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  1. Overheard In The Gym

    Okay, that picture made me laugh so hard I had to stop the treadmill and finish laughing before I could finish my cool down walk. Well played.
  2. Overheard In The Gym

    At the gym right now. As I type this, some poor misguided idiot is doing barbell curls in the squat rack. I thought that was an urban legend.
  3. I started a list, but it became pretty ridiculous when I was at nearly 30 artists/bands, and I was still working my way through one of the genres I listen to... I will listen to nearly anything. My playlist for lifting at the gym currently has Eminem, Five Finger Death Punch, Sabaton, Disturbed, and a few similar bands on it. Evening listening for relaxing and unwinding right now is Boyce Avenue, Imagine Dragons, and a lot of classical piano pieces, mixed with a bit of baroque.
  4. I was actually going to reach out to you and suggest that. I go to the gym between 8:30 PM and 9:00 PM, so depending on which time zone you're in, that should work out just fine.
  5. I do. My husband has a weight bench and a set of dumbbells, and I have a long list of body weight exercises I can do, including yoga. All things considered, I have no excuses not to get a workout in, my big problem is making myself actually doing them. Procrastination is a powerful demon.... which is why I'm going to restart the tutorial, and call in some off-line reinforcements this time around.
  6. Sooo... 1. Walking every day worked out fine. The dog was an invaluable motivator. 2. Going to the gym three times a week - complete fail. Dumpster fires aren't really a good excuse. 3. Not drinking soda - this was a success as well, surprisingly. 4. Buy one pair of work pants and two pairs of work tops - partial win, I bought the pants. Looking at this, I think I need to restart the tutorial.
  7. War of the Walkers [Open challenge Nov 7 - Nov 30]

    Reminder to everyone: Even though the official Nerd Fitness challenge period ends today, this particular challenge continues until November 30th. Walk on, everyone.
  8. Preparing for the long haul

    Especially that second one. Oh, and cast iron pans and skillets who claim to be pre-seasoned and ready to use immediately are filthy liars. There is no such thing. Season it at least twice before cooking with it the first time.
  9. I listen to almost everything. I refuse to listen to bad music. Like Frost, I will return later and provide a list that probably will be pretty long....
  10. Ah yes. The real reason we carry purses - pockets with things in them ruin the silhouette outline, and we can't have that. Women's clothes are supposed to look elegant and classy feminine, and if we have to abandon functionality to make that happen, then so be it. *eye roll* I actually recognize the name Lula Roe, thanks for reminding me about them. I'll take a look at what kinds of shirts and blouses they carry.
  11. Preparing for the long haul

    As you progress deeper into the absolutely wonderful world of geeking out in the kitchen with fun ingredients and exciting new experiments (guess why/how I gained weight? :p) you're going to discover that sharp high-quality knives are much safer to use than dull ones. A dull edge might glance off the skin of your tomato and into your hand - deep, because you were applying more force harder than you would have needed to do with a sharp knife. A sharp edge on the other hand, will go in the direction you expect it to go, and is easier both to control and to predict. What brand of chef knives did you get? If they didn't come with a honing rod, I highly recommend obtaining one for them, and making it a routine to hone the knife before putting it away after each use. Regular honing means you don't need to actually sharpen it as often. Actually, most real chef knife sets come with care instructions. Read them carefully and follow them closely. Good chef knives only stay that way if you take proper care of them.
  12. Juliebarkley is still walking

    I have been toying with the same kinds of ideas. I have the same designated workout days as you do, Friday-Sunday-Tuesday, but last week the only day I made it to the gym was Sunday. I've toyed with the idea of scheduling my workouts in Google Calendar so it gives me reminders and sits there staring at me. And it's a Post of Explanation, not a Post of Shame
  13. Farflight looks near...then far

    Dr Cox is the greatest character of all time. I rewatch Scrubs just so I can watch him and Jordan snipe at each other (I want to grow up to be like Jordan and get away with treating people the way she does. )
  14. Juliebarkley is still walking

    I am starting to have the exact same problem.The daily challenges are easy, it's the ones that require me to do something "x times per week" that I struggle with. Coincidentally, I almost didn't do my walk this morning, but then I remembered I would have to explain why in my PVP thread. "Didn't want to" would have been an embarrassing reason so I went on my walk instead.
  15. Height and the Bench Press

    I don't have that issue at all, fortunately. That said, this sounds like a great reason to use a spotter. If you are working out with a friend, maybe ask them to assist you only with unracking and racking the bar, for safety?