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  1. The one time I tried pea protein that claimed to be chocolate flavored, I mixed it in hot coffee. The coffee flavor blocked the taste of days-old lawnmower clippings, and the whole thing became a protein mocha, which at the time was fully acceptable.
  2. Health I spent my lunch break at the dentist's office again. This time they took off the temporary cap and put the real crown back on, so no walk during the lunch break. We walked after work instead. Mana Meditated in the mornings. Stamina Coffee in the morning, same amount as before. Pero with milk and honey in the evening.
  3. So you'll be playing on Hard Mode. Bold, brave, and very impressive.
  4. I advice either wearing padded gloves, or aiming for soft tissue while punching. Sipping tea with swollen knuckles takes a lot of the style out of it (also aches more).
  5. Health Monday: Slept in, went to optometrist and got my eyes checked and new prescriptions for contact lenses and glasses. Walked mid-afternoon and committed the grave tactical error of wearing a thin wind-proof jacket instead of the heavy winter coat I should have put on. Brrrrrr! 🥶 Tuesday: Walked at lunch and right after work. Mana Monday: Black tea meditation before optometrist. Tuesday: Meditated with morning coffee. Stamina Monday: Made a liter of Shire Second Breakfast tea since it was my day off work. Then I stopped at a Starbucks on the way home from the optometrist (because they give you a free drink on your birthday!) and had a dolce cinnamon latte that came with two shots of espresso. Peppermint tea for the rest of the evening. Tuesday: Coffee again in the morning. Probably a cup of Pero with honey later this evening. Happy birthday to me! I am officially in my Late 40s, and happy about this. My new goal is to become exactly one year older in the next twelve months. I think it's doable.
  6. Round brushes are for blow-outs, as far as I am concerned anyway. I diffuse with a method/technique I leaned from Manes by Mel. Yes, I have wavy hair and hers is almost coily, but that doesn't matter because the diffuser technique still works just as well regardless of hair type and curl patterns. At least that's what Mel says, and she does hair for a living, so I figured she knows what she's talking about. And whyyyy? I put food in this!! 😨
  7. Or, depending on how you look at it, even less than that. When my anxiety is really bad I set short deadlines for myself, because while a whole day might feel overwhelming, I can keep my shit together for 20 minutes. After the 20 I take a break, then do 20 minute again, and continue the cycle for as long as I need to. Condolences on audit season. I hope it's over for you soon.
  8. Especially because you're the only one who sees it. I hope the hair mask is everything it promises on the packaging! I also hope whatever you got for the ear ringing helps, because that sounds beyond aggravating.
  9. To be on the safe side, a spoiler tag around the link might be a good idea. They sometimes embed with a preview of the contents. And post away!
  10. I wouldn't know. I wet it all the way through with the spray bottle, before applying curl cream/mousse (depends what mood my hair is in that day), then gel, then styling. I dry my hair with a hair dryer though, so impact on drying time isn't that substantial for me.
  11. It might be. I don't really bother to check, since my routine is to make the hair wet again. And that's not because of frizz, that's because gel products become horror shows when I try to use them on towel dry hair, my hair needs to be wet. So I use a continuous mist spray bottle to get my hair wet again, comb through with a wide-tooth comb, and then I do gel. The comb and bottle came from this cheap set at Amazon (which I bought because I wanted the two brushes, and this set was cheaper than buying them individually). My reason for using the towel wrap is the same as Sea's -- I don't want it to drip cold water all over the place. Specifically, I don't want it to drip cold water on me. Brrr! I think I leave the towel on longer than Sea does, but since I can re-water my hair any time I want to, that's not an issue for me. And the curl cream is Not Your Mother's Defining Curl Talk Cream. It has a slight hold on it's own, but not enough for good-looking curls on my hair so I pair it with the gel.
  12. Health Slept in until close to noon (very nice) and went out for a walk almost immediately after getting dressed and caffeinating. It's getting warmer and the sun was nice. Mana I mediated before walking as well. In sight Timer says I have a streak of 14 consecutive days, so I've remembered for two weekends in a row. This is a good pattern and I need make sure it holds. Stamina My tea pot makes about 1 liter of tea, so on weekends I go from about 1,100 ml coffee to 1,000 black tea. According to sources I've checked online, this reduce the amount of caffeine by about half, which is acceptable. My goal is not to eliminate caffeine from my life after all, only to lower my daily intake to the point my caffeine intake isn't actively raising my blood pressure. I realized as I typed that, that I haven't mentioned that I do have a blood pressure meter at home, that I use every day. Unfortunately, after comparing numbers with various medical appointments (dentist and PCP office visits), I noticed that their BP measurements always came in lower than the ones I do at home. I mentioned this to the nurse that took my vitals on my last annual wellness appointment, and she suggested bringing it in for a side-by-side comparison to the meters they use in their clinic. I did, and we determined that my home meter consistently reports a number 10 units higher than their meter, when measuring diastolic blood pressure. Diastolic is the lower of the two numbers, and the one we actually care about and want to lower... so this is a problem. I've continued to use it, as it's the only one I have, and accounted for the error in my log, but I am currently searching for a replacement meter, preferably an accurate one. Recommendations are welcome and would be appreciated.
  13. I would say this depends on two factors. The quality of the substitute work, and how often you expect to use it.
  14. Fair enough. We used the term "relationship" a bit differently there. Congratulations on the lack of frizz! Which gel are you using and what do you like about it? My version of this process is to wrap my hair in a microfiber towel before leaving the shower. Do all the face skin care, do all the body lotion, then unwrap hair and re-wet it down with the spray bottle before applying all the products. I've found an awesome curl cream that also works great for air drying, but I'm still looking for that special hair gel that is great on my hair, and not just okay or good.
  15. ...I may or may not have developed my preference almost entirely on how much easier it is to do makeup without having to work around a pair of glasses..... 😬
  16. Now that I am thinking about it, slowly sipping a drink that it takes a while to prepare in a specific manner, does seem like it would help someone center their mind and focus on the here and now. Hmmmm.
  17. I was introduced to Zenni's last summer, and have had no reason to buy new frames since then, as I primarily wear contact lenses and my glasses are a back-up. However, I have bookmarked the site and even created an account, in anticipation of prescription changes. ...and to use my web cam to see how various styles look on me. Of course.
  18. Health Friday: Lunch break walk. Saturday: Early afternoon walk with H after the quest to restock via Costco Mana Friday: Meditated with coffee Saturday: Also meditated with coffee Stamina Friday: The 1,100 ml coffee I had already prepared to brew Saturday: Same amount of coffee as on a weekday, mainly because getting up early enough to be at Costco when they open means I don't have to deal with my usual weekend thing of sleeping in until noon or so.
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