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  1. Was away last weekend so I couldn't report here. I'll just do second and third week at once. Week 2: yoga 2/2 cooking 0 no screens after 9 6/7 Week 3: yoga 1/2 cooking 1 (an apple pie) screens 7/7
  2. Well thanks for all your messages of support ^^ I'll follow online videos, from the Youtube channel Yoga with Adrienne. Classes aren't really practical for me. I think I'll do that for next week, it'll make it easier. Thanks for the advice So this week... yoga 1/2 cooking 0 no screens 5/7 To be honest, I am kind of disappointed in myself. I was kind of depressed and not really motivated. But I'll do better next time! Sooo, next week I will... - do yoga on Monday + Friday before going to sleep -set myself a reminder at 9pm on my phones - research the recipes I'd like to try and write them down + maybe look for ingredients? - update this post more often to keep myself on track
  3. I'll keep everything very simple for this challenge, as I don't want to get overwhelmed with too many things at once in the beginning.I just want to do these things for the moment: do yoga twice a week : because it makes me feel awesome in my mind and body. I'll try to do it in the evenings or in the weekends. cook two new meals : I live with my parents who cook most of the food I eat. Learning how to cook will a) prepare me for the Adult World and make college easier/healthier, b ) make me more aware of the food I eat no screen after 9pm : I have to wake at 6 every school day and if I don't sleep enough the day is horrible. Plus I want to make some time for meditation, relaxation, introspection at the end of the day
  4. Thanks! I'm not an actual witch, I just like them both in the real world and in fictional universes. Because they're cool. And there's also that song that I like ...
  5. Hi I'm new on the forum! I've bought the access to the academy a few months ago but I fell off the fitness wagon some time ago. So I'm respawning and doing things a little differently. I've been in the Facebook group but it didn't really work for me and I think I'm leaving Fb anyway so I'll be here now. I'm trying to get into fitness for mental health reason mainly. I just makes me feel better about myself and life in general. I've had issues with exercising because of sport lessons in school that taught me that Sport = Pain + Shame but I am slowly unlearning that now, thanks to NF and the Zombies Run app that I also really like. I mainly walk, run and do yoga.
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