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  1. Sorry I'm catching up quite late but those were great comments. I hope it helps with the low self-esteem in that area (if you don't fall yourself off the impostor syndrome cliff). But factually to me it sounds like great feedback especially knowing that you have been struggling pretty hard on that side. I just wanted to say that I relate to that to some extent. Not that I'm the lazy type, not really. Sometimes, but nothing aggravating. But I do like to control stuff to some extent, so too many things in the pipe would make me quite anxious For me, nope.
  2. Ha ha 😅 Thanks for pointing it out, I'm sorry I totally missed it! Happy super belated birthday Raptron! ♥️
  3. I will send you a picture when I get it it's not a competition one. I'm planning to do Turkish get-ups kidding I downloaded a KB app with a variety of moves. Squat / deadlift / press / rows / core stuff. I'm curious about the swing, I'm planning to follow this progression: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GYHbu2LRqD0 It will likely be low key discovery for a while to be honest. I don't have a sudden urge to get into KB sport as such. It's more like I need some iron and a KB seems like a cool tool Hiya! No I don't think so. Maybe at some point though I will just post in this battle log for a while. Kirsty and Gayle HS community is quite busy, lots of material and feedback that I need to digest and apply, take a video, run it by the coaches and so on. It is quite time consuming actually. I'm going to try to find a rhythm and see.
  4. ha ha no 1-arm yet! I'm on a plateau right now, a real plateau, not a 2-day one Press to HS is still more or less the same, sometimes I'll get 1 or 2 reps from standing but not consistently. It has been that way for a year. The only progress is that I don't need to warmup from as high as before. I'll take it.... With HSPUs, it seems I have a bit of a clumsy shoulder movement in retraction (I elevate the scapulae instead of keeping them depressed and using a lot more traps than I should). I'm struggling to make progress in bent arms and I have returned to the very basics because it has caused me some pain. So mostly pushups, band work and lots of scapular basic movements. Not exactly super exciting but I want to keep healthy shoulders. And right now I'm working on my hips to progress on flags. I'm doing some block work these days as well (just balancing, no fancy stuff). And some ball and puppet HS when I feel like it. Aerial is on stand by because of Covid. I do train a little at home but I think I lost the passion really. I will probably not book the course next year. And I got a 10kg KB that I'm planning to use, well to learn KB basics, and hopefully help a bit with my shoulder-movement-funk situation. So anyway, happy new Gregorian year 2020 has been pretty awful... I'm still kinda meh-ed about it, to put it lightly. My father has recovered from his operation (prostate cancer). His blood analyses are much much better but still a wee bit over the red line. He will do another test in a month or so to check in what direction this is going. E and I are hoping Trump doesn't blast Iran just before he leaves... Apart from that... Touching wood... I went back to a bit of drawing during the holiday. I took a 10 euros course on Domestika It was nice actually and relaxing. I treated myself to an expensive set of Rotring isograph pens but they were really worth the investment. I have used fineliners before but this is clearly a different game. The flow is great even on acrylics. And the ink stays black. I also got white ink which really made it easier for highlights and stuff. Anyway it has kept me busy during the holidays. I made a project page on Domestika, I think it should be public. Nothing fancy, and some mistakes in shapes and all that but I enjoyed doing it and getting my hands dirty. I has been a while since I drew a little cartoon. Let's see if I can keep at it when work starts again (Monday). And voilà for an update
  5. 10kgs, I hesitated between 8 and 10 because I'm a beginner. And after looking up what to watch for when buying a KBs + the price range, I went for a model that only had a 10kg one available.
  6. Happy New Year dear Guild Leader So happy to read you can access gymnastics practice again!
  7. Hey happy New Year dear Mad Hatter, whatever day you like it to be he he this is so you I don't think I have a "thing". I see people who do and it's amazing to see (the dedication, the clarity of path, the progress and so on). But I don't have that really. I mean I get into things I like (aerial, handstands, drawings...) and I've kept a fairly advanced level of nerdiness when coding. But it goes by waves really. Art in particular. It comes and go. I get super absorbed for a while and then it dwindles away. I'll pick it up again and get absorbed again. I don't feel I really excel at one thing. I'm quite good in a few areas (that change over time lol), and I learn relatively quickly but up to a threshold and then I get bored or maybe a bit annoyed because I see the excellence level and whatever plateau I am at, and there is such a gap. So mhm. But well. I rationalize it as being a bridge / interdisciplinary person. I have my uses and purposes I guess, all in plural I sure hope I can see again more of your art, and pole and handstand videos, and the hobbit walks too
  8. Happy New Year! I read in diagonal that you got the THING!! 😳 but recovered well apparently! Glad it was fairly mild! I don't know what when through my mind but I ordered a KB 🙃 I haven't received it yet. But let's see, you made me curious. He he he
  9. @mu

    Mu's 5 efforts

    Thank you very much ❤️ I think I got that from the aerial community back in Scotland. We'd have creative classes and regular little shows. All this was made accessible from early levels and it was a great factor of progress and motivation. Because it was so much fun and it was a safe atmosphere as well, so you would get quickly over that adult thing of feeling "silly", and "not looking good". Last Saturday, when I was practicing, E. came about and asked: "Are you playing?" not are you busy with your handstand session, your workout etc. And I really liked it. Yes it's my play time One neighbour also called my training room the play room (initially they thought we had a kid, there are big windows giving onto the courtyard so you can see the aerial rig, balls, puppets, bands, blocks lying around...), and I guess my cat knows it as well because that's where she always brings / searches for her toys ha ha Here are a few links that I found inspiring in handstands: And I like her as well: https://www.instagram.com/jattaborg/ I hope I can see one of her shows one day because she is actually in France! (She is Finnish). I'm sure there are many others but they get hidden by the overwhelming amount of drill / technical posts.
  10. This somehow made me jump a little. Like a physical reaction first. Then I thought I hope death isn't a failure either because we are all doomed (or are there winning vs loosing deaths?). But I think I see what you mean in this specific context of feeling deep despair and possibly eying up quick endings / not having much hope. Mad Hatter, I do like hanging out on your threads as well NF challenges can be great to get a boost or a reminder of what you need to work on, or to test stuff. It's a tool but that's it. There are things or times when there is no point getting further challenged really. Do you feel more mental fatigue or physical fatigue or both?
  11. Awesome progress! Well done!
  12. Oh my, that's so exciting! A garden is pretty cool! And it's just so much nicer to have space for home practice. And that handstand pirouette was brilliant!
  13. It's the Rangers forum, they have a special talent for that Happy belated Thanks Giving!
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