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  1. Yes, but I'm not tracking my reading at all, since I already do it every chance I get. I have my e-reader apps on my phone, which goes everywhere with me, so whenever I'm standing or sitting still with nothing to do, I read.
  2. My goal was to get rid of books, and it is going pretty well. I have reactivated my account on BookMooch, so I can start listing paper books I no longer have a desire to keep.
  3. I think it was intended to be the latter, with some obvious innuendo thrown in. It's been a while since I've seen the movie.
  4. I have actively tried to do that with meditation, but the lifting she grabbed all on her own. I think if I stop thinking of lifting as "hard work", thinking of it as a self-indulgence will become easier.... or focus on the Flame-soothing aspects, or the way it's my very own relaxing time just for me, or how relaxing and pleasant it is to do stretching/mobility before lifting, and so on. This might be something for an upcoming challenge.
  5. Motivation, schmotivation... just do the metal thing. Preferably while blasting Pantera's "Walk" through the house.
  6. Challenge goals update: 1. I lifted Friday evening. After skipping it on Tuesday, the sooting effects lifting have on The Flame were painfully obvious, at least to me, and despite sleeping only three hours and being emotionally drained, I resolved to go to the gym. Flame-induced exhaustion almost broke my resolve but to my surprise help arrived from a very unexpected ally: Self-Indulgence threw a screaming rage tantrum when I suggested skipping the gym for a second time in a row. That was unexpected, but in hindsight it probably shouldn't have surprised me. Self-Indulgence has adjusted her priorities and demands quite a bit since we're joined The Rebellion, and hasn't actually asked for icecream or binge drinking in a very long time. We may become allies yet... 2. I have a 20-day streak in Insight Timer, which is my longest yet. 3. Kombucha batch 2 was left alone for too long... every bottle tastes a bit vinegary. Lesson learned! I'm monitoring batch 3 closely to make sure I don't repeat that mistake.
  7. You're substituting vertical screen scrolling for horizontal pagination....
  8. So awesome. Congratulations! Aunts and uncles get all the fun.
  9. Well, yes. It's not like complaining or endless talking changes anything, after all. Norrland is a large place, with a lot of variety, both between the northern and southern parts of it, but also between towns and the countryside. The relaxed attitude about how there really is no need to rush or hurry anything is one I miss. The people who live where I live now, sometimes feel like they have neither attention spans or patience...
  10. That sounds like textbook north Norrland mentality. I'm confused about how this either Polish, or somehow not positive...? 🤔
  11. This is good news! The ability has a very powerful impact on your ability to imbibe healing potions.
  12. This is horrifying and mesmerizing at the same time.
  13. Knights of the Old Republic 2: Sith Lords. The screenshot earlier in this thread was of my character with the double-bladed light saber the game made me work hard to earn. Strongly recommended you play with at the very least the Restore Content MOD installed, as the developer was forced to cut a bunch of created and play tested content in order to make deadline and launch when EA had decreed they would launch. Including several completed plot lines and voiced cutscenes. I got my copy of the game from, and there is a sticky in their KotOR forum with links to the mod and instructions on how to install it.
  14. Out of curiosity, how can you tell if the impact is from eating, or from sleeping, stress, or other factors?