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  1. For the record, my order at chipotle is only $7.30 in total and if I eat there everyday for a month, using the number 30 as set number as most months have at least 30, that is only 7.30 • 30 = $219 a month on food for the whole month, 3 meals a day. Which is better than most. And it’s good food. So I’d say it’s pretty reasonable.
  2. Well then I always aim to be impressive lol! And hey that just means you have more experience! And wise wisdom, some of which I have already heard! Keep it up!
  3. Hey guys! so my weekend was fun! I got some very nice gifts from friends and snagged a few bowls of ice cream (no cake for me, never liked it ha) but I went for a six mile walk in an hour (so about 3 miles per 30 minutes) with a friend, did some body weight work, while she counted out my reps, though I did get her to do some push ups on her knees so I consider it a good day! That was all for fitness so no swim or run but at least I got some distance and some strength in. Hope your week is going well!
  4. Oh geez 5 miles in 19 minutes!
  5. Thank you! Any idea of doing a sort of special birthday workout? I once knew a guy who really pushed himself on his birthday as a way of celebrating for himself before he went out with his family and friends.
  6. Yes! I mean I’m moving out about 4 months and I don’t know if I’ll be taking my Xbox 360 with me but it was 20 bucks and had all the DLCs so why not!
  7. Awww lol I’ve never been called a major badass before I’ll definitely join the PVP!
  8. Amazingly well! Just got back from a run and I’ve been swimming every few days and been doing push-ups, sit-ups and pull-ups every other day. I’m gonna work on an essay for school, I mean play Fallout New Vegas ultimate edition, I mean focus on school, cause I just got it , a little pre birthday treat for me cause my birthday is on Saturday!
  9. @Mr_Willes @Xena @jonfirestar @Charlie_Quinn Well you all certainly are a merry bunch! I wouldn’t go quite far as to Self- diagnosed with RangerBrain tm (probably denial but I’m in school to be a nurse) but I’ve been working on this for a year or two, way back when I was first interested in joining the military but sadly, my kidneys keep me from serving (I have Nephrocalcinosis) (I was going to go in as a W68 but I’m training to be a nurse so it’s not quite the same but I’ll still be helping people) so now it’s just something I like to do to keep healthy and in good shape. It’
  10. Hey thanks for the reply! I know it’ll take a long time, like you said years and not months, but that’s progress. It’ll take years for me to do all that but I’ll get there eventually. Using the army rangers as an example, they train even before they start SFAS, let alone if they even have a high enough score for it. So yeah, it’ll take a while, more than likely a few months and even years, but I’m not looking for a quick fix, some high that’ll last a few months then end as life gets busy, I’m in this for the long haul. I want fitness to be a part of my life, not just something to
  11. Oh my! Thank you, that’s so sweet of you! also I love David Tennant!
  12. Aww thank you! It’s just like, I love chipotle and they’re one of the better “fast food” places and they’re so wonderful to talk to everyday. So win win!
  13. Well hello hello hello old friend! I am, of course, talking about Chipotle. Now I’m on a 5 week weight gain plan, 3,000 calories and at the center of it is one meal, everyday, from Chipotle. My order? A burrito bowl. With both kinds of rice, beans and chicken and steak. And the veggies. And the tomato and the corn. And guac. And Lettuce. It’s gianormous and a whopping 1,385 calories. And that’s just for lunch. For my post workout, it’s a simple shake. 15-20 minutes after workout Post workout shake 16 oz Whole milk 1.5 cu
  14. Hi there I’ve already posted this in a few different places but I didn’t realize I didn’t do it already for the challenge! So here you go! Swimming: - 2-3x a week, 2,000 meters - Wear fins when swimming for half Swim freestyle for 200m, get out of the pool and do 20 pushups and 20 abs of choice. Get back in the water and repeat above ten times. This totals 2000m of swimming 100-200 pushups and 200 abs of choice. This is one great workout for the arms and lungs. Hypoxic pyramid adding the PT at every 100m. Hypoxic- Swim 100m freestyle breathing every 4 strokes and b
  15. So I’ve just started implementing two or three of these workouts below in hopes of cutting my time. Any tips? Workout #1: - Run one mile easy/stretch - Repeat 8-10 times - Run 1/4 mile at 10-20 seconds under current mile pace - Jog slow or walk 1:00 For example, say you are running a 9:00 1.5 mile run = 6:00 mile pace = 90 seconds 1/4 mile run. So you would try to hit these 1/4 mile intervals at 70-80 seconds. Benefits - increase foot speed, and build VO2 Max. Workout #2: - Run one mile easy/stretch - Repeat five times
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