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  1. I had a two-hour nap earlier this afternoon, and it helped. There may also be an early bedtime in my future...
  2. I will be a bit slow with updates until middle of next week or so, since the dog is priority right now, and also because I'm exhausted. Cleaning up vomit and other fluids, consecutive nights of lost sleep from listening for gagging noises and changes in breathing patterns, is all on my list of Things I'm Supposed To Be Spared Because We Don't Have Kids and while I'm not resentful about caring for our dog, I am very tired and have had a low key headache for days. I have no idea how parents do this, and even less of an idea how anyone who is single does this either for pets or dogs - without Husband's unwavering support and constant presence.... this week would have been a wildfire disaster.
  3. She certainly appears to be. She continues to resist the medications, but she's not fighting it or us very much when we give it to her anymore, as long as we give her chicken right after the pills (which we do, of course, to make sure the pills go down all the way) She also seems to genuinely enjoy her convalescence diet of white rice and bland chicken. Especially the chicken. It's supposed to be boiled without any salt or seasonings, so I save the water after the boiling is done, and use that to make the rice-chicken mix more gooey (since hydration remains a primary concern), and Happy Sidekick eagerly devours this fragrant home made food with all the enthusiasm we could hope for.
  4. A combination of the two, sort of. The inflammation gets better by itself once the stomach calms down and no longer has to digest "tough" foods, and this is achieved by treatments. She has one anti-diarrhea medicine and one probiotic supplement, that we are to give her for seven days (force feeding pills to a nauseous dog is not fun, by the way). The medicine and the bland diet are supposed to allow the colon to rest, which gives it an opportunity to heal from the inflammation.
  5. I meant to update this last night, but I was exhausted and it was a really fucking long day and other things took over. The short version is that Happy Sidekick is back home and doing much better. Long version behind the spoiler.
  6. I spoke too soon. Since I made this post two days ago, Happy Sidekick has still not eaten. Yesterday afternoon she lost interest in drinking water. She is at the vet clinic now, and they are keeping her at least for the day so they can rehydrate her via IV fluids and give her something for her nausea. The initial blood work has ruled out the obvious causes that would have been easy to treat, and they have progressed to stomach x-rays... specifically to try and find either a mass or blooding. There's a possibility this won't end well.
  7. Square 1 is 30 days. I am looking for something that's very easy to be consistent with. There need to be a very low bar for getting that first workout done. I have a couple of candidates. Speaking of consistency, it's not happening today. This morning I woke up earlier than I had intended, from sounds of Happy Sidekick vomiting up large tufts of grass and that set the tone for the entire day. I'll spare everyone the details of spending the morning dealing with intermittent dog vomit, but anyone who has, will understand why the day's routine is off and will remain off. All energy has gone towards monitoring the dog and making sure she's progressing from stomach illness towards stomach stability, while keeping all human emotions under control to avoid freaking the dog out by, well, freaking out. Happy Sidekick seems to be doing much better now (it's been a few hours since the last round of dry heaves), and we are a lot less worried about her. She hasn't eaten large amounts of grass in over a year and this took us completely by surprise. She should be back to normal in another day or so, and in the mean time, we are watching her carefully and making sure she has access to clean water for when she feels thirsty again.
  8. Recover HP (physical health) Sunday: Forgot Darebee, but walked in the evening Monday: Completed Day 21. Ruled out the story driven program types on Darebee. Restore Mana (Mental Health) Sunday; Meditated mid-morning. Monday: Meditated with morning coffee Regenerate Stamina (emotional bandwidth) Sunday: Binge-read/-skimmed a super cheesy series of space opera cyborg romance novels I've read before, for reduced brain efforts. While sipping wine. Monday: Planning a shower spa after typing this.
  9. I've been sharing this in lots of ways lately...
  10. Kishi is right. Replace binge-watching with binge-reading, and you get what I been doing this entire weekend. Sometimes our minds and emotions need this kind of break, and we are lucky to be able to get it.
  11. Technically they are both available options, but I agree that they're not good ones. Could sword zen maybe be an option as well? I'm not advocating using swords on people necessarily, but a series of warm up forms and a kata or three might help at least a little.
  12. Even without the picture this description makes it more than obvious that Miss Cassie is some kind of dog
  13. Actually, this combined with the second half of what you put in the spoiler, means "tragic" is not the correct word. The term you're looking for is "child abuse". Yes, I know that is a very strong term, but locking her away, gaslighting her, and micromanaging her, are all abusive behaviors. I'm pretty sure ignoring/neglecting her and making her feel unwanted unless she behaves a certain way, could be made to fall under in that category as well. No, it's not. You're getting her out of there, one scheduled visit at a time.
  14. Work-life balance is a great goal, and will hopefully help dealing with the promotion stress.
  15. Exactly. It's either concerning because the only people who should get their sleep between 7:30 PM and 3:30 AM are people who actively make that choice for themselves, or because there's deliberate exaggeration/lying happening for reasons we probably shouldn't speculate about. I've always been a fan of actual consequences for people who do the latter.
  16. In addition to the above: Lunch was a bar of dark chocolate. I am now making tea, and getting ready to move on to my next book for the day. I need to take time off from work more often.
  17. Considering who Vivian's mother is, this doesn't surprise me at all. I was too lazy to actually math it out, but now that you have done it for me I want it on the record that I also question this. Strongly. Seconding this, even though I know that you know the importance of getting things in writing already. Especially the parts about schoolwork and transportation. But again, you know this.
  18. Recover HP (physical health) Friday: Ummm.... forgot. Ooops. Saturday; completed Day 20. Also looked at the other Darebee programs to try and decide what to do after. Restore Mana (Mental Health) Friday: Did remember to meditate. Saturday: Will meditate after this post. Regenerate Stamina (emotional bandwidth) Friday: TTRPG day! We got ourselves into what appears to be a pretty serious situation and have until next session to try and figure a way out of it. Saturday: Slept in, and decided to get comfy for a lazy day. Soft t-shirt dress, literally left my hair down, glasses instead of contact lenses, and lots of stretching. And tasty coffee.
  19. They have the same number of hours in the day as we do though. It's a weird and dumb statement because it's not practically possible to enforce it.
  20. Is the therapist actually growing a spine, finally? Wonders never cease! Maybe it's just me, but that amount of time for homework doesn't make sense. With that bed time, Vivian either has homework in only one or two subjects every day, or she leaves school around noon every day, or Hermoine has been irresponsible and let other students use the time turner. (If she genuinely needs 2-3 hours for a standard amount of home work in each subject.... that's maybe something to be concerned about?)
  21. Recover HP (physical health) Day 19 of Square One. Restore Mana (Mental Health) Meditated after lunch. Regenerate Stamina (emotional bandwidth) Evening walk with Husband and Happy Sidekick. Also continuing with the Dragon Quest post-game experience.
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