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  1. As I'm sure it happens with many first timers, this challenge has been less than successful. About a week in, I got hit with a pretty bad flu that left me bedridden and weak. Once I recovered, I sort of lost my motivation to get back on things. Now with about a week left, I'm trying to get myself back to the energetic point of the new year and get set for the next challenge
  2. What's the ladder method? - asks someone who has never been able to do a chin up in her life? What's the ladder method? Askes someone who has never been able to do a chin up in her life... Good luck with your goals. Seems attainable.
  3. Love your goals and they seem pretty attainable to me. I used YNAB the last two years and liked it a lot. I'll also be in SA during the holiday season this year, maybe we can share places to visit and eat! Keep up the fitness plans. One thing my old job used to do was weekly office walks. Every Friday they'd invite the office to do a 30 min walk in our area. Not sure what your break schedule is like at work, but maybe see if a coworker will do it with you or take a "walk break" around the block every day to incorporate more activity into your day. Pizza is my kryptonite. Impossible to resist or restrain myself. Good luck!
  4. It's never too late to join! There is a 60 year old in my group!
  5. Right?! It's so easy to have toast or a sandwich when I'm too lazy to cook so hopefully this challenge will help.
  6. Thanks for commenting! Oh how I miss pretzels. Yoga Warrior 365 is this yoga program with like 14 different videos that I got from a friend. It isn't my preferred way to practice, but they don't exactly have yoga studios here lol.
  7. The beginning of my story is nothing new... I've been overweight since I was a kid. I was always told it's just baby weight and once you hit puberty it'll come right off. Puberty came and went and I only got heavier. It was always a confusing concept as I was a Varsity soccer player all through high school and college so it wasn't a lack of exercise that was the problem. I always knew my diet wasn't the best, but I just thought I could work off the pounds at the gym. Over the years I tried all the different diets including Paleo, but couldn't stick with them for long term. Jump forward to last year, I joined Peace Corps and am living abroad with no fast food options and walking a lot more than I ever have and I am losing weight for the first time. Luckily I am still in a "big city" so I have a lot more variety than others, but that also means I have more temptation to eat comfort foods like chocolate or drink soda to deal with the emotional stress. I found NF last year at the beginning of my service as I was trying to look up Paleo resources again and decided to give it a try. Though I have been losing weight here, it hasn't been through a lot of effort by me and I'm worried when I return home I won't have changed my mindset on healthy eating and end up gaining it all back. So that is why I am here doing these challenges to try and create long term change. Hoping this will be a good year for me. About me: 26 years old, 220 lbs, 5'9" Ravenclaw (secondary: Hufflepuff) Adrenaline junkie, Musical enthusiast, picky foodie/aspiring home chef I suffer from a serious case of wanderlust Favorite games: The Sims 2, Kingdom Hearts, Crash Bandicoot, Super Mario Brothers, Pokemon (I like the classics) Main Quest: Improve my Portuguese fluency by reading at least one article or chapter in Portuguese daily for the length of the challenge. Challenge Quests: 1. Do Yoga Warrior every other day 2. Reduce my bread consumption by restricting intake to only during breakfast 3. Reduce my liquid calories to only once during the weekends when a friend visits.
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