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  1. TGP

    Salinger's thirteenth challenge!

    my advice is to Distract yourself from negative thoughts. there's no worse burden then What CAN happen. you can totally crash and lose everything over those kinds of thoughts. also, if you can , and it. is. Hard try NOT to look at emails every 5 mins. (similar reason). anyways; yeah like stribs says moral support. we believe in you and things Will get better.
  2. TGP

    TGP is trying to get it back

    After an encouraging start; I feel as busy as ever. my mother in having an operation. the trick for the day is to be there for her; but also HERE as in being productive at work. also Yesterday was my wife's birthday so we were going to celebrate a little for that after work. so.....could be a busy day..... glad I started with a good weight lifting session.
  3. TGP

    Bker wanders back in after too long away

    hey, your back. cool! how goes the job search; I was thinking that might be what was distracting you. I recall that you used to work at a restaurant that burnt down. what happened next?
  4. TGP

    Central PA Nerds?

    well...there are NF nerds that are surely in the know. I'm been concentrating more on exercise (tbh). just as important as what, IMHO, is Where. you can find a lot of food at expensive prices; but are they as healthy as they claim to be (?) this is a matter of finding brands you trust (I think).
  5. TGP

    Salinger's thirteenth challenge!

    naps are SO desperate for me. they either Help or they hurt and they usually make me feel Terrible! (also)... the wife REALLY hates it when I crash like that. --- btw do you know why you felt so tired? it is the earache?? the only thing that really does this to me is a bad headache. if I have one of those I'm OUT; maybe not sleeping but crashed on the sofa- tossing and turning and quite unpleasant. 10% of the time, though... it makes a great difference and I wake up feeling much better.
  6. TGP

    Walk to Mordor and Back Again (2018)

    the Castle of Durthang doesn't get a lot of coverage in the book; but meeting up with a crowd of orcs from this fortress on a road is one of frodo/sam's big trials. In morgul gear they were assumed to be foot soldiers and pushed far beyond their limits. I find the sparse text and the bleak description of their latter journey inspiring. often we are capable of so much more than we think we can do. this is my last update; until the moment when the quest is furfilled and the ring and frodo's finger finds its doom. I'm satisfied that the 7ish mile per day pace will bring the ring to its destruction by the End of the summer.... as for what then; lets not hasten the trip. its been quite the adventure! welcome to all that are now on the journey; I see even more hobbits are on the road. you Can do it!
  7. TGP

    Salinger's thirteenth challenge!

    races ARE addictive. yes. and they can be both a little disappointing and motivational at the same time. Anyways; irregardless of how you did; was a HUGE win. you seriously considered not going; but you pushed yourself to conquer the anxiety and jitters and you Beat them! this is better than any possible medal. congrats!
  8. TGP

    elizevdmerwe - Bush Adventures part 3

    Catching up on your thread. i LOVE it! also what awesome rock. this is part of the gorge near the waterfall, right? its incredible. as a great fan of indiana jones; I would totally enjoy the zipline, yes, even in a new york minute and definitely for the reward of chocolate. I'm not sure I'd want to do it; with angry people with guns shooting at me- but hey! I've got to have something to work on .. besides climbing ofc...
  9. TGP

    TGP is trying to get it back

    well, peeps i have FINALLY built* my chicken coup. alas though I don't have pics. truth be told it was a bit anticlimatic. we got it to the point where we felt it could contain chickens then tried to get our panicky, chickenTeenagers to get inside. THAT took some doing, actually. it was a comic moment. In the future it would be good to remember that doing this near dark; when there is no kind of light of anykind in the ccop- makes it SO much harder. anyways; this happened Saturday night and by Sunday afternoon they seemed to have calmed down and adjusted to their new home. ----- *I have said 'built" but there is Still ALOT to do. at least Now the chickens will not be smelling up the house as we do it. the next phase is working on the "Run" where they can get outside, chase bugs, take dust baths and not fowl up the chicken coup so quickly- while remaining safe from predators.
  10. TGP

    Central PA Nerds?

    Welcome aboard. "birthplace of Lebanon bologna". good stuff! (though maybe not the healthiest of foods).
  11. TGP

    Mad Hatter does a bunch of climbing and stuff

    sorry I too have a "meh' kind of feeling about chinese restaurants. and the only thing to say; is that allegedly ALLEGEDLY most chinese restaurants are not authentic chinese cuisine. ofc you start being saying this was pretty good place. so idk. so maybe you need this guy to a do a little terrorizing among the chinese shops in your area (?) (Gordon Ramsey; Rude Celebrity Chef Extraordinaire) send him to Pennsylvnia, USA when he has got them a few of them whipped into shape.
  12. TGP

    Salinger's thirteenth challenge!

    there's quite a few ways to take water with you on a run. I prefer Hydration belts to carrying it on my back, though. I too am Genuinely impressed by the beauty of the Peak district, too. it would be awesome to see you travel to something like that.
  13. TGP

    DJTrippyT: AMAZON

    wow. its a google theme. ty for putting the buzz about madeline sorkin @Deaemon; this is a pretty long but very interesting article about her speaking of accidents. I found this interesting. " Sorkin hiked solo to the top of El Capitan with 1,000 feet of rope, water, and other supplies for her and partner Joe Mills’ attempt on The PreMuir, a 33-pitch 5.13c/d known as one of El Cap’s hardest routes. She wasn’t familiar with that part of the wall, so finding where to rappel in, tossing the rope, and leaning out over the 3,000-foot abyss was incredibly scary but satisfying. At the end of her rope, about 1,000 feet down, she chatted with an aid-climbing party that had been on the wall for a few days. After stashing the water, she ascended her fixed rope to the top, where she would spend the night. The next morning, she hiked down to El Cap Meadow and saw a somber group of people with a spotting scope pointed to where she had run into the aid climbers on the wall. When she looked through the scope, she saw a body hanging at the end of a rope, 230 feet below his partner. One of the aid climbers had pulled a large flake off the wall. The rock cut the rope he was climbing with, so he fell to the end of the rope used for hauling, which was also tied to him. He died instantly. “We were asking ourselves, ‘Should we change what we’re going to do? Do we even want to go up it?’” Sorkin says. “It was really upsetting, but the reality of climbing and death is that you can’t ignore it. You lose friends along the way and it’s happened enough that I’ve had to accept it on some level.” They waited two weeks, and in that time raised some money for the late climber’s memorial." I like learning about these kinds of people and their incredible acheivements. but it does further impress me on how much chutzpah it would take; to tackle a tough multipitch big wall route.
  14. TGP

    DJTrippyT: AMAZON

    wow! that seems accident-prone even by rock climbing standards. even so; rock climbers Do have a hard hobby; (compared to others) my big example here is Hayden Kennedy; he is well known for making a bittersweet remembrance of his two closest friends that both died in seperate mountain accidents. then just last year; he was heli-skiing with his finance Inge Perkins; where they were both swept up in a bad avalanche. She died before he could find her. and shortly after he takes his life. it seems that mountain climbing; though a haunting and consuming passion took too more people from his life. .... 2 more really well known and expert rock climbers just died (maybe a month ago) on the most famous rock cliff in yosemite. Please be Very careful if you do "big walls" ! though, my still bruised ankle reminds me that it doesn't take thousand foot cliffs to get hurt.
  15. TGP

    TGP is trying to get it back

    I don't think I'll spend much time on here today... but in some ways I hate fridays. when exercise is limited I find it harder to steal time From the weekend and there's an expectation that the whole weekend will be dedicated to chores. and THIS friday has started poorly with insomnia and missing the morning workout. OTOH; there's the feeling, too, that things might be changing for the better. the Chicken coup is Not done but it is quite close I think to chicken habitable. there will be quite a time frame where the chicken coup houses the chickens but doesn't have all the attached Run all built up yet. I've gotten hints back from the wife that it'll be more acceptable at that point to just make slow and steady progress on it. so hopefully Maybe my free time can be given back and I can get my weekend mornings again. If I can do THAT... my mood will surely lift as decent sized outdoor hikes require that kind of time. of course that won't be; the long training efforts I was putting in the late spring; but I'm craving that experience. ... also Yesterday was my like 5th day in the row of climbing and I went back to the YMCA gym wall. Real pride to see undeniable improvement. out of the 5 routes up the wall- 4 where climbed; and the 5th route that I've never climbed was nearly climbed. the 5th route is this very sparse group of very small holds. as a beginner i assumed it was completely impossible. but the boulders have given me new perspective. Even on routes with few and small hand/footholds... its not so much of a matter of how small the hold is- but finding the optimal strategy for using a few holds correctly. Another revelation is the idea that big reaches aren't always the answer. even if they seem to take you to the best of the holds. if your body gets too stretched out; you can get "stuck" - like almost unable to move. thats really really bad as a gentle flowing momentum can take you over the tinyest of edges. --- so anyways. as a n00b I'm growing out of the YMCA climbing wall. I may still go there for a long while (there's always doing stuff better); but I'm close to being able to DO everything that the small wall can offer me. Oh and its Nice even getting back To the climbing wall...I forgot to add that in all the chicken coup diversions in my life; I had basically skipped out of a month's worth of climbing. good thing I found boulders to keep on improving in my favorite way to exercise. there's also A brand new guy belaying the climbing wall. we chatted intensely nearly the whole hour. very cool guy. strangely its been a very quiet many days for him. a bunch of people quit going. tldr; Good, not sure, and Not good. All at the same time. Enjoy your weekend, guys!