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  1. It's still accounting related but for one of our sister companies - bit of a step up - actually going to be managing someone now if it comes off! Past couple of days have been a little sloppy with everything going on. Nutrition was OK for the most part on Thursday but not so good yesterday. I did get my training done Thursday and hit 12,952 steps (missed the goal by just 48 steps ) but fell well short yesterday. Obviously failed on the post every day goals too.
  2. Steps - 6,147. Lunchtime walk had to be cut short due to continued adverse weather conditions. Nutrition - Aimed to fast today and this has been a success. Not even found it particularly difficult. Post - done. Just the 100 exp because of the nutrition today. A workout planned for tomorrow. No French either but some exciting discussions about a possible change of role at work so there's that. Feel like I need a few consecutive days of smashing all fitness goals to get momentum back. It all feels a bit hit and miss though I'd have previously simply given up the second I mi
  3. Haha, oh no - now I want pizza! Steps - 3,849. Fell well short today. The snow has turned to ice and I felt so tired and just resigned myself to the fact I was going to give up I think. More determination needed. Must bounce straight back tomorrow. Nutrition - kept this on point, slight better than yesterday, not quite as good as most of last week. Complied with my rules. Post - done (despite not really feeling like owning up to the steps thing) Didn't even practice my French which I've lost a little enthusiasm for but did tidy the batcave! 100 exp
  4. Keep at it Spencer - I know all too well the struggle with striking a balance between study and fitness but looks like you're doing great, all things considered!
  5. No work today due to ridiculous amounts of snow on the ground. Had to take as holiday. Posed it's own challenges particularly with regard the step count. Training - 1st session of week 2 done, difficult, but only going to get easier over the next 2 sessions Steps - 13,088 - job done. Nutrition - Not perfect but criteria was met. I'm completely cut off from shops by the snow so no fresh veg on the menu. I'm just having to rely on what we've got in. satsumas, tinned pineapple chunks, rolls, tuna pouches. Post - done. A little more of the learning French don
  6. Just writing today off. We had several inches of snow last night making the steps target a little infeasible - if it remains I will try to get the steps inside but I wasn't really prepared for this. I perhaps need to start doing some scenario planning. Screwed up on the nutrition side of things too, mostly eating rolls and sandwiches. Disappointing day. Just going to treat tomorrow like another fresh start. I think my lesson is to try to not let up even a little bit to begin with. When I let up a little it seems to lead to me letting up a lot. New Quest Idea - I'm think
  7. Nutrition - Banana, satsumas, various pickled things including for the 1st time the Sauerkraut picked up earlier in the week - very nice! Also chicken pieces, a sandwich and tuna. Did allow myself a treat this evening - it was far more controlled than it usually would be on a Saturday night though so it is progress - I think partly because I didn't allow myself a treat until 10pm. Previously I'd have a pizza or something at 6 and then that would lead to another treat and then another Saturday nights are when my willpower is at it's lowest. To break the mould here I'm going to try and reward my
  8. Sounds like you've very much landed on your feet Flux. Got to keep that momentum going - Good luck!
  9. Nutrition - Slipped into old habits and bought a couple of things I really shouldn't have today - they're not paleo and they're certainly not healthy. The good news is I didn't go on to consume them. Thinking of shifting them from my room to the garage to avoid temptation. Not too annoyed with myself as I know NF advocates a 'smaller step' approach and I've certainly got better and expect to continue to do so. Ultimately I won't be allotting myself any points today though for nutrition. What I actually consumed consisted of satsumas, a banana, steamed veg, 3 eggs, chicken and 1 meat/coleslaw s
  10. Haha, no - definitely not taken it that far! Seasoned steamed veg has made the whole thing a bit more manageable though.
  11. Hope the quest's still going well TGP - certainly looks like it is barring the weather issues on Tuesday/Wednesday - I'm a big hiking fan too but we really are at the mercy of the weather.
  12. Just started adding more veg in myself and find it makes such a difference in terms of satiety. Think that goal will serve you very well (as will the others of course). Congrats on the progress already made (the being soda free for 10 days for example) and good luck Arcelas!
  13. Nutrition - All was good. Chicken (reduced amount) and steamed veg for lunch, satsumas and a banana for breakfast, tuna and my usual assortment of pickled things for tea. Steps - 12,247 so target hit there too. Strength - My second AllPro session of the series complete. This is definitely the bit I'm struggling with most. Just need to keep reminding myself that at the moment it's only around 4 and a half hours a week in total. Posts - self-explanatory. New target idea - I think going forwards I'd like to immerse myself in the community more with a target relating to
  14. Was expecting a tough day but it was a successful one considering there was a christmas party in the middle. Only drank water. Consumed only a banana, some tuna and pickled beetroot, onion and egg aside from the 2 courses at lunch. The double whammy was the fact that I'd usually get 7,000 of my 12,000 steps at my lunch hour which was today taken up by the Christmas party but I spent another hour walking after work to ensure the target's hit. Feel in a way I was lucky this challenge came up so early in the process when motivation's still high. Nutrition - Tick. Also got more of the
  15. Thanks Karinajean! Know what you mean on that - I'm lucky with this one that I'm sending supplier payments afterwards so won't even be permitted to drink. Haha, thank you - I'll give that a go and report back!
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