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  1. Amazing thanks for the great feedback everyone! I really appreciate it. I'll do some more fixing & post more videos soon.
  2. We didn't end up doing any jump throughs in class at all ironically.... I'm going to do some work today at home though instead. Yeah let me know how you get on with the splits videos - the yoga flow one is pretty intense, I don't always make it to the end! I've also found this guy SO SO good... this splits video looks great, gunna try it this week...
  3. Hiya, I've never had anyone look at my form because I lift at home... I'm sure I'm doing a bunch of things wrong & would really appreciate your opinions. Please be kind! Deadlift OHP Squat
  4. Today's Update. Food's going not too bad. I visited a friend last night & was out for dinner today so it's been tricky to eat what I want & log things properly. I've scraped through by bringing protein bars in my bag, but I prefer to get my macros with real food when possible. Appetite's managing to keep up pretty well though! Added 1kg on to my squat yesterday which is encouraging! I've just done a big de-load & am working my way up again so I've not broken any records yet, but I'm smashing the reps so I'm pretty happy about it. Stretches are going well. I haven't photographed my splits for ages but today on the right side today it definitely felt more relaxed & it's getting easier to hold my hips square as well. Yoga class tonight so we'll see how my jump through holds up!
  5. Hey! Just stopped by to say hi. Loving the art challenge, do you post any of your work?
  6. You're so right on the aggression thing - I used to play Roller Derby so I thought I'd ace it but but it's totally different when you're fighting someone - also in Derby the aim is not to hit your own team mates lol. I was pretty good at the humility side of it, but I'm happy the GRRRR side is developing too. My teacher definitely noticed the difference on Sunday - he actually commented on it so I'll take that as a win! Next time we do sparring I'll let you know how it goes. Thanks! I'm doing Greyskull at the moment. I actually started lifting a couple of years ago with 5x5 & then abandoned it for ages. This time I re-evaluated my goals a bit, I wanted something with a little bit more focus on size as well as strength some hopefully it's a good compromise. I'm just using a routine I got off Reddit, pretty basic but does the job so far... After I started plateauing I knew my nutrition wasn't right & was so confused by all the different advice, so I paid a nutritionist to come up with a plan for me & it's really helping, even though I feel like I'm single-handedly solving the food mountain issue! What about you - do you follow a programme as well? What martial arts do you do? I don't know any other people my size who lift so it's great to meet you! Thanks for stopping by, I'm gunna go stalk your thread now p.s. Thanks for the lego. Currently completing lego jurrasic park with my boyfriend so I'm just seeing lego everywhere!
  7. Yeah, I'm trying to be philosophical about it! Getting my nutrition sorted has already helped a bit & I've only been eating more for a couple of weeks, it's hard though! Just left a half finished bowl of pasta on the table lol. I don't know RedStone - I'll pop over & say hello :-) Hammer fist is fun! Now I've got the mechanics down a bit better the boxing side of things is definitely my favourite. I never thought I'd be able to throw a punch so it's pretty momentous for me. Also getting air on the kneeing makes you feel like a superhero!
  8. Weird but true! I can do them on both sides but only if I'm either leaning forward or sitting up. Lying down I can't do them at all. Bodies are weird.
  9. It really really depends on your boyfriend & his personality, but what worked with getting mine interested was just leading by example. He had his own reasons for not being interested to start with, but when I kept at it & naturally was going to talk about how I enjoyed it, how I felt great etc, then he started to come round to it on his own terms. You can't make people make lifestyle changes, & fitness is something that takes a lot of work, so if someone's not motivated by themselves they're never going to stick with it. Just do your thing & be happy & share that with him. Maybe leave some websites open about how exercise reduces stress!
  10. TBH I find the hardest thing about sparring is being the attacker! We learn so much about how to stop attacks but not much about starting a fight/how to be the aggressor. I've not been doing it very long so maybe that's something I'll be taught once I'm a bit more skilled - we have learnt some knife attacks so we can help each other practice, but I find it's a really difficult mental shift to be the 'bad guy'. This actually came up in a class not long ago & our teacher said that obviously there might be times when you choose to pre-empt a fight if you literally can't get out of it & want to get your hits in first. So far everything we've learned is reactive though.
  11. Reading this I though I'd have a go since I've never tried in my life. Turns out I can do about 90% of one pullup which I'm pretty happy about! My eyes were level with the bar going from straight up arms. Don't really know much about form etc, but I think I might add them in to my workouts. Any tips welcome!
  12. Oh God I feel your pain. I'm from the Westcountry but live in Derbyshire - some things get lost in translation. I'd be up for a meet up though - live in Buxton but often work in Leeds so I might be about. Haha getting contentious! I work in Stockport often & I got told off for saying it was in Manchester. You have to be careful what you say around these parts! Not to mention all the people claiming to be from Cheshire to sound posher lol.
  13. Wow that is so great! I'm really impressed that you decided to start early - sometimes I the best way I know I'm ready for the next step is when it kind of happens organically like that. Sounds like you got this!
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