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    Press to handstand cont.

    Tuesday Press to HS + misc. In the morning? YES Daily Persian: NOT YET So this week is deload week, I forgot to mention that. I kept all the drills but reduced volume + no HS 5x5 consistency, instead I worked on a few HS sets with leg movements and controlling my banana (it's a nice counter-stretch as well because I tend to pike / hollow hold a lot in HS). This is my first week of elevated HS press and I started as Kirsty indicated, pretty high. I'm a bit lacking in boxes of appropriate height, so I couldn't go higher than chair + stool + books (we are supposed to start at bum level but bum level on parallettes is pretty HIGH). It was doable though, I could press and come down (I did not try doing it for reps yet). This is good timing for deload. Some intensity (balancing rather then strength) but nothing crazy. I wasn't too sure at first because I've never done elevated press before. I will keep that height for the week. It was fun to do, really enjoyable, no too hard, not too easy. Here is a log video to show how it currently looks like. The setup looks a bit acrobatic but it's fairly stable. I still had a bit of fear because bailing out of that has to be a bit tactical, especially when coming back the normal way. I piked a lot at first, bailed a couple of times in all directions, and then I started feeling a bit more confident. The video also includes some ball drill on the left side, to give an idea of what I do. Caveat: my form is so so and I go a bit fast (always good to have a video check every so often!), but you get the idea: the drill is reproducing the sort of leg bending I get in active compression, so that I can work on that bit in isolation. + a rep of negative press where I think my HS line was quite improved at the top.
  2. @mu

    Press to handstand cont.

    Same! Talking about long-haul stuff, what I have in mind (but it may change) is try to get a first level of straight arm press (I expect this to take some time), then go back to fight for some kind of baseline on P2 Phase 4 flow (I say baseline because I'm not that bothered about doing the full planche version, I'd be very happy with the entry-level flow). While still improving on straight arm skills (so HS and HS-related vocabulary). Then I have some fuzzy vision of mixing silks, parallettes and ball And somewhere in the middle of all this, I'd like to perform again. In Scotland, I was performing aerial. In Iran, I was doing theatre. Maybe I can get that thread running here as well (but getting a job is my priority right now). Yes, I'm curious to see how it goes with just having a check at the end of the month. It's still some kind of accountability but not as stringent. Bah you know when I started working HS on a regular basis, my holds were around 5s at best I think HS just needs consistent, fairly long-term, dedicated time (I mean for an adult with no specific talent / gym background, like me basically). It's a bit of a priority shift. I have had HS in my wish list for a long time, but it's only the past year that I could really allocate proper time for it AND that I found the settings (ie parallettes) that made me stick to it - despite the amount of crap and frustration HS training is throwing at me Monday Hips-related training. In the morning? YES Persian daily read: YES (Khabar online and BBC Persian) Unexpectedly I also spent some time on my cardboard, and I reached the stage where I can put the furniture away in a corner until I have more time and desire for decoration. It's just plain white for now. Here is how it currently looks like: Here are a few pics from the building stages: It honestly looks better on the pic than it is really. It has some soft edges and bumps of guesso that leaked and dried...erm It's not too bad for a first time I guess. If I had to do it again, I would be really super careful about edges (krafting has to be really neat) and cardboard has to be super high quality / super clean (which is not that easy to find when you're recycling). Not sure I would bother with guesso + paint (covering it might be easier). I'm not sure how long it will stay there. It will have its use for now because we don't have a lot of furniture but to stay for good it will definitely need some improvement / decoration that hides some of the irregularities. And off to some press to HS work now
  3. @mu

    KB Girl preps for the world championship

    Indeed, 2 in a row is a tricky one (prepping for just one can already be difficult ). Very interesting account on mental prep. I was thinking there were quite a few similarities with performing (as an amateur in my personal xp, so less at stake than a pro). There is no winning / losing but there is a sense of having a "successful" performance vs maybe a poor one. (5) "why the f I am even doing this" is very much the same
  4. @mu

    RogueLibrarian: Playlist

    Ding! Congrats
  5. @mu

    Press to handstand cont.

    TL;DR Maintain training consistency without tracking on NF (end of challenge evaluation) Train in the morning Daily reading in Persian Bonus: finish 2nd layer of guesso on cardboard project Current training focus: parallettes, handstand, press to handstand ~~ Last challenge, I started working with Garage Gym Girl's press to handstand programme. I went through assessments / handstand line / negative presses (wall & free) and I'm now working on elevated press. Most of this challenge's topic is likely to be focused on that because I'm very excited about it! I also do a custom session of GMB Parallettes 2 (bent arm work), some stretching and complementary work, some pull (background in aerial but not doing much at the moment because I'm very focused on press). I have been tracking all of this for ages here. I have been fairly consistent and I maintained the habit despite a big life change (international move). The challenge will be to see if I can maintain that without having to be accountable here. I'm curious. I do maintain a workout plan & log for myself, let's see if that's enough. I will see at the end of the challenge how it went. I'm still very likely to spam you with progress (or lack thereof) but it will be more blog-like than actual tracking. I pondered about having a daily battle log but I kinda like the challenge format better. There is one thing that I do want to track & challenge myself on a bit: I usually train in the morning but these days I tend to postpone my training sessions (stretching in particular) and it's not working for me (more tired, less focused, and sometimes I postpone so much that I end up skipping...). I will make training in the morning a challenge item. I do think it's ok to have some flexibility to deal with life impromptus, and doing it in the evening is better than not doing it all. I don't need 100% to pass, but I don't want it to happen too regularly basically. Life-wise, E., the cat and I moved countries a couple of months ago. I'm looking for a job (IT related) and it's a bit stressful of course. I have been quite good at prepping for that (CV, daily coding, market research, motivation letters, interviews are starting to come up etc). I don't think I need to challenge myself further on that item because after a little moment of doubt, fear and procrastination, I'm now definitely motivated and engaged in the process. But I might still do some regular venting here I will also leave out anything creative like drawing because I'm not in the mood at all, no point trying. If I manage to finish my cardboard project, it would be great though because it's still taking a lot of space in the living room. At least finish the second layer of guesso, so that I can move the furniture to its place until I can get on with decoration. That will be a bonus goal again (I did not manage it last challenge...). There is one last little item that I do want to challenge myself on, and it is reading in Persian. Back in Iran, I always had a bit of reading to do no matter what (work being a big one) but these days of course not so much. I always have a daily read in English without thinking about it (primarily international news, tech and training stuff, sometimes a book). In Persian, I still read social media + messages/e-mails, I read some news. But on a daily average, I don't think it amounts to much. Compared to English, I don't read as much literature either. And I noticed that I have started using more fenglish (f for farsi aka Persian, written with the English script) when I need to type. So let's try to read proper Persian a little bit every day. I won't be measuring volume / time for now, just a daily pass (social media / messaging do not count).
  6. @mu

    Mu develops her inner HS puppy

    I also relaxed a little bit but it's an evolving story. The restriction is super hardcore for Huawaei's next line of devices though
  7. @mu

    Mu develops her inner HS puppy

    They can't restrict access to the open source version of Android but that will probably require some update delivery refactoring on Huawei's side and it will probably be slower.
  8. @mu

    Mu develops her inner HS puppy

    https://www.reuters.com/article/us-huawei-tech-alphabet-exclusive/exclusive-google-suspends-some-business-with-huawei-after-trump-blacklist-source-idUSKCN1SP0NB It seems that Google Store and app updates will be maintained for existing owners. But OS updates are coming via the manufacturer and this is apparently cut out.
  9. @mu

    Mu develops her inner HS puppy

    Thanks! but ah I think I'm way too low on cardio to be a very relevant reference Preparing the new challenge.... and very bummed by today's news about Huawei (access to Android updates have been stopped by Google to comply with new US policy). I have a Huawei phone... I will see how it goes but I might end up having to install a Linux on it instead. It's pretty new and actually one of the best phones I have ever had. But no OS updates? That's pretty violent.
  10. @mu

    WhiteGhost Gets Serious 2: The Seriousening

    that bit cracked me up!
  11. @mu

    KB Girl preps for the world championship

    I think you did great this challenge considering the being sick part + the stake. That said, the prep has started long before this challenge, it's like going through a long flight of stairs and having a hick-up on one of the last steps. It's just one missed step, it's more disrupting because it's close to the deadline but overall you have done a lot of prep. Let's see what happens It could be a bit disappointing but it could still work out. And if not, there will be more opportunities. Maybe that "I'll deal" mindset can give you an edge mentally. What's up with the veggies exactly? is it having them in the fridge, cooking them, or simply a lack of desire to eat them?
  12. @mu

    WhiteGhost: Deep Thoughts

    +1 I'm also pondering on how to get that one right. Because doing it is no longer a challenge. Even despite the big move, I maintained the habit. But I think the accountability is always a nice extra incentive. On the other hand, I'd like to try to report a bit less here and see how it goes. And perhaps focus on little bits, like training in the morning, work my pancake a bit more for a challenge, that sort of thing. I guess it's also about choosing a battle log vs a challenge. I think my practice is more of a battle log these days. But I like the challenge format much better, it feels more agile / adaptable.
  13. @mu

    Mu develops her inner HS puppy

    ~ Challenge review ~ OMG this challenge is already over. It's so weird, last challenge felt like a century and this one feels like it has barely started. /* Challenge Log */ last P2 cycle |Deload| #1 | #2 | #3 P2: 3/3 | 1/1 | 1/1 | 1/1 | 1/1 100% Press2HS: 3/3 | 2/2 | 2/2 | 2/2 | 2/2 100% HS: 3/3 | 1/1 | 3/3 | 3/3 | 3/3 100% Stretching: 2/2 | 2/2 | 2/2 | 1.5/2| 2/2 95% Cirque-Physio:18/18| 12/12| 18/18| 18/18| 18/18 100% Legs: 2/2 | 2/2 | 2/2 | 2/2 | 2/2 100% Ball-flex: 4/4 | 4/4 | 4/4 | 4/4 | 4/4 100% Pull: 5 | 4 | 3 | 3 | 4 =19 Job-prep: 10/10| 16/10| 15/10| 14/10| 6/10 122% Drawing: 1 | 2 | 2 | 2 | 0 =7 Practice: going well so far. I'm really enjoying Kirsty's programme. It feels just right at my level and I can focus on form rather than just surviving it. I'm comparing with P2 balancing flows There is quite a big gap between P1 and P2, had I known I think I would have done first Kirsty HS programme, then press to HS, and then P2. That said, I think learning to balance is always quite intense, tiring and frustrating no matter the programme. And I still feel that but improving consistency over the past year has helped tremendously. Say in 10mn, I get a lot more good working reps than I used to. Her coaching has been spot on as well because as soon as I started following her advice, I could feel a difference in my holds. Of course, change does not happen over night, but it feels like things are going in the right direction. P2 custom feels good too. I definitely want to keep bent arm / levers / crow work in there. It's a bit lower priority but I feel that at a very minimum I need to maintain my level. A few weeks time is a bit too short to evaluate whether 1x/week is enough (in particular for bent arm strength). I will see how it goes, I might add some 1-leg crow / pike PU at the end of press to HS if I feel that I'm losing it a little. My pull activities are still minimal but that's ok by me for now. I have improved a fair amount on some Cirque Physio stuff, for instance, when I started I was unable to do child pose middle split leg lifts without a cushion and I could not hold really, just lifting was pretty tough despite the height buffer. Now I'm on the floor, butt down on the heel of my foot and I can lift and hold 4-5s there. Prone passés have also improved. The only thing bothering me a little is that I postpone stretching quite often instead of doing it in the morning. Nothing too bad, but maybe I could focus on that next challenge. Otherwise I'm now back to my pre-move rhythm. Job-prep: very good, I relaxed this week-end but I'm overall past the bout of procrastination I went through last challenge. I don't think I will need to challenge myself further on it, because I'm now definitely motivated and engaged in the process (whether my current application works out or not). Drawing/cardboard: that was a bonus item and while I did do a little here and there, I still haven't finished the second layer on my cardboard project. My mental space is a bit too busy with job search and coding to do much more than that. Edit: forgot to include today's pull
  14. @mu

    Mu develops her inner HS puppy

    I did not ask, it looked too clean to be really used imo Oops, I hope the floor is solid! Cheers! I guess a deep banana qualifies as some kind of HS scorpion, it's pretty technical too Saturday Ball drill + pull + press to HS: still on free standing negatives, I tried to make them as beautiful as I could to get a video for my submission #2, however looking at the videos I could have gone a bit slower to show more control. I will try to get another take next week. Legs are also still bending a wee bit but I don't think I can fix it in a week. Out of curiosity, I tried to press with books on the side and nope. I started re-reading the material on full press and you are supposed to push legs to the side. I was trying to get my legs up straight away (that definitely did not work). In the afternoon, we went to a local support group for epilepsy and I have to say it was a bit depressing. It is supposed to be recognised as a handicap, and while care/medication is covered by social security, we were warned that care is under extreme pressure, general public knowledge about it is pretty low and it sounds like work-wise, it's going to be the same as Iran despite handicap laws. Sunday I finally managed to get hold of an e-mail address for my tax centre (when I left France everything was still paper-based, I don't have an account to do things online). I sent my new info, so that bit is done. The last bit of admin will be social security (contrary to local popular belief, neither of us are entitled until we have 3 months of residency). I expect this to be a major paperwork pain in the ass. I'd happy to be proven wrong of course Then Cirque Physio x4 + ball drill + pull + HS endurance HS was a bit of a zoo, like I had all my spirits animals in one session! I had a bit of a harder time with my ribs. A best at ~48s, an epic one, I managed to recover from a pike followed by a big banana and again pike down to tuck and up again, but I didn't last long after that. Then some free standing negative and HS down to L-sit via a straddle. When I go from straight to straddle, I tend to pike (I'm often already a bit piked), so I'm working on straightening that bit + delaying the butt roll, and then slowing down the descent as much as I can. It's tough on balance, and after the butt roll, it's a lot of abs while still pushing like mad. Pretty intense 1-rep thingy. Here is a video of my wild endurance bit + a couple of negs: