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  1. Lots of Winning in the post! so your training up for an ultra? awesome! when you were describing your group run- I empathicized with the slow pace. Now that I'm tackling my first marathon I'm so SLOW recently! but then. when one pushes distance what the alternative? getting Hurt (I suppose!) so... bring on the slow pace and we'll go the distance!
  2. First of all, I meant to tell you that your mountain walk was incredible. I LOVE That vista! wow so beautiful. I LOVE how you share hikes. ty anyways. yeah the fight is SO real. I feel like a lot of time bad days tend to follow each other; and motivation can be SO hard to find; day after agonizing day. workout after workout. then, all is better with the world and I find myself on track. Alas that , right now at least, I'm struggling. but we rangers, we never quit! right? regarding the SHOES... somehow its seems much harder to run in "street shoes"... but. I have done it! in fact I've even run in boots. I figure that if your running shoes are pretty worn down like mine are; maybe there's not that much difference but I urge you to consider running anyways. the determination to run will carry over; when you are able to replace the shoe and again get a little extra spring (and cushion!) at each step. IMHO; you should just take it easy with distance and pace if your running in something besides running shoes....
  3. NO def not stupid, in the middle of THAT yeah-- the timing might be off. I've always felt these kinds of issues are little breaks from doing too much too fast. still think though the idea is awesome, though. and I hope you do it. you can get exercise many different ways; but in hiking you get good fresh air and a break from your urban existence. Great natural sights and sounds; not just mere exercise. also grab a sketchbook! lots of things to draw. I've been working very hard on trees specifically and its quite the challenge!
  4. TGP

    I'm awake!

    yeah, thankfully … its healing. SO relieved, it wasn't worse BTW I'm still drawing some; the latest sketch is --- anyways the exercise Feels like its coming back. I've have a run today, tomarrow and my long run on Saturday. 22miles in three days. everything feels pretty good! (though I feel slow) Regarding THAT, specifically, there just is no hope for it. a marathon is SO SO very much further than I've ever gone- I think I just need to accept that its going to be a mid 5hour finish (and a sore one at that). there's a certain feeling that I can run and run and run (and run) if I just keep my pace slow enough. that's the marathon mentality! that's what will be tested.
  5. wow, how extraordinary! I have two outdoor cats and if I lost one of them for a month, yes I would be sadly wistful that something awful happened to them. what an awesome thing (for your friend). Liz, ❤️ you are much stronger than your feel. I"m not sure what words of wisdom I should say, but that I'm delighted you are going for a hike. and Every time I exercise I do NOT feel fit enough- no... not even a (teensy-tiny) bit! I've been pretty determined with this art idea too- and have been drawing as much as I can! I don't post every pic; for there's some that just don't come out; but I want to say that it has tested my confidence quite a bit. the whole "am I good enough at x" is a real REAL hard mind game. it seems to me that I never outgrow the difficulty of exercise or the challenge to always be starting again and restarting an effort at something I consider important. and also "busyness" in any form seems to only intensify the difficulty. so try to be nice to yourself and remember how we are all trying and restarting efforts to improve. in every way! ❤️
  6. doing a Hike on Friday? thats fun! is it with your dad? sorry I missed some hard thoughts. FWIW, I feel kind of stuck back at square one a little with my exercise. my program hardly has crashed- but some things have not been sustained as I had planned and hoped for. this will undeniably make future challenges more difficult.... but see the future is still in the Future! there's still loads of time to make things better, achieve new things!
  7. TGP

    I'm awake!

    hey Liz! I'm ok. had a huge job in the planting! (still not quite done) a little mentally fatigued, though. kind of feels like after big efforts I'm still falling short of my program and expectations. sigh. anyways. got the long run up to 16.5miles (26km). it was a four hour run! I tripped towards the end of the run. I'm ok, but I have a brush burn on my knees. somehow this describes how I'm doing well. big efforts, long runs, bruised though... that happened on the weekend. Yesterday I ran 4miles without issue. thankfully, I don't think the crash will derail any plans
  8. TGP

    I'm awake!

    well guys happy weekend, I probably will NOT have much chance at getting much NF over the long weekend. I"m planting! I'm expecting that to take up to 4 days... there's a heck of a lot of work to be done.
  9. TGP

    I'm awake!

    had a good run this morning and... TIME to think, time to be outside and relax felt great. really DEEPLY needed it. lets all unpack this. FIRST; Ah-HA! I think I know whats wrong with the wonky tree. those silly outlined lines and the light values are all wrong. Yes, in the reference image the leaves are Lighter than the rock face; but locally/artistically.. the image improves when I darken the leaves push them back into the pic a little and make it seem less like a coloring book outline of a branch and its leaves. I did in fact, do this right after the run- and I think it helped My feelings about the Drawings are COMPLICATED. to admit the truth; I do think I see improvement in my drawings. the most recent drawing might be one of the first that is close enough to the reference to warrant a resemblance. I've been reading a lot online about artistic fears; and apparently Nobody feels "good enough". perhaps there is NO such thing as Good enough. like running, piano playing; there is a continuum of goodness from what a kid might do; to lofty heights of skill where those artists still strain to be "good enough". the good enough thing is an empty question not really worth asking.... if I enjoy drawing and I have time to do it - I should! I've always enjoyed pencil drawing; I love the outdoors and I think I can improve upon current efforts. improvement means drawing regularly and focusing on stuff that is difficult. . I can do it spare minutes and I have enough time on some nights to generate sketches about as complicated and intricate as what I posted. some artists spend days and weeks on their work; but the above pic took about an hour or two of broken effort. I had brief daydreams of being REALLY good at drawing; and maybe ink and wash.... but, but. these are just daydreams. I refuse to be prodded into unreasonable expectations. I'm a man of many talents; and I need to (this summer) put piano music back. piano, art, exercise and being outdoors CAN fit! (I think...) and Just as I will never be a FAST marathoner; I don't think I will be a famous/amazing artist either. in fact, it would almost be unfair. I've not stuck with it at all. but LIKE piano; there is much appeal to look Back and pursue things I dropped and discontinued when the kids were small and my time was very limited. I just NEED to keep expectations reasonable. ------ speaking of exercise. Oh boy guys I CRASHED. I feel better right NOW then I have since the murphy. and Since the murphy I have had an Awful, physically Bad 2 days. Headaches, aches, and oppressive tiredness. for three days (T,W,H) I didn't do any exercise and many nights have been restless poor sleeping nights. my wife wondered if I'm sick. I don't know. actually right now I feel really good. but what the Heck happened to me anyways? I haven't even been catching so much on other people's logs. anyways, looking BACK I'm unhappy and it seems to me that my exercise program took a pretty big tumble this week. the silver lining is that I was pushing myself pretty hard with some Long running and 3 days of rest hopefully healed some fatigue. This weekend I intend to do my longest Run to date! I want to run 16+ miles. I expect this might take as long as 4 hours. I don't think this fits the morning so I'll do it saturday night; that would match the other 2 long runs that were all done at night. Night running is becoming quite the thing! maybe Very long marathon prep runs fit at night better than anywhere else... certainly its a comfortable time to run when the days are Hot! (recently they have been) --- ok thats enough for me. sorry for not catching up on you guys much recently, hopefully yall are having a great day.