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  1. Cheetah's workin it slow and steady.

    I missed your deadlift Pr's wow! you are killing those numbers. soon you will have to buy whole cars; just to practice the deadlift..
  2. Skywalker Enters the Final Battle

    Woo!how lucky is that! I wish I could get my salary doubled!
  3. Airykah13 Can't Think of a Clever Headline

    just read up on orangetheory wow! that sounds intense.

    Just for that Seraphina, I should climb my little hill 4times. that would be 2miles I guess- so your experience would still be more hardcore... you can't beat the mountains for steep climbs! well, at least you CAN get the elevation gain on these little hills. I remember trying to calculate the elevation gain on my 100mile walk. its like 7000 feet! maybe at work I have the exact number. but the point is that long walk does walk up and down a lot of hills. I have to be prepared for that... --------------------------- I have pics from the weekend. Hearts Content! you've all heard me talk of it... I didn't get my own picture though (until now) Note that this kind of tree is called a White pine. There are three kinds of pine/coniferous trees in Hearts content. This kind of tree (white pine). I'm pretty sure its NOT virgin- but there are huge white pine trees in the old forest section. this tree though is pretty and near the start of my walk this is an internet pic, to show a cool different kind of tree in hearts content. when the depression hit in the 30's lots of people were looking for work. FDR realizing that getting men working created work camps that made campgrounds, built things and planted trees. This I think is called the red pine. its not native but exists in 2 large plots the CCC planted near the start of my walk. I love walking through those. they are dense; so you don't have a lot of brush to contend with. The Third TYPE of coniferous tree WAS actually the most common. Eastern hemlock were nearly everywhere in the virgin forest... but they had a chemical (tannin) valued for tanning leather. that combined with their virgin size and strength meant that Most were cut down. there's a few areas in Hearts content with a lot of virgin Hemlock; but this trail walks outside the older portion of HC- meaning still lots of hemlock but they are quite little. the trail literally follows an old logging railway grade. you just knew this was going to involve rocks, didn't ya? Saturday there was snow... by sunday night I swear that wasn't one flake in the whole county. anyways the start of a little tiny stream under a rock with glistening ice. ( I think They were melted by sunday too) This is why I named this bunch of Rocks "green moss"- somehow a few of these rocks were SO green and mossy. it was Beautiful in the early morning light (saturday). ----------------------- also Woot! on Indoor climbing today I finally got Route #4. thats a really hard overhanging route. I was working on it for awhile and finally I've progressed to the point of (barely) climbing it. there's only 5 routes on the wall so there's only more one route to master. once you can do #5 it is all about climbing the routes grace and speed. I do truly hope I can go climbing outside soon. I've emailed a few people and as of yet no one has mentioned a first climb of the year. all I can do is email. try to be enthusiastic without seeming grasping and turning people off. climbing involves a certain amount of trust; as one person (belayer) holds the rope of another. the belaying literally has the other guys life in his hands; esp during a fall which happens often when you climbing hard routes. so I understand the desire to be careful with a Noob asking to join a climb over the internet.
  5. Nymeria Takes the Shortest Stick

    going through tough stuff with a good attitude might NOt feel heroic, but really you could have a really negative awful attitude. so by being positive and dealing with it well... we can only say that this is a very inspirational thing. certainly, the universe has been poopy with you respect to anyone having to deal with cancer. it will probably happen to most of us; but It is a hardcore difficult thing to deal with.
  6. Skywalker Enters the Final Battle

    IT is very hard to find the time to follow many threads. but I remind myself that with some people I am pushing back the anonymity of the Internet. we've talked so often and persistently that I truly consider people as genuine friends. that's a real wonderful feeling. without a doubt, being an actual receptionist would not be like having friends. instead, you become the voice of your employers business. and you deal with problems and perhaps unhappy customers. the point is not mutual inspiration and encouragement. OTOH I like to think friendship is a little like that irl anyways. nobody takes a job of being a fulltime friend. instead friends encourage each other and share common interests.
  7. Maigs Rambles

    Yeah. my group just disbanded too.... (my daughter was a big part of the group and she just headed back to college) I've got a level 4 druidy wizard elf stuck in the moutains on the edge of an unvoiced and possibly epic adventure. I'm going to miss the game. it was my only experience and I really enjoyed it. my fav moment came when we riding along a caravan of stuff; our group was being attacked by wooden monsters; cause everyone was distracted I made the sudden decision to hijack my wagon putting the drivers to sleep with a spell and raid it. In a couple turns I had gotten a piddly little amount of loot and was heading into the hills before anyone could rush after me. we were in the company of a palladin that was tormenting the characters with preachy sermons and lengthy drills. Good exp! but tedious. everyone took their turns grousing about the palladin. so, with the wagon rolling away from the fight everyone was laughing about my decision. good times!
  8. Annyshay - Concerning Ents

    anyways, I love the way you are bringing to real life @oromendur, sadly good people (or people we think as good) have perpetuated some sad tragedies. we think of the American Colonists as good People that made a Nation based upon freedom... but we ignore that sad ideal of freedom didn't include the blacks or the Native Americans.. the people they enslaved and those they exterminated. There are sadness and tragedies ofc in tolkiens world. I just rather like how he personifies it with the mighty Morgoth and his Apprentice, Sauron. As a people we've always put a personal face to good and evil (leaving the whole issue of religion, aside). Tolkien does it more completely. no one in Middle earth can ignore the reality of Sauron or the evil races of the goblins and the orcs. There is a seperation of good and evil in his world; and corruption becomes more black and white. It is obvious to the reader when someone like Saruman or Deneathor becomes corrupted. as aragorn says when challenged by Eomer; Aragorn needs no permission/authorization to hunt the agents of an evil power. Eomer, we are left to guess, knows this to be true even as his king is being bent into a more evil path. corruption is a huge theme in Tolkien's whole history. so you may take it as irony that in tolkeins world good people usually do good things until they get corrupted; whereas in real life, real people are never that purely "good" I think it just illustrates the ideal of the concept; and perhaps a guiding principle in his book. ---- as a last word to this, in his prologue Tolkien warned his readers that he hated symbollism and deep allusions to philosophy in fiction. (at least thats how I read it) so we might be on very thin ice about philosophizing about good and evil in his story. perhaps there is all just an artistic randomness; and I am reading my thoughts (and philosophy) into his story. if so, sorry... It is a very fun thing to do a little fan fiction, though.
  9. JonFirestar Getting Dirty in May

    ha. yesterday was my tired day. personally as a fellow athlete I rather hate those kinds of days. the body should be building muscles, building its carbs, repairing any ligaments/tendons,etc. all that is wonderful. Adaption to beneficial exercise. so why does it all act like its dead and dying? BTW, your a good guy to even run feeling like that. woot! my biggest grumble about my current program is the nice hardcore hikes leave me feeling very fatigued and tired for the next 24-48. I then inevitably wait it out. That makes a heck of a hole in my training program and from the vantage point of my 100... (After 25 miles one day... AND 50miles the other- the body MUST get some rest and get ready to tear up the last 25.) so surely I'll be feeling exactly as you are saying. Dead tired/fatigued and out of energy and I will need to be hardcore and hike on that. I fear I'm being too lazy with recovery days. I'm not a Newb at the hiking. I don't need to give little 25 mile up all night walks like days upon days to recover.

    no worries. you still beat the pics. technical problems! a few challenges ago it took me like 1.5weeks and 2 additional walks just to get good pics of an epic walking adventure

    woot! I'm back. thats a hill, yes it is! it took me 15:05 minutes to climb up 580 feet. from the road to the rocks. and Yes, there were rocks up there! I thought there was... the route was to cross a tiny little stream and clambor up- sometimes on hand AND feet- to a scattered bunch of 20' cliffs. at the top; the stream falls off those cliffs in tiny beautiful little waterfalls. not sure this is a year-round occurance or only because there was recent snowmelt. anyways; I called these rocks the "clinging" rocks cause the brush and trees seem to cling to them. they were less the big broken up boulders some places are... I walked down the valley sometimes pushing through brush but keeping to a flatter edge between the cliffs and the steep hill. the hillside turns inward towards a little ravine and the woods change. the grade becomes gentle; the clawing clinging brush dissapears and the forest becomes pleasant oak forest. i think these are are called red oak, since everything seemed to became a most beautiful hue of sienna. another group of big boulders at the top of that; "brown Oaks" ( I name all the rocks I find. its a wierd hobby of mine). and a nice little ravine where a fast roaring stream goes down the hill. thats far enough! I walk diagonally down the head, winding my way through huge tumbled boulders; to get back to my car. I'm just above a couple houses and I avoid getting any closer- they've posted their land. but as I carefully work my way upvalley to my car I stayed on public property the whole way. thats nice! that means I can walk that steep athletic route anytime I want. maybe next time I will go "up the river valley" and see if there are even another groups of rocks up there. I think there is! I love seeing these beautiful big boulders. Again no pics. sorry. maybe I will go back and get pics another day.
  12. Mediaguy99 makes a run for it!

    food IS tricky. I dont' know if I should admit it. but myself; I've drastically cut back on the OBVIOUS sugar sources (candy, donuts, etc) but left the rest of it alone. I exercise as much as I can* and seem to be losing weight. I think you guys/gals that are working on strictly controlling the macros are beyond fantastic. (* well... I guess I could do better. but I'm trying...)
  13. jstanlick runs and survives

    hang in there. you sound like your north of me; spring has sprung in Pennsylvania. finally we are beyond snow (I hope). and there's no better time to gear up for running in the early spring before the heat gets oppressive. as for you coaching... you sound like a great coach. I empathize with the kid that got knocked down, but beat the kid that did that! very occasionally, life is fair. and you really can beat the bullies.
  14. Salinger's eleventh challenge!

    Woot go Lizz go!!! make sure you let us on your whole c25k experience. do you have a cell phone app for it? I did mine without one. that can be a little tricky ; always staring at your watch to figure out when you start running and when you stop and walk. but is Def doable. I think the way most cell phones do it; is they beep when you start running - count down ( or whatever) and beep to stop. I'm sure someone (and maybe many people) here on NF has downloaded the app and done it proper.
  15. Salinger's eleventh challenge!

    This is EXACTLY why I've signed up for my big summer events. stuff like that Motivate me! a little 5k running race would be great, just make sure you give yourself enough time to do and finish the c25k ( I think most apps do this in about 9weeks ). and you might think of and finding a good place to run, too. finding a place where you feel comfortable to run is important. they have a little bike/running path in my town and I used it whenever the weather allowed it. my spot for (too wet/snowy) bad conditions was my gym. many gyms have a track you can run on.