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  1. Hey guys! I thought I might start with a whole story; but my creativity is spent and I got alot on my plate. Lets see depending on what you know; i might have alot to tell you or very little. As I've written elsewhere on NF; since leaving NF 1.5years ago- Art has become a very serious passion for me. i've vowed to get good as fast as possible but to stay on the trek and not burn out. You may remember that I love Big hard inspiring endurance challenges and I've tackled a 100mile hike and a 26mile run. well surely they pale to the momental challenge of try
  2. Wow! this is really cool. its so awesome to now that "art" and rebels go together, I honestly didn't know that. I got rather serious about art shortly after leaving this place and I'm pouring my passion into it. now I'm not following inktober- I feel like my painting can't be sidetracked this year (I want to start an art business in the local fairs when they start back up)... ANyways, I do Like ink - I haven't done too much of it- but I consider this the best to date. anyways. its truly AWesome that there's a group of artists in here! ve
  3. wow, your an art nerd? I thought I might become one of only ones. I'll check out the groups and thanx for speaking up
  4. Thank you, I feel welcomed. regarding what kind of artist I am. very much traditional; though I've tried several things like drawing and colored pencils., I really working hard on painting. I think one of my better paintings might be this: but i'm trying to be brave and do lots of different subjects
  5. glad you had fun at the wedding. I can't say I've had much exposure to pigs but they sounded very comical. so I guess the challenge ends today. don't worry much about missed goals; the effort is what matters. had a couple good painting last nights; doing a women's portrait in acryllic has lagged most of my other topics and subjects, so I'm happy to say I've prolly done my best 2 of them to date. I am both pleased; and for the ninety trillionth time; thinking, Art is so Hard to do. its really really hard to make anything interesting. so the challenge is real;
  6. Hey guys! I'm back err sort of. there's lot of differences in my life since I was active here. I had a real BIG and serious push into exercise and you guys were part of that story. welp, now I've tackled something even harder and I'm sure that exercise is the passion (or can be) that it once was. Reality is that I prolly just don't have time to train for marathons and work on eventually possibly become a serious artist. I thought of explaining this all in a new five week thing; when that ocmes. but maybe its best said here! and some of it see
  7. Hello Again, I'm sneaking around cuz I don't feel much like a rebel, anymores... but I LOVE love love the idea of you marketing and getting your art LOGO business going. You know, there's a real story to say a bout MY art, becuase its become quite an important part of my life in a rather short time. Art! sigh! its like nothing I've ever tackled remember the 100mile hike- oh how I did train for that! but the idea of getting an art biz is not like that! its not easily done at all. theres not straitforward way to do it; simply put I have to try t
  8. regarding ME one little REALLY BIG change is that I'm really trying to make a proper go on ART. and for that; I think you. I didn't forget that my first few steps on this idea began while talking to you and having you support and encourage me. .... I also feel a little bad about not being here for the last Long time. unfortunately nearly as soon as I thought of rolling in art dreams into my quests, great challenges, arose. and one of those challenges is absolutely the time to spend on social media. Work put the hammer to anyone peeking at s
  9. Alright! Hello from an old friend! I want you to be the first to know that I'm going to try it again! I'm going to try to post challenges starting the next one there's a lot of news and changes I could post; but Idk. its really boring reading you know? what I do know is that there's always excuses not to engage with people, and yet those people can become great webfriends that get through tough times and disapointments.
  10. well that didn't go well. christmas is done and over with-hopefully everyone is well. tgp
  11. there is a strong distortion in the shape of his head... too bad it ruins appreciation of some of the detail in the hair So many ways that a drawing can go wrong Oh well tomorrow another drawing another attempt
  12. today's drawing was tricky! Those are the ones that teach you stuff,right?
  13. I felt low this morning too. I was browsing deviantart and started feeling really bad about my art. I had to do something else and the feeling passed. Sometimes days can be hard and that's ok. I hope you feel good enough to see your friends. Sometimes that really helps.
  14. what a good walk that was! I agree with everyone that you need to keep your mileage goals flexible. They are to motivate you. Not to cause self hate when life gets in the way. Its solidly impressive that you are working towards such a large goal and getting the interview . Your art is getting noticed!! Woot! Thats not easy to do. Lots of good things happening. What's the phrase? Keep calm and carry on!
  15. Thank you Yeah I could say a lot about what I draw and why. To make it simple I fear nothing when it comes to drawing! Its really all the same. And I'm trying so hard to improve too! As far as people, specifically I find that people interacting within a picture inspires me. So not strictly portraits or landscapes.. more like 'urban sketching but not specifically in urban settings Anyways imagine me, flatlands me climbing the grand canyon. What a scene that would be!! Hopefully 2021 allows that to happen. Both as an amazing accomplishment
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