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  1. scalyfreak

    First Time Challenger: Ellywick

    I found meditation was very challenging when I first started, but gradually it became easier.There was never an aha!-moment, it quietly snuck up on me and one day I just realized that I was feeling so much better than I had, and I realized it was because of meditation.
  2. scalyfreak

    Mike Wazowski tries some process goals

    Everyone has faith. Religion does not have a monopoly on that concept My faith says that since you have value because you are a person, then so do I. Internalizing that was the beginning of the prologue of the story of how scalyfreak improved her self image.
  3. scalyfreak

    JustCallMeAmber's unnamed challenge

    No.But I have been known to wildly wave my hand back and forth to try and add steps that way...
  4. scalyfreak

    Grumble Steals a Century (in miles)

    Well, in theory it could also be trying to tell you not to eat a big meal right before crossfit class...
  5. scalyfreak

    WhiteGhost Goes Backwards

    Have there been studies on this? Was there much bitterness from the control group?
  6. scalyfreak

    Bardic Garlic Prepares for Asgard

    Earlier this week I was posting in someone else's thread about how difficult it can be for us to remember that it actually is okay to slow down and take it easy with we are sick or injured. It's only a bad habit if it stays with us after the injury/illness has healed. Anything related to the jaw or teeth is horrendous and makes life utterly miserable. Give yourself a break.
  7. scalyfreak

    Mike Wazowski tries some process goals

    Yep, all of this sounds very familiar. I'm 20+ years away from high school and appreciate the lack of people like that more and more every day.
  8. scalyfreak

    Grumble Steals a Century (in miles)

    That is what happened to my knee a year ago, except much worse. Very smart not to push it! It took me months to heal.
  9. scalyfreak

    Kwesadilo moves more than 3 feet at a time

    If you're starting from right now, you can start plugging numbers into a tracking app, and it will track and graph for you. I use Progression.
  10. scalyfreak

    Harriet's Year of Transformation: Act V

    Yep. It's basically an isometric leg lift, but you focus on involving your leg muscles more than your abs. The abs will get themselves involved automatically once you go beyond a certain angle anyway. Wall sits was another exercise that was a part of my rehab, and damn do those hurt. Quiet, you. We don't care about semantics and using the correct words in this conversation! In addition to this, I find that doing pushups are a really good way to remind myself how neglected my core muscles are... they're the ones holding my upper body in a plank position, and they just can't keep up.
  11. scalyfreak

    Farflight wants

    You're injured though. Yyou are obviously not expected to be a barbell beat while your back is hurting.
  12. scalyfreak

    Bigm is still here

    Now you're just being weird.
  13. scalyfreak

    Harriet's Year of Transformation: Act V

    If you lay on your back and lift your legs from horizontal up to 45 degrees or so, you can involve the quads and everything else at the front of the leg as well. It was one of the rehab exercises I was given after my knee injury, to help me strengthen the muscles around the knee.
  14. scalyfreak

    Mike Wazowski tries some process goals

    Exercise of any kind is still good though... we just need to find what works for us.
  15. scalyfreak

    Brogo Sucks It Up Stoic Style

    I did this a few months ago, and I heartily recommend it. I looked for an organisation that was openly working to further a cause I believe in and care about, and signed up to volunteer. Last challenge period, attending volunteer events was one of my goals, and I have another one coming up next week. We go to the state capitol and tell legislators what we want them to care about and why they should help our cause. It's surprisingly fulfilling and fun.