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  1. Weekly update on progress. I went shooting at the gun range this week. I wanted to do some wall climbing but couldnt find a good time to get to the gym and get some time in. It was interesting. It wasn't bad but it wasn't...it didn't feel like exercise to me. It just didnt make me feel like archery and fencing did. Im thinking Ill do archery onc e or twice a month and fencing once a week. Good exercises to get back on the wagon and get me out of my rut. Munching on my prepped food for this week. Some chicken shwarma in a pita. Avocado toasts with mozz,tomatoes, balsamic and avo of course. Smoothie and sausage and goat chese for breakfast. All the usual suspects. Ive been working on rotating my food more. Takes more time Sunday to prep but keeps me from getting bored with my food while meal prepping so thats worth the extra time I think. As for classes. Well I took the plunge and signed up for a class called Archaeoastronomy. Its basically a class examining historical architecture in it's relation to astronomy. Examining why certain monuments and buildings were made to align with celestial bodies and such. Stonehenge. Chichen Itza. Etc. I think it'll be interesting to look at from a historical perspective plus combines my love of history and astronomy so Im all for it. It won't have the Doctor teaching, any Doctor would be cool, but I can settle for whatever super qualified professor there is to do the job instead. After all who wouldn't love a lecture from the guy who came up with this. Anyways, short update but wanted to keep up with things and keep the ball rolling. Looking forward to seeing myself rock out the last week hardcore and get this challenge. Finally!
  2. Been a crazy few days lately. So last week I did....Archery. And ended up snapping my finger more often than not. My fingers were sore, shoulders sore and my fingertips hurt. I'm not good at this archery thing. Next time Ill try not to be so "I got this" and when they ask if everything is okay be like..."You know I dont think so..." Live and learn. That said I had fun and it's not like I was trying to load old fashioned longbows or something. I just couldnt get the hang. But thats what more lessons are for. Like fencing Im going to keep at this until I get better dang it. It's not something Ill ever use in my life Im sure but I'll be able to say Im a badass who can shoot a bow and swing a sword an...whatever else I come up with. Food front is going good. I continue to prep for work and force myself to eat at regular intervals to avoid the issues I had in previous challenges of not eating all day at work and then getting him and overeating. I had a minor bump this weekend where I was convinced by a friend to go out on a blind date (never again) to a restaurant to eat and the food choices weren't the healthiest of healthy. But I'm not eating Paleo or Clean again at the moment so it's okay. I'm just trying to make my own foods and stay within a good calories range as I begin to ramp up towards healthy again. Ive started working online asl and while what I'm learning is the equivalent of baby talk it's better than knowing nothing. I think maybe I'll pick an in class language to start at one of my local Uni's and stick to history stuff online for awhile until Im sure my memory issues have resolved. Now to pick the language. Dutch for my plan to eventually move to the land of my studies. Or Spanish to sort out the language of my ancestors that I have forgotten to speak. Maybe Cantonese or Arabic. All choices I have. Meh. So many choices. Anyways, I give myself a 95 for last week, the restaurant causing me one day of issues, and I can live with that. It's very good compared to the last two challenges where I had issues with not eating then overeating and then getting the flu. If I can keep things solid another few weeks Ill have finally, successfully completed a challenge. 1 out of 3 isn't a horrible start. Right?
  3. Agreed on the foot. I have seen many a ballet dancers foot and I wonder how they live with it. Training I suppose. But then if you have ever laid in bed next to a runner and had them "grate" your leg with their feet moving against your flesh it's just as bad. Calluses suck on feet.
  4. Just consider the dancing as a type of workout. You were moving and working those legs and getting some cardio in. I mean let's be honest, some dancers legs....
  5. I randomly stumbled across your thread and the title drew me in. I was wondering Spain one random summer and managed to make my way to Alhambra and more specifically the Sacromonte where they do Gypsy/Roma Flamenco. Its truly something to see. Its gotten popular with tourists and even managed to get Anthony Bourdain by to showcase it in one of his episodes of food shows. But reading what you were saying about music and flamenco made me think about it and remember how much I really loved that night. I had never really seen flamenco before that but since then it's part of my rotation of music to indulge in and videos to watch. I've always though of it as something dark and dangerous and beautiful and...anyways, you said it better than I ever could. Just wanted to throw that out. Thanks!
  6. The whole day is made by this! I am so stealing this and using it EVERYWHERE.
  7. There is only one thing to be said about sausage.
  8. Arguing is the last thing I want to do with the Rock. Im pretty sure he could crush my face just by bending his arm. Of course I would like pancakes with this gentleman. With lots and lots of syrup.....Im sorry, what was I saying. Got distracted thinking how luck Lisa Bonet is and wanting to eat some feelings.....off his stomach. Ahem. Apologies Lady Shello. I probably should not be posting pictures of things we can not eat and enjoy in your thread.
  9. Im not brave enough to do a NSFW at Dragon Con. Not my body so much as OMG those costumes some people have. I saw an Ash from Evil Deadwith a real working hand chainsaw! Some Emperor's bodyguards from Star Wars. And AN AMAMZING, AMAZEBALLS, OMG League of Legends Sona with an actual working DJ table with music for the con and everything. My cosplay skills lack so Ill be using inspiration from a mix of pictures. But with a full on white t-shirt that covers all the bits. lol. Basically it lets me wander around in jeans and a tshirt but still feel cool. And motivation always strikes at work because work is the debil Bobby Boucher! Sorry, channeling some Waterboy there. This is actually a really good suggestion. You get to workout and avoid the alcohol. And I learned something new from your thread. I had no idea there was a DnD online. I must check this out! So the weekend wasnt perfect but it wasnt a dumpster fire mess either. Thats a good way to handle things so the goal inst totally cutting alcohol out forever but rather finding a way to have less and not feel the need for it all the time. So this weekend was a good start and you identified some key triggers. And living at home is rough since you cant control what comes into the house and what temptations are there. Makes things difficult.
  10. Just a thought but your Agents are doing their own homework as well, yes? Can you do it as family homework time where you and they sit and everyone works on some homework. Or would they be asking for help and asking questions too much to really focus?
  11. So this week....is ARCHERY! I shall shoot things and be all like.... Because we all know that this is the coolest Archer in the world. And not this one. Though I may be convinced about this one.
  12. So weekend update (as Im trying to be more accountable in things.) Batch cooking is happening now. One pan Berry Chicken and vegetables is being made for potential dinner this week. I halved the recipe because I get burning out eating the same dinner all week. ( Got the recipe here. https://mindovermunch.com/recipe/one-pan-bbq-berry-chicken-with-roasted-veggies/ )And an enchilada casserole bake thing because if Im going through the trouble of homemade "refried" beans and enchilada sauce Im going to make something good. (Theyre not refried since it's all done in the crockpot but theyre tasty and the batch from last week was huge and had some frozen hanging around begging to be used.) I have some tasty shrimp stuff for making shrimp tacos at work for lunch and a nice curried veg soup to go with the tacos. Odd combo to be sure but tasty. Thursday. Fencing class. Omg, so much fun. I think I may like stabbing pointy things at people. Probably not a good thing to admit. But it was nice. Got my heart rate up a little but the instructor worked with my limitations, gave me frequent breaks and had me rest with some water every 20 minutes. And it was just so neat even though I sucked so bad. I want more. But I plan to keep trying new things while sorting fencing into my regular rotation. Pardon me, my inner fan girl needs a moment. SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE. I got to play with swordsd! Ahem. That is all. Next week is archery I have decided. I have a whole middle ages feel to my extra classes but I am a history nerd who loves her Vikings and Knights so...why not. As for taking a new class to learn. My local universities are already in session. Imagine that in February. So nothing on offer Im interested in until a few months down the line. BUt I have decided to try and teach myself the very rudimentary basics of ASL online. So...working on that goal at least. Have to do some research, of which I am the Queen, and find the best site available for learning ASL. I want something I can try out, like a free trial or something, before I give in to paying 300 bucks or something. Still planning to do some history based classes, have to see how that goes. Need to get back on the wagon with that and I think Im avoiding it on purpose, trying to talk myself out of since even months after I have "chemo brain" where my memory is kind of meh. My oncologist says gradually I'll be like I was again but I need to use my brain just like any other muscle or it rots. Overall Im beginning the long process of putting myself back together again. Which is an odd feeling. Maybe it's me but I feel like I was this picture, this reality of me and cancer came along and smashed into it. And now I'm a jigsaw puzzle and I've struggling to find the edges so I can lay out the border then begin with the pieces. That sounds weird Im sure but there really are days I look at myself expecting to be all jagged and puzzle piecey. Maybe I really lost my mind but since I've been doing challenges and deliberately focusing on change and improvement its become more solid an idea in my brain as a way to view my life. Eh, maybe it'll resolve it's self. My mind likes to fixate on odd things. But Im giving myself a solid 90 for this weeks score. I took 10 points off because of avoiding the history classes research. Hopefully realizing and acknowledging it will let me change it next week.
  13. As a "I wish I was a scientist but my brain doesnt work that way." I approve this message!
  14. No difference. Just those silly Brits and what not insist this is a flapjack/pancake. When we all know that this is a flapjack/pancake. Though I do lub me some angry tea drinking Benedict
  15. So maybe if you feel the need or craving for alcohol. Stop. Play videogames. When it passes back to the DnD and Cosplay (What Cosplay? I want to work on a Witchblade/Sara one. But no time at the moment in life.)Just keep bouncing between the work and videogames you may be able to do all the things and avoid the booze
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