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  1. WOW. very nice! woot. just coming in a peeking around some... to anybody that remembers me. I'm intending to rejoin the forum (most days) somewhere around Dec5! anyways WOOT!!!!! happy and proud of you.
  2. Hey everybody; another week is nearly over. wow. struggling this week with sleep. after some thought I finally figured out WHY. I took a new medecine and I'm pretty sure all the sleepiness stems from that day. so sigh. sleep is likely to be hard for the next long while and my free time has really take a beating. many of the nicer drawings, recently, have gotten no love and attention. only short little doodling. In those very quick drawings, though, I've seen some really nice progress in drawings faces. placing features is very, very Hard- but I'm definitely g
  3. pretty good liz. today was a sleepy sort of start; and I guess I needed the rest- but its squeezed out anything enjoyable for the last 24hr. hate when that happens. reminder that exercise is Important. its a time that is very uneffected by other people's demand for my attention.
  4. HOLY cow those look BEAUTIFUL! I really REALLY love the lower picture. its so artistic! if I had time I'd draw it... but I have a REALLY busy schedule anyways. I think being in some place beautiful is good for you, mentally and spiritually. may it ease your soul a little. your friend, Jason ❤️
  5. yes its a slightly different technique. you draw in all these tiny random lines and some dots to simulate the little shadows in the trees with an INK pen ; then you use a pencil, blend it into the paper, to set the values. fact is, I'm Really a big fan of Ink and Anything kind of art. the ink makes for the illusion of tons of detail. the difficulty is that ink is so Permenant- do it wrong and there is little you can do to fix it. ultimately; many artists do this with watercolor and ink- but watercolor is a famously Hard kind of painting. SO, I'm NOT sure I'm ready to beg
  6. btw, still drawing. finished this tonight:
  7. hey guys. I'm HERE. welp kind of! they had a Major cyber attack at work and it has cause All kinds of problems with my job! I don't even have a computer to work on! ....so. I'll try to visit, I promise? but its harder than normal and Life is BUSIER then normal. as to the exercise thing Not good. sorry to report I didn't make it out. the only GOOD news this week is that I went back to the climbing gym on friday; and I intend to Go each and every friday. (instead of early wednesday). I think this new time will
  8. my Latest drawing "motorcycling in the rain" there is Lettering EVERYWHERE in this image. and the heck of it' much of it was in another language. Nonetheless- it wasn't bad!? really pretty fun I LIKE rain. there is something very artistic about it. IMHO.
  9. oh, thats SO very sad. I'm very sorry for your loss. I'm at a loss of words... but ❤️❤️❤️
  10. Well HUGS ❤️ I know your going through a LOT right now! take it one day at a time. write to us when you can. Jason
  11. you guys all Know that I see EVERY wart and stuff on my drawings. and my latest... welp its far far from perfect- but there's something different I wanted to share about it. for THIS particular drawing I find a little MORE spark to it. like you are saying, kestrel, I really feel something of a narrative between the goose and the man; and while the guys clothes were not particularly well rendered- his face was a little more accurate. I'm not So sure of Mad shading skillz- but I think I managed to not distract the viewer from the GAZE. (my cats give me THIS kind of look all the
  12. yes. interesting truth Kestrel. I think "art" is problematic; because Afterwards the "result" is staring you in the face. after a run you can forget that you ran so slow that turtles passed you; lol anyways. my latest. its my most ambitious yet! geese! pigeons! a person! tricky lighting! texture and shadows everywhere!! what nice thing should I say about it? welp. its probably one of my best. if you think its uncannily accurate (propo
  13. imho losing fat is the most common but absolutely the hardest thing to do. pleateaus are common, overreacting to change in weight is common. even stuff like "poo" can throw your body weight around a few pounds (gross! I know).... so what do you DO? you double down on exercise, diet and BE PATIENT. patience and consistency- thats my answer and I'm sticking to it. (BTW... lost about 35# ) instead of Weight Loss, pick an easier metric to track. for example if you are RUNNING as exercise- use miles run in a week (or time). something l
  14. I need to catch up with a you a little. truth be told ; I pouted and sulked a little about the marathon and... well, rough things happened. I lost my running program and got out of tough here on NF. I recall you were doing something for an event in Sept. I don't see any recent mention of it - did it fall through or was I just confused about your goals and aspirations this year? anyways; you look like your doing Great! I love that you've got a good weight lifting program going on. I Totally need to get back to that!!
  15. OK enough procrasting! goals shouldn't be about making a book but about Making a Plan. reading and Thinking a bit about "confidence" lately and specifically artistic self confidence. the General point of it; is really, REALLY, applicable to me. I need to get going and DO STUFF! when you act on some goal, you build patience, skills and aptitude for it. it doesn't make you perfect at something and you maybe unhappy with the results. but Doing Nothing is the lowest, least ability of them all. so Rule #1 NO garish drawing or rough, strug
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