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  1. Lueretius battles an apathetic life

    Stand up and be counted 19/1/18 (10) So fell off the band wagon. Life has been pretty crap, my partner has been in and out of hospital. I have very little motivation to keep this going, but I've started to find it difficult to stay calm and not be angry at the slightest thing so I know that I need to get going again. Its times like this I wish I had some close friends to kick my backside into action instead of just binge eating and being a grumpy painful person to be around. Food toast*2 Chicken, lettuce and cheese rolls Exercise none for days and feeling it
  2. So I created an account and character sheet and that was meant to get my life back under control right? Well what use is a character sheet if you don't have quests to improve it on? and what use a sword unless its taken care of. So here I am, offering myself up to the internet gods to try and get some accountability into my goals and take control of my life back from binge watching tv, eating crap food and generally doing everything in my ability to be the person I don't like. My plan is to post here my wins, my losses, my doubts and my slip ups and hopefully I'll find the will power to keep going no matter how dark this dungeon gets. So below are my goals for the year and the posts after are me tracking my way towards them. Be grateful 1/52 I take alot of things for granted without taking time to really think about it or admire it, I'm head down and deal with the next mob to come my way. This is my way of stopping to smell the roses. Stand up and be counted 10/361 I want to post here every day for the rest of the year. I give up far too easily, momentum creates progress stopping creates inertia and its far harder to get started then it is to stop, so if I don't stop I don't have to get started again. Improve my stats Below I'm going to create my own character sheet (using D'N'D 3.5 as a basis) and I hope to improve my stats by the end of the year. I don't have a solid target on this as first I need to work out where I'm starting. I do know that I want to get to my body weight (80kg) in dead lift, bench press and squat. That may be an easy target or a hard target, I honestly don't know at this point. Tome of Knowledge 0/30 By the end of the year I'd like to have 30 books under my belt. Fiction, Non-Fiction, books I've read 10 times and books I've never seen, and if I can manage it I'd like to share this quest with my children. Go with the flow 6/156 In order to improve my will power I must exercise my mind as much as my body and thus meditation is my exercise of choice. With that in mind I am aiming for 3 times a week. I feel like if I can build this habit it will make all challenges slightly easier like getting a permanent buff. Water the Lilly Yes I'm sure this sounds suss but far from it. I know that I get so focused on the mundane things in life, money, house work, work that I don't give my partner or my kids the attention that they deserve. So this quest doesn't have a number, it doesn't have a list, it is an open ended quest to show the important people in my life how much they mean to me. Not in just the big ways, but the small ways, the occasional bunch of flowers (Lilies being the favourite flower in this instance), the impromptu game night and so on. So there we have it, no grey beard giving me quests but something more fulfilling I hope. And while there are other side quests that I will need to complete throughout the year after much thought its these that I know I want to do for me, I want to complete these not to cover rent, not to keep my job, but to improve me.