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  1. TGP

    Incredible Journey of Elastigirl

    Your awesome! you do KNOW that, don't you??? please remember that all this work and effort has Paid off, it HAS made you strong & healthy. Venting is off course totally encouraged just don't forget your awesome and know that everything has made you better; no matter how it changes your appearance (in other people's eyes).
  2. TGP

    Emerald Eagle finds a new normal

    small and patient, careful but persistent- you can do it! I'm following along
  3. TGP

    elizevdmerwe - Keep On Keeping On

    that was a beautiful experience! ty for sharing it. I strongly feel that if god wants you in NZ, you will find a way.
  4. TGP

    JessFit Aims for Consistency

    oh MAN another one... I just gotta share it!!
  5. TGP

    JessFit Aims for Consistency

    ... did I mention that i live VERY close to Punxsutawny, Pennsylvania? lol
  6. TGP

    DaemonCorax and the rowdy inmate (incubating pt. 4)

    indefeatable as always. congrats. btw, I'm glad you had a snickers, too many people refuse to take minor luxuries (like a candy bar) when their life-style is clearly acheiving all their goals. curious about your experience with Lifting and climbing. yesterday was the first day that I tried to do both of them in the same day; and it ended up being ok. OTOH, I could imagine that heavy weight lifting COULD interfere with climbing. so how long do you try to seperate those two activities. have you ever tried rocking climbing just a few hours after weight lifting or vice versa? there was probably about 10 hours between my morning wieght lifting and my evening climb. I thnk though, even considering the fact that I finally made it up route #4, that bot the lifting and climbing was a little less intense than it sometimes is....
  7. TGP

    Salinger's nineteenth challenge!

    boy sal, you really ARE very sick! has it been long enough to see a doctor? perhaps you need antibiotics to get over this?? your really, really in Big Girl self-care territory now. when I get really messed up with that. the only thing that can help me get unstuffy is a bath. a really warm one. I don't know if everybodies body does that though. I've been known to fall asleep in the tub (as it can be the only time I get unstuffy to comfortably sleep.)... BUT dont' do this. it is REally, really awful to wake up Very sick, very congested in a bath of cold water. Instead; get out of the tub and dry as quick as possible. and get under blankets. if you're very lucky; THEN you can fall asleep....
  8. TGP

    TGP back Into the Fray

    I feel Better today! a string of good things happened the last couple days. I started winning again in chess, I got some piano practice in, did some weight lifting and I finally climbed route "4" after quite along while of trying and failing. I had done that route back in the summer- but for quite a few weeks it seemed beyond my strength and skill. its all a reminder that all the opposition I am facing it can be beaten. I'm in charge of my own life. I'm even doing better with my time. True, I got up a bit late this morning; but I think now I'm completely caught up on sleep. and last night was the earliest bedtime in weeks. ---- there's a winter storm NOW bearing down on us; but its not very viscious- it was much worse west of here; and in its wake they all calling for mild, spring-like 40°F temps. FINALLY its going to be warmer than freezing. I Love when that happens! (I think I'll use that as an excuse to get some night time hiking in ).... can you tell, that I'm all feeling better?:
  9. we are Definitely in week 2 just by a couple days. so there is plenty of time to update your numbers. I spent a little while updating and dressing up the spreadsheet. We've become a Big group and I needed to pull down formulas. (also I fixed the nagging issue with the Division by zero error). I also inserted a new thing. column K, now shows what magical creature you have earned! (yay!). now elastigirl will NOT have to do all the hard work of figuring out who has what.... Its Demiguise's for many of US! we're off to a good start. there's a long list of meddlesome magical creatures, though, ravishing NYC so somebody help out before the big apple gets bit. also , not to throw out spoilers or anything, but there is a bad, bad wizard out there.... Not "he shall NOT be named" but surely his protege Grindelvald, GriznelWand,... no...GrindelWald! you don't want to get zapped in some nasty spell by this guy. Instead, keep sharp & lie low! all is not what it seems.
  10. TGP

    DaemonCorax and the rowdy inmate (incubating pt. 4)

    well, yeah. I did this walk in May. to do it NOW is .... Epic. and I loved the ladder. I'm from the East! who ever heard of a trail So steep you had to go up ladders!? Well, maybe it happens other places, it does NOT happen in Northwest Pennsylvania. I'll have to look up microspikes. I haven't heard of them.
  11. TGP

    DaemonCorax and the rowdy inmate (incubating pt. 4)

    Cool- green mountain! I climbed that last year!... I went the ampitheatre /Saddle rock way, (from the institute) so I see that you attempted to go the longer ways. its a heck of a hike! I LOVE how active you are! your totally working out the weekends. & you wonder why your in the leaderboard!? heck, its really hard to catch up to you :respect anyways selfcare, & patience concerning the fatigue. we all have limits.
  12. TGP


    Your in the Leaderboard, Daemon! congrats sorry for not updating it sooner: DEADLIFT OVERHEAD PRESS SQUAT BENCHPRESS 1 129.29 jonfirestar 1 37.79 Mr_Willes 1 122.02 jonfirestar 1 65.13 jonfirestar 2 107.83 Mr_Willes 2 37.57 jonfirestar 2 104.10 Mr_Willes 2 50.42839454 jstanlick 3 98.57 DaemonCorax 3 35.53 jarric 3 72.66 jarric 3 50.32 Mr_Willes 4 82.88 Librarian of Doom 4 33.07 jstanlick 4 69.70 jstanlick 4 43.71 Raxie 5 74.20 jstanlick 5 29.81 Raxie 5 67.80 DaemonCorax 5 26.25 Thom Stepan
  13. TGP


    @DaemonCorax I made a place for you after jstanley please fill out the spreadsheet. I don't think you need e1RM, the worksheet calculates that from weight, reps and RPE
  14. TGP

    TGP back Into the Fray

    I'm really concerned about my chess. I think my recent losing streak is the result of some bad mental habits. to me chess is a bit of a measure of my ability to think clearly, and is an expression of my determination to learn and master mental discipline. in THAT way, perhaps the losing streak IS the bigger issue in my life. Time, and my ability to hold a schedule IS important. I'm tracking that very carefully now. but Chess measures in part a little part of how well I'm using that time. and unfortunately, it has Not gone well. they call simple mistakes in chess, Blunders; and I've spent my lunch googling about it. the normal advice! spend more time Trying to understand the opponent's threats; strive to understand the weakness of your own plans, do you ideas Work? meaning do they solidly allow your pawns and peices to dominate the board?? I refuse to get discouraged by this development. there is Not time table for my chess improvement. Platueau's have to be endured sometimes; and at others people need to make changes. They just called to say the PUzzle is done. Yay! though ENOUGH of the puzzle. I want to get back to winning chess games. IN the world of exercise, DOING it- becomes the major big point. but in chess; one must do MORE than simply play (the game). one must understand and study the game. I'm falling a little short on the later part of that. too casual at chess. I feel a little LOUD and blabby. but my chess mentor mentioning my blunders and weak moves was a bit of a blow. He wants to help. He's a great guy and a strong chessplayer. but I can't be complacent about LOSING. chess is important to me, and while losing happens, I have to strive to get beyond silly mistakes.
  15. TGP

    Salinger's nineteenth challenge!

    some good news! woot!! as a cool co-incidence my mother in law found out that a small growth was Benign. She's been fighting cancer for quite awhile. she is Cancer free! thank goodness its the same; a sense of relief. a wonderful; things are NOT as bad as they seemed kind of feeling. --- I think I get colds often like this. when I get it, I get friggin really sick and it is horribly hard to get over it. patience, right? sigh. patience. not an easy thing to have. take care of yourself. I'm glad for you good news. get lots of self-care...