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  1. I am doing Wendler's 531 with the Boring But Big accessory program. I use straps on the volume deadlifts that the BBB program brings to the table. This is to protect my hands and get used to wearing straps so that I can try them out at heavier reps.
  2. Boxing: Left hook to the body, Left hook to the head, right uppercut to the head. I am short but very sturdy - my jabs and crosses are powerful enough but lack reach. My strategy is to usually slip the opponents, usually longer jab, rush in and deliver the combo. If executed properly, its usually a knockout. Having said that, wI have never gone 100% against anyone.
  3. Thank you for the lovely advice all of you - this has been great.
  4. I take a scoop of casein in either milk or water at night before turning in. I don't think that it makes a noticeable difference as opposed to whey protein taken at the same time. I bought casein simply because there was a buy one get one sale at bb[.]com a few months ago. I like the taste of the ON casein that I take but will probably buy it again iff I get another fantastic sale.
  5. I did rowing twice a week with madcow and pickup soccer once a week. I would focus on rowing 30 minutes continuously, increasing speed bit by bit every session.
  6. I set it down; the bumper plates stop bouncing, then I grip and re-grip again and pull. Of course, this is towards my max 5RM ~455 lbs.
  7. Having said this, due to time and gym hours constraints, I've had to at times, while doing madcow, do 2 days in a row. It wasn't fun but I still hit PR's. I wouldn't advise this at a stretch, but in a non-avoidable situation, will do.
  8. I haven't done Smolov Jr. for squats yet but I did a thrice a week widowmaker program for 12 weeks. I think that on the last day of the program, I was exhausted and extremely relieved (the first time ever!) to be done with a program. I think I didn't squat for another fortnight afterwards. My quads and hip flexors felt like jelly.
  9. I did Smolov Jr for bench for 3 weeks and gained a healthy 30 lb 5RM increase.
  10. I do 5X3 PC's on Wednesday as assistance after 3X3 light squats and 5X5 OHP. Feels very good as a finisher (as if I just did some cardio!)
  11. I am running Texas Method now. I do a pull variation on Mondays after 5X5 squats and bench. Usually, they are either speed deadlifts (3X8) with DO grip to improve grip strength and speed off the floor or rack deadlifts to improve lockout (with straps).
  12. One arm dumbbell clean and presses done for any reasonable set rep combo - 5X5, 3X8, 3X10 will get you huffing and puffing in a hurry.
  13. How about running a typical widowmaker squat program for 12 weeks @3 times a week?
  14. 20 minutes on the rowing machine @2 mins/500 meter split will also be quite intensive.
  15. It certainly felt that way - so many little aches and pains around the hips and shoulders. I was certainly glad that was over! I don't think I am doing that anytime soon. Running a dual Smolov Jr. was quite difficult this summer but nothing like that widowmaker routine.
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