular workout routine and how I can positively reward myself for progressing toward goals without ending up guilty and stressed out... Also I can't decide what my "Treat myself" is. I'm out of spending mode because the husband and I are saving money like crazy so I'm hesitant to pull the trigger on any purchases! I went to Target to see if I liked any workout p
  11. OK! I had my fitness test. It was really interesting! It pretty much confirmed what I felt about my body and fitness level -- I'm generally average and about as fit as someone can be while not actively or systematically exercising; I'm not in any dangerous ranges but I could stand to trade some fat for muscle. Points for today and yesterday (keeping in mind I'm giving myself until the end of the night to hit 35 points) Yesterday Knit for 4 hours: 2 points Walked 1 mile: 1 point Stepmill for 5 minutes / 20 floors: 1 point Rowed 2021 meters: 2 points
  12. Whew, I am tie-tie this Thursday...I almost napped! One of the things I absolutely love about regular exercise is how much more energy I have for the rest of my day and how regular my sleep cycle gets; how easily I fall asleep and wake up...it's so much better than anxiety insomnia and depression napping. Yesterday: Rowed 2012 meters: 2 points Crocheted/Knit for 2+ hours: 1 point Walked 1 mile: 1 point Did 5:00 minutes / 200 steps on the stepmill (I think that's what Joe called it today? Lol. I call it a stair machine.) 1 point I dug into my laundry quarte
  13. Today: -Walked 1 mile! 1 point -2021 meters rowing! 2 points -Didn't buy coffee out! 1 point -Knit for 2+ hours! 1 point -Tried the stair machine at the gym: I managed 5 minutes (222 steps....so over 20 floors!) 1 point -Cooking a whole foods dinner (in progress...high protein and no-sodium veggie soup!) 1 point Subtotal: 7 points Total so far: 11 points Since I'm sort of discovering what I can and can't accomplish in a day I think I need to re-gauge my goal: I'm going to say I need 35 points to buy my wishlist item rather than
  14. Well, I already have a little update to report! I walked 1.05 miles at the rec center track. I kept the pace quick and worked on my posture while I was at it -- I realize that I have all these muscles in my back that are poorly used / not used that are sort of waking up now. Additionally, I could feel the circulation in my legs kicking back into gear, which was why I'm starting slow! Last spring when I tried to "wake up" my body with a hike, my legs itched so badly from the sudden circulation it made it impossible to enjoy the walk. :\ That didn't happen this time! 1 point
  15. Thanks @SkyGirl! BTW it was so good to see you IRL! OK! In just about half an hour I'm heading out to work out at the rec center for the first time after moving and then visiting my friend for a week. Since I haven't had my fitness test yet I'm not sure what the benchmark is going to be for weekly or daily achievement, so I'm going to do like a "prologue" here starting from today until April 17, where I'll set some basic personal goals and rewards for myself for the next 2 weeks. None of them are outrageous; mostly about getting into the habit and waking up my body. Rat
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