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  1. I haven't been checking in thanks to life's chaos, but I have been hitting my running goals (and about an 80% hit rate on the eating goals). Runs as follows, and I'm thrilled to see the pace improving (even with lots of hills) I only had time for a short head-clearing run last night, but I'm getting into the habit of running regularly again. Even when I don't want to. This week has been insane with work commitments, but when things when to heck last night I knew I'd feel better for keeping my running commitment, even t
  2. Thanks! Two Oceans half marathon, it's not insignificantly hilly 😋
  3. First run - 3.35km with 133m elevation gain (and loss). 28:00 minutes and a pace of 8:14min/km https://www.strava.com/athletes/659978
  4. Hi all Former rebel lured back for the anniversary 👋 While I would normally hang my cape in the Assassin's den, I'm hobbling into the scout's camp this time around because I have a half marathon in about 8 weeks and let's just say that while the carbo-loading has been going fantastically, everything else has not 😂 So my challenge goals are simple: 1. Run 3 times a week with a focus on hill training 2. Intermittent fasting (16/8) with at least 2 veggies per day. https://www.strava.com/athletes/659978
  5. To paraphrase a comment made in the Den: it's not just that I've fallen off the wagon, I don't even know where the wagon has gone Between some personal BS, a heat wave, and a few other factors including sick children I haven't done more than walk in 9 days. Time for a Checkpoint Reload.
  6. Nothing like being a parent, having a couple of hours to oneself, deciding to get some gaming time in, and..... there is a massive update At least it gave me the opportunity (or took away the excuse not to) to exercise. I've collected the next piece of the puzzle in Pandora, and the plot thickens..... Separately, I was reading Steve's article (5 hacks for habit building) and I realised again is that the hardest part is taking it slow. I WANT to do lots of things, or rather, I want to be good at lots of things NOW, but Smart Me knows that if I try to do everything at onc
  7. So I won't deny that I've been a little lax on the exercise front this week, but I'm working on that whole habit forming thing and taking it slow. Did my workout this eve (create a distraction, save the girl), which included burpees. Like, 50! burpees. In 5 sets of 10, but I'm dead. I managed 3 sets, and by the end they were the poorest form you've ever seen. Yeesh yeesh yeesh. No wonder you crossfit guys are ripped.
  8. Last week threw a massive heat wave our way, so I didn't do my strength workouts Wed - Fri although I did get my distance in. Back on the wagon now though, and I did my first "proper" push ups this weekend! I'm psyched. I've also already exceeded my target of 25km deliberate traversal, currently sitting at 32km. Annoyingly I left my fitbit at home today. I somehow don't see myself getting 10,000 steps in between 5 and 10pm. Oh well. Onward and upward.
  9. So in my quest I have just survived being attacked buy scorpions with my arms tied up (those darned religious fanatics going around, hitting people on the heads, tying them up and throwing scorpions at them!). So fun! I've also traversed (run or walked deliberately for exercise) just under 20km since I started this challenged. W00tt w00t, go me Of course, next week Wednesday is international "Ditch New Year's Resolutions Day", but here's crossing fingers I'll still be running away from monsters while trying to discover my mysterious past on the 18th
  10. So it turns out that exercising on the weekend with the little terrors is not so easy. But I managed and got my 3km in and two workouts in. Great day for running today, Gorgeous and overcast.
  11. 5.1km done and dusted, plus 50 push ups. I'm tired, but it was a glorious morning. 3km was on the catwalk next to the sea, and 2km along the beach. Coming back the tide was coming in so there wasn't much nice compact sand, and I was walking/running into a serious headwind, but fun nonetheless. This is a pic of my final turnaround point.
  12. So I didn't get up super early (bad night with the toddler), but I got up on time and went through for my run. I worked out it's the first time in about 14 months that I've actually done a run, and yes, I would definitely be eaten if I were really being chased. I ran one mile in the time I allocated, with two short walking breaks. We'll just call that interval training. Then push ups and arm exercises. I looked at the pics and thought "easy!", arm raises especially. After all , I raise my arms all the time. Well all I can say is ow ow ow ow ow. I couldn't do all 20 reps in one go f
  13. Day 4 of Pandora done and dusted. I've found the camp! Of course then something tried to eat me However another quickie workout with knee highs, jumps, and a couple of jumping jack variants and I escaped! Go me! Tomorrow I have to make it back to camp, which involves either 1.8km run or walk, or 180 knee highs, followed by push-ups and arm workouts. As I'm leaving the kids at home with The Husband (sucks to be him), I'm going to try to leave the house super early, drive to the promenade, and go for my first run in....... well, let's just say that if a post-apocalyptic monster real
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