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  1. Hi everyone! Happy new year!! I'm writing to you over a plate of nice Vons roasted chicken and some not-quite-ripe pineapple. I'm not sure how often I should update, but I'll aim for 1-3 times a week. Let's dive in. Breakfast: eggs, bacon, & fruit (some banana, blueberries, & cuties) ≈ 480 cals Lunch: Cuties, asparagus, salmon ≈ 243 cals Dinner: Cuties, pineapple, roast chicken, baked yam for dessert ≈ 557 cals Snack: Banana, baby carrots ≈ 131 cals Total: 1412 cals Wow! So, looking at this, I guess I'm a big fan of cuties. They are delicious! Maybe,
  2. oh man, just @ me next time. this is so relatable!! I try to fight this with computer time + working out simultaneously. I don't know if you're big into movies/TV, but there are workouts designed for popular shows. Think along the lines of whenever x does y, do 20 crunches or whatever. I get this - plus Go, in my experience, is especially draining in terms of data and battery! If it's up your alley, I'd suggest you look into geocaching. While it's helpful to have the app, you can also look caches up online beforehand on the website and just take note of the location. It's very f
  3. thank you!! gymnastics is closed for the first week of january, but after that it's one 1-hr class a week, plus a 4-hr "open gym" session on Saturdays. I think I might give zombies run a try; I always get so bored and in my head while running, and maybe hearing zombies behind me will give me the kick i need to go the distance!
  4. Following to see how the creative writing challenge goes! I might have to steal that for future LUYL challenges. Good luck!
  5. Hi everyone! Long-time lurker here. I am currently a student studying in California. I weigh in at around 175 lbs and am 5'5". In the past, I've been really into kickboxing. As of late, however, I've returned to my third-grade roots by taking gymnastics classes! I'm super excited about that. I also have taken up geocaching, which I highly recommend for anyone looking for a new hobby. I've recently gotten into weightlifting (with the encouragement of my wrestler SO.) For cardio...I always think I'd like to be a runner, but the instant my feet hit the pavement, I change my mind. I am a tot
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