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  1. I try and avoid gluten as far as possible, but every now and again a muffin or a burger or a pizza is consumed. I really don't mind as the amount of gluten I'm consuming and the fact that I consume next to no dairy anymore, means that the bloating I previously experienced has gone down. Also I have a whack of gluten free recipes, gluten free flours have gone down in price and most places offer gluten free/banting these days. So it's not that hard to avoid I got her a daily devotional by Joyce Meyer and a few nice blouses to wear in summer (or with a vest underneath) in winter. It's getting easier to come out the cave. 20 seconds of courage is all you need really. My bestie and I have also realised that it's also about just setting a date and doing it. Saying you're going to do something doesn't mean it'll happen. __________________ SO the past week hasn't been too bad. I have been logging my food, I haven't gotten to gym, but I've done 1 or 2 other things instead. It really is helping me with sleep though and that's amazing. I've had 6 out of 7 days of amazing good quality sleep. I'm still climbing into bed when I get home from work though, but I'm forcing myself to do 1 J.O.B (Just One Bite - thanks Jordan Paige - a teeny thing, like pack away laundry, make a phone call etc.) before I climb into bed for that nap though. I know it's mostly about the effects of depression but I do have extremely brain intensive days (and then need to study after dinner again), so the little nap helps me with the focus I need after dinner for that next round of work/study. I made it to the gym 0 times, but I'm not hung up about that I managed to walk 10k steps in the 2.5 hours I was at the mall on Saturday. I hate malls, too many people. I managed to do this. I am managing to remember to log everything I eat. It's not fancy, but it's happening. Also I made another 25 minute roast dinner with my airfryer and steamer (I love these two things). So three social activities over the past week - mum's bday dinner, Lindt Studios and the theatre. Bye Bye Cave!!
  2. I did that too I kinda miss everyone, but we all move on at some point, don't we?
  3. Today wasn't anything special. I'm quite tired, but that's a typical friday feeling for me. I slept through the night though, and that's happening more regularly again. I haven't had a middle of the night panic attack in a while and I'm pretty happy about that. Maybe it's because I'm feeling more in control of my life. That'd be great I didn't get to gym today and I don't see there being much time to do it tomorrow. I'm a little disappointed by that, because I was looking forward to it. I really have to find my mum something for her bday tomorrow and I haven't got a clue. That's so unlike me. So I see myself walking all over the mall trying to be inspired and hopefully actually finding something for her. I hate shopping malls and generally shopping especially when there isn't a plan and I can't just do it online. Malls cause me quite a bit of anxiety. But it needs to be done before we head to her tomorrow for dinner. I hate doing things last minute. Food Diary: - Breakfast = gluten free honey and oats bread (that I made), with peanut butter and banana, snacks (throughout the day) = small packet of crisps, biltong (kinda like jerky but better) and a soda (my tummy was acting up from the night before and this soda seems to settle it); lunch = chipotle marinated chicken breast, a small greek salad and a few potato wedges; Supper = 1x panko crumbed chicken breast on a bun. My boyfriend bought me an airfryer two weeks ago and I've just fallen in love! Between my AF and my steamer, I never use oil (not even the healthy ones) or the oven anymore. I think I probably didn't get enough calories in, but I can't even think of eating anymore today. As it is I forced the chicken bun down because I knew I needed more calories. I'm sure tomorrow will be better, as my tummy has settled and I'll get my appetite back (unless I'm getting the flu, in which case I won't be eating much the next few days). Finances - I received a scholarship for the rest of my degree. I found out today, that means I have one less thing to budget for. It covers my studies and my textbooks. Woohoo! More money into my savings (or to pay down some of my debt). Studying - nothing yesterday or today. But knowing myself, I'll probably pump out a nice chunk over the weekend (after I've done some work).
  4. Blegh, when I told my boyfriend what they're trying to do with the home schooling, he was so upset. He was home schooled (he's a pretty successful lawyer now), and he knows that if he hadn't had the option of being home schooled he wouldn't have accomplished much (for him anyway). He did Cambridge too, so it could definitely be an option for your boys. Otherwise you look like you're doing great so far
  5. I've missed you!! I feel this!! I just don't fit! All the goddamn time!! I'm here for the ride! We're in this together!
  6. Jeepers, it's been a long while since I was here. I got lost somewhere along the way and Fear drove me into a cave. It was a warm and comfy cave and I quite liked being in there, but I need to come out of the cave and start enjoying being in the world around me. I need to fight Fear and become the warrior I once was. Since I was last here, I started studying again, our company merged, I left the gym (and working out completely), I've traveled a bit and I've gone through a series of tummy issues (which are apparently caused by nothing - will cover that a little later). I haven't had a bad time, but I've struggled badly with anxiety (3 - 4 mild panic attacks per week) and it's caused me to step away from life a little and hide away. A month ago I realised that my anxiety had led me into a field of (mild) depression, and I needed to fight my way out of that and back to my formidable, warrior self. I am starting slowly, by taking small baby steps out of the cave and now I'm back here to take my courage back. I'm doing 4 tasks this challenge (1 fitness, 1 diet and 2 life). Step 1 - FIGHT Fear, go to gym A month ago, I signed back up to the gym. My medical insurance covers 80% of my gym membership fees so it works out to R189 (+/- $12) per month for full access to a really good gym (Virgin Active) which is located at a local private hospital. Virgin Active has a reputation for being the gym for all the "pretty, young things" to hook up and look up one another, so for someone who has let Fear control her insecurities, it was a big step for me. (Side note, I literally heard a couple on the bikes next to me who were on a "first date" as set up by Tinder). I have kind of figured out when it's quiet and I head to the gym then. It's a unisex gym (as most are), so I like the quieter times, because it means I don't have to fight the "gym okes" for the squat rack when I want to head there. This does however restrict me to weekends though, and I haven't been brave enough to go during the week. It's just too busy and I'm not quite at that level of dealing with more than a handful of people yet. The task? Get to the gym 8 times over the challenge. The reward? If I make it to all 8 sessions, I am allowed to spend some money buying a new swimsuit (mainly so I can use the pool too) Step 2 - Don't fear the kitchen Don't get me wrong, I love cooking and being in the kitchen and I already eat really well (nothing major like Paleo or anything, but a VERY balanced diet). I am not aiming to add 5 freggies (that's less than how many I eat daily, anyway), I'm not cutting carbs (maybe a little later), going to stop eating sweet stuff (I don't like chocolate and I don't have a sweet tooth) or drink more water (it's 10pm and I've already had +/-3 litres to drink). My diet is a little more complicated than that. I have been suffering some serious tummy issues, and after a month of tests (I feel like a lab rat), none of the doctors I have seen are able to find anything wrong with me physical, but the symptoms persist and the gastro is "concerned". My scopes are clean, and my blood tests have all come back good - as a matter of fact, he's actually impressed with the blood work (if he'd never met me and had only looked at my blood work, he'd have thought I weighed in the normal range with no issues, at all). He'd like me to look at my diet and try a Low FODMAP diet. So the first step in that cycle is to keep a food diary for the next month. There are no macros or calorie counting, just jotting down what I ate, my bowel movements (TMI) and symptoms (everything from rectal bleeding, to skin break outs, to sore muscles. he wants it all). Then we'll look to see if we can find any triggers and work on starting FODMAP (if it's necessary). The task? Keep a diary EVERY day The reward? A visit to a proper dietitian Step 3 - Don't fear discipline and the books I have 5 assignments due during this challenge. This covers 4 subjects, 5 chapters and +/-200 pages. In between this I need to complete our financial audit, do tax submissions for my 6 clients, close off month ends for 3 further clients AND still maintain relationships and work full time. It is incredibly taxing on my brain (and mental state) and some times I just climb into bed when I get home because I can't face the overwhelming pile of work STILL facing me. But I want to pass this semester, so I need to remain focused and get those assignments done without letting anything else fall by the way side. The tasks? Complete 200 pages of studies and hand in all assignments before the end of the challenge. The reward? A good (fiction) book Step 4 - You're a financial manager, why do you fear your own finances? I've kind of let my own finances get away from me and I need to get back on top of them. I need to follow up with my outstanding debts (and see if any of them have reached a settlement amount that I can afford yet, to write them off completely) and set up a proper budget. Start putting back into my savings account (we've been living off of my savings the past few months, because my boyfriend's work has been slow coming in, but luckily it's picked up again and he's just qualified to practice another type of law. We're just waiting for his admission to be finalised). The task? Phone all creditors and figure out debt (and settlement amounts) and set up a budget The reward? Some crystal knobs for my desk refurbish Yeah so that's that. Wish me luck. xoxo
  7. Hi Stranger, your challenge looks good. I'm going to follow along with you to keep my motivation up too
  8. *Blaidd sneaks back in, looks around, sits in the corner and contemplates jumping back into the pool*
  9. It wasn't too bad, thanks for asking I'm also not keen on exercising at the moment, due to lack of emotional energy..
  10. me too!! It's where i figured the most of my fat sat, so that's where I measured How was your first week, Liz?
  11. gaelic football sounds so fun. How was your first week?
  12. I love how simple and awesome your goals are especially #2. How's your first week been?
  13. Hey there, how's your first week been? have you managed to find an oatmeal recipe you like?
  14. Hey SirPrize, how are things going? Did you have an ok week?
  15. Mini #1: It's so clean! This mini has two parts - a not so physical one and a physical one. You can do one of them or you can do both. 1. Clean up your space The challenge here is to look at your current challenges, and pick one of them then clean up the space you'll be doing this challenge in. In order to consider this mini complete, you will need to have done at least 15 minutes of work. Examples: * Are you trying to take lunch to school everyday? A good idea would be to clean a small section in your fridge/pantry where you can store easy to grab meals (salads that are ready), cheese packs, fruit packs, decanted dressings etc. to pop into your lunch bag. * Are you trying to walk for 20 minutes everyday? Why not make a small space where your sneakers/socks/earphones will live for ease of convenience or pick up (not so nasty) litter around the areas that you are walking 2. Be a clean jerk The challenge here is to complete just one clean jerk at a weight that you're comfortable with (using barbell, dumbells, homemade equipment). https://www.google.co.za/url?sa=t&rct=j&q=&esrc=s&source=web&cd=2&cad=rja&uact=8&ved=0ahUKEwiKub3Q6ojMAhWBXBQKHcSxCp8QtwIIITAB&url=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.youtube.com%2Fwatch%3Fv%3DLTZC4bp0Agw&usg=AFQjCNFRR0h_d7GJ8fjsCCtmpUowENSpCA&sig2=VHqDWqi7elgHISJUbEDO8Q
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