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  1. Mea ghovanen! I’m Thanneth Stormdancer, a college student who refuses to live her life in fear. This is mostly a placeholder post. I like Lord of the Rings. I’m training to join the Rangers of the North and my end goal is to defeat an orc pack and then run for three days a la the Three Hunters. This isn’t my first rodeo. I’ve got some baggage, but who doesn’t? The most courageous thing I know is trying again and again, learning from failure, and slowly growing into a dream. Some of my favorite LoTR quotes “Your time will come. You will face the same Evil
  2. I went for a long time without thinking that I had an eating disorder, I just thought it was "normal" to worry about what I was eating as much as I did and being as anxious about my body as I was am. I've heard a lot of positive things about intuitive eating, and I've been doing my own research. So far it seems that, against all intuition, stopping worrying about my weight/shape is the only way to make sure I don't go off the deep end, and not worry about exercising in order to make a recovery. But when I try to remember what I feel instead of what I think, I realize that I love sports.
  3. Just checking in. Happy to report that I am still alive! Officially diagnosed with binge eating disorder and attendant anxiety/depression. I’m going into IOP therapy. Also worried about exercising and getting back to the place I was at a few years ago (heck, even last year). I’m fearful (I ackowledge this fear) that I’ll never be as athletic as I was. I can’t just say, screw eating disorders and a messed up body image and hop back on the bandwagon. I’ve tried that. It didn’t work. It might have made my “laziness” worse. I would love any input or comments fro
  4. Hey guys! Just back from a lovely episode of the flu this weekend. 5 min warm up walk___forward + side leg swings x10___Run/walk 20 minutes___Long cool down (I stopped timing, 5+minutes) Not at full strength yet and a little dizzy so I kept things slow. Tommorrow... first calisthetics-style workout! I’ll post the full write-up then, its one I’ve been looking at for a long time. I’ve absolutely abandonned my 5-week challenge set, choosing instead to focus on the 9-month plan. I’m slowly building consistency into my life. The past few months have been an
  5. Yesterday No formal work out yeasterday. Instead I went to the local YMCA with an aspiring crossfitter who is a friend of mine. We spent about an hour and a half exploring shared interests on teh floor and on the track and making plans to meet again next Wednesday. I’ve been looking for a gym buddy for a long time and I’m thrilled that this finally worked out (no pun intended). While we do have separate intesests (she’s a warrior or ranger, I’m a assassin or adventurer) we can agree on a love of physical activity that keeps us grounded and moving forward. To adventure!
  6. Thank you for this. Today 5min eliptical warm up 2000m row in 10:35 min 10 squats/45sec wall sit/30 sec plank/10 jumping j’s/25 crunches/35 sit-ups I also did 10 “push ups” which I am not proud of, formwise. At the time I was struggling to maintain momentum at all, so I allowed myself to do less than my best (not an excuse).
  7. I’m going to try and make a post every day, using a Habitica daily to keep myself in line. I’m just tryung to make sure that progress is being made and recorded, nothing fancy yet. Today Bike Cave 30 min. 1st gear because I only found out how to add resistance at the end. Rowing: 2000m in 13:11 min.
  8. Today Full Bodyweight workout with warm up and down. Walked the dog (15 min) Ate normally and unrestrictedly throughout the day Meditated 10 min
  9. Today: Just some stuff Got three different types of exercise this weekend between skiing, dancing, and ice skating. no bodyweight exercise for three days. I think I have to do it in the morning. I will benefit from it all day, and won’t have the “excuse” of wanting to spend time with my family as we are all usually up late. I’m considering upping my game early when it comes to exercise due to the body of research connecting activity to decreased symptoms of depression. If anyone is struggling with depression right now, or later, whenever this post gets read,
  10. Yesterday I got nothin’. Today A good long sunrise cry Beginner’s bodyweight workout, warm-up and cool down. No gluten Studied for >10 minutes
  11. I really had to think about this one. I guess I'm just hoping to find something I actually respond to. I've tried material rewards before, but didn't really care about them, so I guess that I am just doing it because I'm "supposed to have them" as you say. I just put the First Age of the nine month plan into the first post.
  12. Hey, I'm back. What's the point of a daily battle log if it isn't daily? I've missed a lot, and continue to make the same choices that put me into this place of dissatisfaction. Happy new year. I have a new challenge, and wish to refer back to the gif at the top of this page. Just some positive imagery. Today Finished eating by 9pm Meditated >5 min. No gluten
  13. Mae govannen! My name is Thanneth Stormdancer of Laketown (not the famous one, a different town on a lake) and I'm excited to be posting in the Rebel forum for the first time! This is my second challenge. The first... didn't go very well. But gosh darn it I'm going to get back up again. Profanity-less Hercules Mulligan reference. Some stuff about me: I'm an amateur scholar of Tolkein specializing in Numenorean lore and the history of the Dunedain. I'm also interested in rock climbing, hiking/skiing depending on the season, acrobatics, cooking, and qigong. I
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