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  1. Nak here This is my second challenge and the first one I'm posting on the Monk topic; if I get lazy shame me into being not so lazy. If anyone's interested my discipline is Muay Thai. Anyway, on with the challenge. Goal 1: All eight limbs Last challenge and the break between that and this one were the opportunity for me to rebuild the fundamental skills of Muay Thai after a year of being lazy with inconsistent training. My first goal is to continue to develop those skills to reach and surpass my previous level. The best way to do this is through consistent Muay Thai training, that means: Bagwork at least once per week (preferably twice) Technique training once per week Padwork once per week Sparring once per week A little shadow sparring every day (even if it's just a few minutes) Goal 2: Powerful body, powerful strikes When two fighter's clash it's always in the first instance an issue of skill, but to think skill alone is enough is a fatal illusion. A fighter's body has to be powerful and it has to endure the pain from without and the pain from within. We all know what this pain from within is: when your heart's pumping battery acid, you feel like the next time you move your legs they'll send you crashing to the ground and your lungs can't take in enough oxygen to fuel your body. So while you're fighting the external enemy you're also waging a full on war with the internal enemy, your own weakness. To help me win this war, on top of the workouts in the training sessions outlined above I'm using a variation of the "Good Behavior" program from Convict Conditioning, except with ab wheels and my own core circuit in place of the leg raises variations he recommends (my doorway pull up bar makes hanging leg raises awkward). Additionally I'm throwing in a circuit of burpees every single day. Doesn't matter if I have training later, if it's midnight, if I feel like I might die. If I can drag my carcass out of bed I do these burpees EVERY SINGLE DAY. Additionally I like to run a little bit because it clears my head so I want to do that at least once per week. Goal 3: No shame in pride I need to drop 2-3 kg (depending on if I've been to the toilet!) to get back down to my fighting weight. Once I'm there my goal is to stay there and continue losing as much fat as possible and replacing that with muscle to get ripped. The logic of this is twofold: firstly a fighter in a Thai match should try and have as little excess fat as possible. Secondly I'm going to Barcelona soon and I want to look sexy as fook (no shame in pride I tell you). Train well, fight well. I welcome any input you guys might have. Nak out
  2. Hi I've noticed that my shoulder development is pretty poor compared to the rest of my upper body. I was wondering if people could recommend based on experience the best bodyweight exercises for developing the traps and delts. I currently only really do pike push up variations that target the shoulders. Thanks