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  1. Shit Warriors Eat

    Nah, I'm pretty sure I can eat all that in one dinner if I try.
  2. Book Riot's 2018 Read Harder Challenge

    We really do. So obviously I claimed all of them.
  3. Jon, Destroyer of Mice, Finds Something to Write Home About

    You realize that means it is up to snuff, right? When you decide your gif game is good enough and you no longer need to work at it, that's a sign you are in trouble and need of help.
  4. courtniemarie's bills bills bills challenge

    For any kind of chocolate. Heat up milk, add unsweetened cocoa, then brown sugar, a pinch of chipotle, a pinch of cinnamon and ginger, and then heat it up slowly. stirring until it thickens. Yummmmmmmm...
  5. Book Riot's 2018 Read Harder Challenge

    I am proud to announce that I finally have gotten around to starting this challenge. I checked out three of my listed books from the library and started with Rebecca this weekend. The movie made an unforgettable impression on me when I watched it back in high school, and I think it's helping me appreciate the book more. The "leading lady" in the book is just the sort of timid and insecure main character that I have a very hard time caring about normally, even more when the story is told in the first person. Somehow, scenes from the movie keep super-imposing themselves over the chapters in the book and actually make the scenes and characters come alive and seem more real, especially when they involve Mrs. Danvers and Maxim. (Though the latter could be due fond high school memories of Laurence Olivier in his prime... ) After Rebecca, it's on towards the Bridge to Terabithia!
  6. courtniemarie's bills bills bills challenge

  7. Broki's Frozen Blight - Warrior Mini Challenge

    You can combine the two. Start in reverse cobra, and at the 30-second mark, move your arms forward to a superman position. As the timer hits 60 seconds, move arms back to reverse cobra position for another 30 seconds, and keep alternating like that. My personal goal is to make it past a full two minutes without starting to cry.
  8. Broki's Frozen Blight - Warrior Mini Challenge

    After looking in Google, that looks like something I can combine with my planks...!
  9. Broki's Frozen Blight - Warrior Mini Challenge

    So holding a Reverse Cobra for however long counts then?
  10. Mike Wazowski: Week by Week

    Actually, sometimes we do. But data sheets and needs analysis notes don't quite have the same ability to transport you into a magical world of wonder and adventure, as the Lord of the Rings or the Dresden Chronicles, to name two out of many examples...
  11. Mike Wazowski: Week by Week

    I would be perfectly okay with this, if not for the tiny little detail of the regular paycheck I need for paying the mortgage...
  12. The drawback to staying hidden underneath branches and leaves for several hours, is that there is nothing to do but think. Think, and remember, and reflect on the past. On the early stages of the game, when it was so much more fun than it is now. Even boss fights used to be fun! They used to be something fun to look forward to… something to anticipate eagerly. Careful preparation for the battle was a goal in itself, and even the grinding was enjoyable, because it had a bigger purpose. And afterwards… After the boss fight, there was celebration and pride. There was genuine joy and a sense of accomplishing something great. There was none of this exhaustion and sense of dread that the next boss fight will be here far too soon. Scalyfreak frowns in the dark, and wonders what why this changed. What happened to make the game a chore and a hardship? What went wrong? What corrupted the game so thoroughly that it simply isn’t fun anymore? Scalyfreak thinks hard on this. And thinks, and thinks, but no matter how many time she tries, she keeps coming to the same conclusion… the game itself has changed. It is forcing her to go in directions she doesn’t want, in ways she does not enjoy. And this is not making sense to her. The advantage to staying hidden underneath branches and leaves for several hours, is that there is nothing to do but think… So this is the big challenge where I make next to no changes at all to anything while I try to figure out where to go from here. My goals are to successfully continue what worked in previous challenges, and to essentially turn those things into (hopefully) lasting habits. 1. Gym three days a week. Between injuries and illness I lost the habit of working out three evenings every week, and I need to get back to that. I’ll never get back to Stronglifts until I do, and it’s better for me in every way to visit the gym and commune with the weights on a regular basis. 2. Keep up with the other challenges I’ve joined. I’m currently in three additional challenges, Walk to Mordor, Read Harder, and the guild mini challenges. I already walk every day, I enjoy reading already, so the one that might actually be difficult is the mini, since I don’t know what the upcoming challenges will be about. This will be my one attempt to push myself this challenge period. (In theory, at least.) 3. Do at least one thing every day just because it makes me happy. This can be play or walk with the Happy Sidekick, or meditating, or writing in the gratitude journal, or taking a bath, or eating my favorite dairy-free ice cream, or playing a new game, or watching one of my favorite shows on Netflix, or bake something, or snuggling with Husband, or whatever else I want. And that is it. Basically continue doing what I was doing towards the end of the last challenge, to try and get some stability and to give myself time to figure out what I need to do to make future challenges work better.
  13. Mike Wazowski: Week by Week

    I have that problem as well. Unfortunately, when I read in the mornings I loose track of time and stop being in time for work. It's quite the conundrum...
  14. Broki's Frozen Blight - Warrior Mini Challenge

    We're approaching 4,000! I think we should all work on the assumption that Ran gains additional powers if we go far enough above our goal, and chug water like crazy.
  15. Juliebarkley gets a job

    All in all, a replacement charger is a cheap fix compared what else could have been wrong. And good job on the challenges! It sounds as if you are slowly spiraling into Underpants Gnome territory with the online work... is it a matter of deciding on a direction? That can be both frightening and difficult.