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  1. Thanks for the support. Just to close this out: Day 23: 12/19/2017 Steps: 13,136 Day 24: 12/20/2017 Steps: 9,795 Day 25: 12/21/2017 Steps: 11,223 Day 26: 12/22/2017 Steps: 13,377 Day 27: 12/23/2017 Steps: 7,975 Day 28: 12/24/2017 Steps: 7,588 So of all my goals, I successfully completed exactly zero. I did probably get out for walks more than I would have without the challenge. I also got back to deadlifting some, which is good, and didn't hurt too much. But I need to learn consistency in all things. The food part went off the rails early, as the holidays buildup early, and food is a major part. An unrealistic goal given the timing.
  2. 12/18/2019 DL (week1 TM: 387) 45x20 135x10 185x5x2 225x5x2 275x3 290x5 310x5 330x9
  3. 12/17/2019 Bench Day (week1) TM: 256.5 Warmup: 45x10 95x5 135x5 155x5 Work Sets: 190x5 210x5 220x9 BBB 165, 10,10,9,9,7 Bentover Row: 45x15 95x10 135x10 155x10 185x10 185x10
  4. Day: 22 12/18/2017 Steps: 11,622 531 Deadlift day.
  5. Camping in the cold is the best! Most likely there's no one else in the woods. And it's a reason for a big campfire. Your food might freeze, but your beer stays cold. It was deer/gun season, so it was a little discomforting to hear shots while in your tent. Fortunately this time there was no snow, so finding wood was easy.
  6. Winter Camping. Things went of the rails for a few days. Ate lots. Drank lots. Slept in the cold. Sat around the fire. Spent a lot of energy finding firewood. Day 12: 12/8/2017 Steps: 12296 Day 13: 12/9/2017 Steps: 7111 Went on a hike, not very long I guess. Day 14: 12/10/2017 Steps: 6857 Got Back from Camping and stopped counting calories. Also sleeping on the ground got my back to acting up, giving me an excuse to miss workouts. Although I shouldn't have, I was just lazy. Day 15: 12/11/2017 Steps: 9774 Day 16: 12/12/2017 Steps: 10079 Day 17: 12/13/2017 Steps: 4880 Day 18: 12/14/2017 Steps: 12218 Day 19: 12/15/2017 Steps: 11343 Day 20: 12/16/2017 Steps: 5236 Day 21: 12/17/2017 Steps: 6802 531 Bench Workout So haven't done yoga in a while. Haven't made it onto the bike trainer.
  7. Day 12: 12/7/2017 Steps: 9340 Calories: 2000 Couldn't get away at work for my lunch walk. Still did ok. Getting ready for some weekend winter camping.
  8. Day 10: 12/5/2017 Steps: 11835 Calories: 2000 Wt. 236.4 Another day I should have lifted or done something, but decided not to. Not feeling great and having a super frustrating time at work. This challenge is not going well for the exercise portion. I was too ambitious with what my schedule would allow, then some unexepected problems, and it's completely off the rails. I am committed to still tracking and logging everything.
  9. Day 10: 12/5/2017 Steps: 11027 Calories: 1900 Should have lifted, but decided not too. Still feeling sick and dealing with events which I can't seem to get away from.
  10. Day 9: 12/4/2017 Steps: 10755 Calories: 1700 Tough day. Still recovering from a cold and other emotionally fatiguing events. Went to bed early and didn't over eat. So a great success.
  11. Thanks for the encouragement. I haven't met all of my goals for the first week, but I'm trying. Logging it in the forum further encourages me, even when I come up short. 90% is better than 0%.
  12. Day 8: 12/3/2017 Steps: 9913 Calories: 3000 531: Bench Day
  13. Day 7: 12/2/2017 Steps: 3168 Calories: 2400 Felt ill today, so didn't do much, except sit around the house.
  14. Day 6: 12/1/2017 Steps: 10162 Calories: 3650 Alcohol at lunch to celebrate the end of jury duty.
  15. 12/3/2017 Bench Day (week3) messed up and did week 3 instead of week 2 TM: 256.5 Warmup: 45x10 95x5 135x5 155x5 Work Sets: 190x3 215x3 245x5 J 255x3 BBB 155, 5x10 Bentover Row: 45x15 95x10 135x10 185x10
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