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  1. Come one, come all... it is time to play football! This kind: The league is open to anyone in the NF Rebellion who wants to join! Running the league together are my very own self, the Freak With Scales, and the noble Warrior @Grumble. Meaning, I have fun posting happy near-nonsense with pictures, (while calling it "outreach" and "PR") and he does all the actual work in the background that actually makes the league work. To get an invite, post here to let us know you want to be in the league, preferably by tagging one of us. Do not post your email address in this thread! One of your friendly neighborhood commissioners will reach out to you and make sure you get a league invite. We need a minimum of eight to get a league going, and we have about three weeks to get organised, draft, and set our lineups. We're on Yahoo Fantasy, which is completely free whether you have an account or not. Draft details, scoring system, roster rules, etc, will all be posted once we know we have enough people to start a league, and the draft draws nearer. And no, your team cannot be the Sons of Slytherin. That name is taken!
  2. scalyfreak

    [MaD MaLKaV] tries being a Warrior

  3. scalyfreak

    Grumble find refuge in his Eleventh Hour

    I think it would be weird not to be nervous about seeing a therapist. Most of us do it for a reason that unsettles us to begin with, and the idea of sharing that unsettling thing with a stranger probably isn't comforting. I would suggest going with gut feelings and paying attention to first impressions. What feels comfortable early on is very likely to remain comfortable through several sessions.
  4. scalyfreak

    Scalyfreak reaches for the Power of Greyskull

    From the description, that's it. When I didn't find it yesterday I just entered Barbell OHP, and moved on to creating my workout schedule. First workout is tonight, so we'll see how it goes...
  5. scalyfreak

    JustCallMeAmber stuff and nonsense

    Is there enough interest to start one here on NF forums? I am absolutely and totally in for playing fantasy football with this awesome group of people. I have withdrawals. Seriously.
  6. scalyfreak

    Brovatar Korra Masters Metalbending

    I had to get that out of the way, or your thread title would have distracted me this entire challenge.
  7. scalyfreak

    GK lifts weight to shift weight

    You are way ahead of me then. I envy and salute you!
  8. scalyfreak

    Scalyfreak reaches for the Power of Greyskull

    I like the app interface... but I was surprised and disappointed to discover that the barbell overhead press wasn't in their exercise database. That's just weird. After attempting to plan out the variant, I am starting to be a bit frustrated myself. "Alternate these two workouts with these three different ones". Um... what? So I have decided to tweak it until it is super-easy to program into an app and just do. If you have a Greyskull variant you really like, please by all means share. I'm curious! Also,
  9. scalyfreak

    Blocky Visits Dimension C-137...

    I'm starting to think you post this whenever you disagree with me and you don't have a good argument for why...
  10. scalyfreak

    Grumble find refuge in his Eleventh Hour

    Um... sorry? I didn't either until the one I started seeing a few weeks ago mentioned it during the "here's what you can expect" intro to our first session. She said she wanted me to be comfortable speaking up if I felt like we were a poor fit in any way, and said if that happened, she would help me find someone else to talk to. (Nope. I like this one.) Nonsense. I'm just going to stroll calmly behind as you run off...
  11. scalyfreak

    Scalyfreak reaches for the Power of Greyskull

    Last day of Zero Week, and everything is set and ready for Week 1. HabitBull has been configured to do mindfulness three times per week, and gym visit three times per week. The modified Greyskull workouts will be pretty simple, though I need an easy way to track them. I'm looking at the various free apps available on Android, and trying to decide between them all... recommendations would be very welcome. I have my pen-and-paper lifting journal, but I dislike carrying a bunch of stuff around with me on the gym floor. Tracking on my phone is definitely preferred since it's there anyway. Now back to doing things that distract me form the fact I have to face Stress Monsters at work tomorrow...!
  12. scalyfreak

    Smith Machines - yay or nay?

    I have always felt the opposite. The Smith machines doesn't have the built in safety pins that a real power rack does, at least not the ones I've come across. They're great for inverted row though.
  13. scalyfreak

    Elinox Becomes A Spartan

    When I travel for work, I frequently find myself with a hotel room as the only available fitness facility. Effective and versatile programs that don't require any equipment would be a godsend. First glance on that site is promising... I'll investigate in detail before the trip in September. Thanks!
  14. scalyfreak

    Elinox Becomes A Spartan

    Following this largely so I can learn more about Darebee and see what that is all about.
  15. scalyfreak

    The Return of the Grymm

    What!?! That is NEVER a waste of time! I have no idea who you are, but welcome back!