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  1. Kestrel Builds A Temple - Part 1 (Foundations)

    as I've been cracking on my sugar I've been exactly seeing that too....
  2. oh A Twist. I KNEW it! it couldn't be as simple as Just figuring out what was next. 'sides... I don't remember being very inspired by my distance feat. so perhaps. week 5 is a chance to really look for a dramatic inspirational finish. (maybe) OTOH; I still have to find out whether I will prevail tomarrow or crash and burn. whatever happens; hopefully it is enough for a narrate"near-miss" that accomplished an epic ,group accomplishment.
  3. SuzyQlou BETS on healthy choices

    I love the goals. I love that you have a path forward towards volleyball (as well as lots of other stuff); which you clearly love
  4. The Sky Voyager: Strange New Worlds

    now THIS is a really fun discussion. being a PARENT. thing is .. and now watching my kids nearly fly out of the nest (18 & 16) there's NO way to really prepare for it. Huzzah to anyone just trying day after day to do their best at being their for their kids.
  5. Salinger's eighth challenge!!

    Yes. the outdoors! I love the outdoors. going back a few decades I was a unpopular, nerdy kid living deep in the country with a LOT Of problems with bullying. the woods was my companion, and my salvation. I was outside All seasons, most of the time. I walked everywhere I could; espacially in the summer. I lived in a really Good place for that; near a national forest where you could fish and walk anywhere you wanted without worrying about trespassing. there's an eloquent justice and fairness, in the woods, that doesn't apply with people. People are haughty and arrogant. they think themselves important or tough. but everyone is little and small in a thunderstorm! yes. rain and snow and mosquitos are uncomfortable- but they are equally uncomfortable to everyone. also important is that the woods is direct with you. you don't have to be a certain way With it; and its laws are unchanged by any attempt to bully, coerce or manipulate. you think a girl besides you is pretty but she can cut you quicker than the wind, and for no reason. (well your a nerd and you Embarrass her... that is the typical reason) OTOH. a thunderstorm is completely straitforward if you've got the wit to see to it. --------------------- I like the quietness and prettiness of the outdoors, too. its a calm meditative place, where in the cities... there is no calm places. I think the outdoors is good for ones mental health and makes it easier to quiet and strengthen the mind. all IMHO. enjoy your walk.
  6. JonFirestar Gets the Ball Rolling

    yep I'd say that being sick like that- your training will be set back a ways. but I"m sure with determination you would gain quickly. the "big picture" is kind when your training plan gets derailed. I hope you feel motivated by what you've accomplished...
  7. SKip the Unprepared Begins his Quest

    I saw that! ... I will post my thoughts on YOUR thread, but for now, the outdoors is very near and dear to my heart.
  8. I'm pretty sure , combat and then distance.,., we have done outdoors, speed and strength
  9. SKip the Unprepared Begins his Quest

    The 1st time it happened; it was Just an accident. a group of Lordly Tirithians from Minas tirith and their army of servants. they innkeeper had somehow offended an arrogant lord among them and all the entreating that he could do; would not satisfy them from leaving immediately for more civilized places. Skip was mistaken for a hauling lad; and worldlessly he followed along allowing them to sweep him out of a town that had increasingly been too small for his imagination. they traveled all that day and the next; giving skip the chance to ply his traveling 'colleagues' with questions of the outside. this proved very profitable. the Lordly leaders ignored the petty servents as a rule and took them no notice- and the servents depth of understanding was amazing. they had traveled the face of many lands back and forth many times. there was so Much information that skip could not remember it; though he was trying. and that for the price of a little small labor spread amongst many willing hands. Once they found town; skip chose a busy moment to slip out of their company; and with a little looking (and more listening) he found a group of garrolous dwarves that was headed back. gaining their company was no harder than offering to help them with their burdens. Heck! he even came out of it was more money than he left... as the dwarves fed him and paid him for his efforts... it was the niftiest thing to happen to skip in a while and stirred his imagination. he knew there was a price to be paid for it; and found the inn with a heavy heart. now the Innkeeper played his part quite carefully. the innkeeper sadly scolded the lad for abandoning him. he had wept.. Wept! over him... Didn't the Lad Know how much the innkeeper cared for and protected him? ---- now none of this was true. Infact, the lad had in a short time become completely invaluable to the innkeeper as the Inn's main Muscle for the many doting tasks stranger with heavy bags required. By Lording over the Lad; a lot of handy work got done, work that the innkeeper and no intention of doing. also in the darkness; out of eyesight- was the gnome Smeagol/Deagol. Frustration with waiting had formented to anger and then to hatred. the gnome carefully shadowed the lads voyage and had he wandered out of the eyesight of other people; Skip would surely had been murdered on the spot.
  10. Rhovaniel: The Hunt for Hype

    woot! seeing the difference is SO motivational. GJ
  11. Walk to Mordor and Back Again (2018)

    "you know Walking to mordor is VERY LONG, quiet and Tired Work...." "shut it, pippin!".... Merry says, Quite annoyed, at hearing pippin grumble (yet again!) on the long walk out of chetwood. ---- Just letting you guys knows I'm alive and still walking. not likely to see anything cool for awhile though. End of the week Midgewater marches (prolly)- but I'll have to be fast paced indeed to get to Weather top by the end of the NEXT week.
  12. I leaped into the pit for first blood... and.. the fight does not go well. I avoided being hurt; but I was not near peak intensity. this will all hinge on Wednesday. I am ALL in on that day cause my Fitness class instructor designs Wednesday as the most intense day of her 3 day program. so either we will win or They will ....
  13. Salinger's eighth challenge!!

    WOOT! thats awesome Sal! this is all very positive stuff indeed. the shakiness will pass; do this 2-3times a week and you will indeed see new strength you didn't have.
  14. Salinger's eighth challenge!!

    I second the thought of going back to the gym my opinion is that Many of things that would help you feel better and happier can be found at the gym. determination, patience, strength, and slow and steady work towards awe-inspiring victory. at least... this has been my thoughts this weekend. I had the time during a couple long walks to meditate on why exercise is SO important to me recently. as for the Tea joke; i loved it (and I don't even remember who posted) just remember this; most of us Yanks were originally English. and we only tossed all the tea out of a ship once in our recorded history; I swear anyways; I've been offline most of the weekend; and I prolly won't catch up till monday. so Have a good rest of the weekend.
  15. huh my combat mini goal is silly! I have been going all three days of the week for some time now. no-here is the goal. I multiply all my hR numbers like this zone1min*0.25 + zone2min*.5+zone3mins * 1+zone4mins*2+zone5mins*4 ... and add them up to get intensity. my classes vary quite a bit depending on the teacher and how hard I push myself. I will try to get a class with a higher intensity than I ever have had. thats shall represent a proper beatin up on the the giants. If I don't make it; call me a casualty of war. after all in any fight there ARE casualties... .