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  1. Since I am not skilled at crafting and not willing to wait the months it would take me to learn, I am strongly considering utilizing this service: https://www.denimrepair.com/purchaserepairoptions/crotch-repair I've repaired actual rips in the ones that only ripped, but by the third or fourth time that needs to be done to a pair, I feel like it's time to concede defeat. All that said, I spent a couple of hours reading Amazon jeans reviews by women kind enough to provide their height and weight as well as photos of themselves in the jeans, and have gambled on a brand called Wallflower. If they are acceptable, all the above becomes moot. I am very much hoping this will happen.
  2. Ouch on cat coronavirus. Hopefully Phantom recovers soon! Sick pets are exhausting, in a heartbreaking sort of way.
  3. My pumpkin puree was Farmer's Market... I don't remember if there was a recipe on the back, as I used this one. Milk-intolerant people were attending dinner, so obviously I felt obligated to make pie they could eat. Google says the Libby recipe is very similar to mine, from what I can tell. Different kinds of milk, and mine has no eggs.
  4. Packing, stiff muscles, and the universe in general, are not powerful enough to defeat you. They have nothing on you. You just have to make it through five more minutes. After that, there will be another five minutes, and then another, but they don't matter right now. Only these five minutes that we are in the middle of matter. Set a timer for five minutes, and when it goes off, take a few seconds to celebrate the victory of making it through them, before setting the timer for another five. Five minutes at a time. Just five minutes. For someone like you, a badass of your caliber, five minutes are nothing.
  5. Some pumpkin pies are. I have yet to meet a store-bought one that tasted of anything other than cream and sugar with a hint of cinnamon Glad you're feeling better.
  6. Black Friday shopping is complete. To my great horror and sadness, I discovered that my jeans are no longer available on Amazon. The perfect jeans model, that is both flattering and comfortable, is the holy grail of clothing. Nearly impossible to find, and when you do, no one believes you. But I found them! The Levi's 529 Curvy Boot Cut were perfect. Then the model was discontinued, but I could always count on Amazon sellers to carry overstock and I did buy a few more pairs than I needed, just in case. Now, all these pairs are worn thin enough to rip in places that makes them impossible to wear outside the house, so I need new jeans, and the overstock is gone. I have to find new perfect jeans that fit me comfortably around the waist while making my butt and thighs look awesome at the same time. This sucks.
  7. I'm going to try very hard to get back to this. I hate November-December stress.
  8. And getting all those negative feelings out, possibly by posting them to a forum where you know you won't be judged for them, is all a part of the process, right?
  9. That picture makes me want to go find a goose and try to cook it now....
  10. Oh, no, that is very marketable. The Dalai Lama is making serious revenue on selling this exact message.
  11. There was food. Good food. There was wine. There was pumpkin pie. There was bad football. Now there will be much napping.
  12. I completely agree with your conclusion about the book, but not necessarily with the conclusion about the reviews. I think a lot of the 1-star reviews were written by people who have real life problems, and who were looking for help on how to deal with them and find happiness despite life being very difficult. What they got was navel-gazing by a woman who managed to reach her 40s without once being forced to do any self-reflection at all. She is blown away by insights that I and everyone else who were in the book club with me had during the first month of living on our own for the first time, and we were honestly startled at the kind of self-discoveries she made during this year... and seems to believe were somehow remarkable. Anyone who has made a difficult choice at some point in their life has all of the insights she spells out in The Happiness Project. One of the book club members sarcastically commented that based on the discoveries Rubin makes during her project, the book should have been titled "how I finally grew up". (No, that was not me. I was less restrained. ) To give an example, in the chapter about money, she talks about struggling with learning how to stop taking money for granted and the challenge of learning to actually pay attention to what she buys rather than just spend thoughtlessly, and she talks about these problems as if everyone has them and that's what having "money problems" really means. That is the sort of thing that rubs people the wrong way, especially people whose problem with money is that if they had more of it, trying to make sure it was enough for everything they genuinely need wouldn't occupy their every waking thought. I think more than anything else, the resentment and anger in so many 1-star reviews of this book comes from how very obvious it is that the author has never struggled a day in her life, but because she did list exercises in self-reflection, she now knows what struggle is and how to overcome it. The tone of the entire book is also very smug, and often self-congratulatory, so yes, I agree that criticism that the book is shallow and self-centered is spot on, and no she doesn't impart anything mind-blowing that isn't done better by anyone with more life experience than Rubin has. Between the book and the blog connected to it, I was left with the impression that bored mothers with too much money and free time, are the target demographic
  13. That's normal. Questioning your own perspective comes with the territory when growing into something. It'll pass, one way or another. And no rush. Just send me a PM when you're ready, I'll be around.
  14. I suck at that too. I request an absentee ballot, fill it out at home where I can google the candidates at my leisure, and then I put my ballot in the drop-box they keep at city hall.
  15. And one that is demanding of attention and affection, and after receiving it, will curl up and nap next to you. Highly recommend.
  16. Happy Turkey day to all US-based Nerds! Behind the spoiler is a video of my favorite Thanksgiving pageant. It's a clip from a great family movie, about the single greatest movie family ever.
  17. The higher the temperature, and the longer the potato is at that temperature, the more the chemical structure alters. Consider baking them, it makes them delicious. I'm sorry you're not feeling great anymore. Are you factoring in seasonal changes and changes in daylight due to the season? Everyone has some kind of energy drop in the fall, and that could very well be contributing to your situation as well.
  18. This combined the best qualities of both authors and is a masterpiece. Highly recommend. This is a comedy...? Okay, actually, the Muppet Christmas Carol movie is. Also happens to be a fantastic movie adaptation of the book. With awesome music. And Michael Caine.
  19. As a person who is completely out of Epsom salts, and whose primary supplier is out of stock of them, I am madly jealous of your hot salt bath.
  20. This is off topic to what I normally post in your challenges, but as someone who volunteers in local politics, I am so happy to see a person update their voting registration before it's even been a month since the last election. Everyone needs to vote.
  21. Resiliency is a hell of a lot more difficult to learn than Leadership skills, and more difficult to retain as well. Being a badass is not the sort of thing you should describe as "less flattering" when you look back on it and reflect on it. You persevered. Own it and flip off anyone who tries to belittle your efforts. As for being in a Leadership position, and the inevitable impostor syndrome that comes with that, I'm in an unofficial one and I'm still growing into it, but I'm happy to compare notes and brainstorm over PMs if you're interested.
  22. Ouch, I am so sorry you had such a strong reaction. On the plus side, you know your immune system recognizes the virus and takes strong action against it...? I hope you continue to improve, and that the communication session and dog client went well.
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