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  1. Ash Raine kicks open the door

    I'm finally mostly on leave (which is to say I'm on leave/vacation, but there are a few things still outstanding that need attending to - sigh). It's been a stressful work week, but I've been plodding along. I did my BBWW yesterday, all three sets, my written comment on them was "eh", but it all adds up. And the walking is coming along nicely. I'm about to hit the 25km mark for this challenge, which means I get to start earning points for walking I love my FitBit <3 Total score so far: 300 I'm finding that the points idea was nice in theory but meh in execution. I'll have to change things up again next challenge. Final note: handstands are going okay, mini challenge is going well
  2. Ash Raine kicks open the door

    A good but busy few days on the challenge front, but coupled with very little sleep due to sick kids Points score - I've had my veggies every day (+50 points), and I did my body weight workout on sunday - OUCH! legs were still wore from Wed, but I completed all 3 rounds and am feeling much better. +30 points for a total of 240. I've also got my new Fitbit, which is very cool. I find the heart rate graph the most interesting. Also, it turns out I log an insane number of steps chasing after my kids. I was on almost 3000 steps before 8am on Saturday, and I hadn't left the house or even gone outside o_O
  3. Ash Raine kicks open the door

    Ash Raine kicks open the door to reveal.... her first assassin's challenge. \o/\o/\o/ In true assassin style I'm aiming to start to transform my body into a lean, mean, sneak-from-the-shadows machine. Or at least a leaner, meaner, sneakier one I'd like to reduce my body fat percentage and increase my strength, and I'll be doing this through a focus on nutrition, body weight exercise, and walking. Oh, and handstands, because they make me happy. I'll be incorporating elements from my newbie challenge and changing up the scoring to make it more interesting. Quest 1: Strength Following on from my Newbie quest I'm going to continue the BBWW, but upping it to twice a week (Wed and Sat). Scoring: 10 points per round completed. Plus 1 point for each rep over the goal in the third round. Quest 2: Stamina I've enjoyed my daily walks and seeing how far I've walked in the last challenge. For this quest I'll continue to walk everyday, hopefully moving to a run jog wog (walk/jog) for some of them. I'll get 10 point for every km above 20km across the full 4 weeks. I'll also get 10 additional points for every km I run wog. Quest 3: Nutrition Veggie powered! I'll get 10 points for every day I eat vegetables. Defeat the evil sugar overlord: I'll get 10 points for every day I skip a sweet treat. As it is my birthday on Dec 14th I'm not aiming for 100% daily completion (also, I know myself), but I'd like to come out with at least 200 points for this by the end of the challenge (20/28 days) Quest 4: Handstands Daily handstands. Points for every second above 5 seconds on a free handstand, or 10 points for a 30-second hold against the wall. Mini Challenge I've been playing along with the Batman Mini even though I technically wasn't an assassin last time, and have been loving it. So I aim to continue to help track down Gotham's super villains with a sub goal of making a contribution to each villain's capture. <smokebomb> </smokebomb>