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  1. Oh boy - so it's confession time. I am not doing well on my challenge at all. In my journey, I've stepped on some landmines I hadn't expected. I'm not giving up, but I have a lot of catch up to do.
  2. It's a fair point you make about practicing self defense in a life-saving context without being able to execute it in a non-threatening way. I do have a sparring partner, but I anticipate having many movements I cannot safely practice.
  3. Alpena here. I know, I know, nobody knows what that is. Lol. It's small.
  4. I'm a vegan, and I typically eat either one bowl of oatmeal for breakfast+lunch with like chia seeds and peanut butter and soy milk, or I back smoothies to take to work with me for both meals. I feel like I get lots of nutrition, lots of protein, and I normally feel full. I found low carb isn't good for my anxiety and depression, so I've eating vegan burgers on high-protein bread for dinner; neat stuff like that. And thanks for the encouragement!
  5. I'm gravitating towards Krav Maga due to its "just stay alive" mentality. I'll be tracking my steps via a fitbit. I don't know much about yoga either. Like I've mirrored the Wii Fit a couple of times, but I had never taken it seriously. I feel like I could use more flexibility and tranquility in my life.
  6. You're right; the monks were quite helpful! I went in there to discuss my dream of Tai Chi being both a meditative skill and a self defense skill, but they very kindly helped me determine it might be easier going to learn the two categories of exercise separately. I do not have a school in which I am interested near me, plus I'm rather self conscious. I mainly want to learn a martial arts for self defense so I can survive a deadly encounter. For this reason, I think I'll check out Krav Maga. I did find someone to spar with me once I know what I'm doing. hahaha
  7. Thank you both for your input. Tragically, I have neither the local resources no the money for remote resources to train in person. I imagine that's true about an "easy" self defense method - that there just isn't one. Poor wording on my part. I might go with something more simple and survival-related, though I acknowledge simple does not equal easy. I will keep researching forward. Thank you so much!
  8. These are some well thought-out challenges, Robo. Be kind to yourself if you're not 100% healed up yet.
  9. Good luck, GK. Keep on lifting and you'll be throwing crazy barrels at plumbers in no time.
  10. Hello there, Laoch. While I'm not familiar with the workout you're doing 3x per week, I trust it'll be epic and so will you! I envy your future success in eating veggies at every meal. I'm lucky if I fit veggies in once per day, although vegan hamburgers are supposed to be veggies. As for water, my recommendation is as follows: The days I remember to pack a water bottle, I'm in the bathroom like 6 times just to pee. Days without my water bottle, I don't drink water at all. Best of luck to you, fellow newbie!
  11. Wow! That's an impressive battle strategy. Continue forth, noble ranger, and victory shall be yours.
  12. Hello Everybody, I'm excited to be participating in my first challenge. I don't have any nutrition goals as I'm quite happy with the state of my nutrition. For fitness goals, I'd like to: Learn Self Defense Learn Yoga Keep my heart healthy (for stress management). Those aren't very s.m.a.r.t. goals though, are they? hmmmm... I guess by the end of the challenge I'll like to have... Picked a style of martial arts and learned how to simply hit and block properly. Learned how to do a morning yoga routine witho
  13. Would it make sense to just learn an easy self defense method and do yoga for the calming movement instead of trying to turn one thing into two separate things?
  14. Hello there. Welcome! I love your name btw. Clever or literal? (or both?)
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