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  1. [Sylvaa] Reboot

    DOG PEOPLE DO NOT BELIEVE ME WHEN I TELL THEM THIS HAPPENS Give it a day or so, then ask them their honest opinion on cats.
  2. Laghail Therin on the Peak of Dragonmount

    What? You mean 1 = 3 = ∞ is illogical?
  3. Bean Sidhe Vs Chaos - Back to the path

    Good point. Though since you twisted it into another inaccurate one, a better term might be retwisting? Personally, I think we should have different standard for different people, because we all do have different starting and ending points, but the purpose of those different standards should be to support and help, not to tear each other down. There's no excuse for doing that to someone.
  4. Bean Sidhe Vs Chaos - Back to the path

    That's not twisting. That's the existing starting point. The point of twisting is to find alternative perspectives, but based on everything posted so far, this isn't a new perspective in any way. It's an old and inaccurate one.
  5. JustCallMeAmber eats that frog

    Well, no. I'm a dryad.
  6. Gemma is satisfied with her care

  7. Mike Wazowski: The Mac n Cheese Chronicles, Phase 1

    Sounds kind of badass, actually. "I kind of forgot to pay attention to the plates when I loaded up for squats at the gym yesterday, and I accidentally lifted 600 lbs more than I planned to. Gee, I feel stupid now."
  8. Zeroh, Chapter 1: A Fresh Start

    You need to come work at my local library. When I was there Saturday there was a line to the checkout!
  9. Gemma is satisfied with her care

    I do this as well. I kind of sort of meal plan... every weekend has at least one large cooking project. My problem is that a successful project never lasts very long, on account of being eaten.
  10. Bean Sidhe Vs Chaos - Back to the path

    Ooooh dangerous path. We should not go further down this one... because it ends at this destination: The rest of you out there are allowed to be weak and need help, because you can't help it. You aren't expected to be perfect, because we both know you can't. I, on the other hand, could be perfect if I tried harder than I do now... unlike everyone else in the world. It makes perfect sense to apply higher standards to myself than to all of you. I, unlike you losers, could actually meet them, superior as I am. So let's not go there. Stop being so condescending towards everyone else, and realize you're not actually better than us. The sooner you do, the sooner you'll be able to drop the double standard. I'm good at twisting things around. As for the, "I have no right to complain"... whoever taught you that being unhappy or over-whelmed is the same as "complaining" and isn't allowed, and who continues to enforce that every time they talk to you, is someone you need to eject from your life. Regardless of who they are. Remove the tumor.
  11. Bean Sidhe Vs Chaos - Back to the path

    I must have read this wrong. It looks almost as if you are asking us to forgive you for being a regular human being who is less than perfect, and who occasionally has feelings that benefits no one but herself. That can't be right... if nothing else because if we are going to be fair and consistent and hold everyone to the same standard, that means no one else is allowed to be a regular human being who has feelings every now and then, and that's kind of a shitty thing to do to the rest of us. Alternatively, we can look at it from the opposite direction: If it wouldn't offend you when someone else here has a crybaby moment, then it probably won't offend us when you have one either. Stop apologizing for not being perfect. No one is, and it's not a crime for you to have a moment of weakness, any more than it is for one of us.
  12. Zeroh, Chapter 1: A Fresh Start

    Why not? If it makes you happy, and makes you feel good about yourself, why isn't it allowed to be a big deal? Regardless of what the rest of the world would say, it seems like it was a big deal to you, and that's not ridiculous. It's a little personal maybe, but there's nothing wrong with that. If going to the library and getting yourself a library card so you can check out a book that will help you tackle this very big (and difficult?) thing in your life you're working on, makes you proud of yourself, then own it and revel in it. Brag about it! Now imagine what kinds of great things you will do next...!
  13. Butt Stuff (Deffy # 37)

    Get yourself a good couch-to-5K plan or app, and just follow that. One of those things that makes it a lot easier to get started and keep going is when someone else has already done all the planning and thinking for you. This one is awesome.
  14. Butt Stuff (Deffy # 37)

    Bookmarked. For when my beloved Champion Show-Offs need to be replaced...