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  1. @mu

    Fall wizardry

    Oh and Persian: 2/7 pretty bad week, erm And mana is not looking too good either just now... I can't even quite fathom how I put a couple of 4 in the middle of week on freshness (probably a mind trick). I need REST.
  2. @mu

    Fall wizardry

    HS workshop was great! We were mostly women and the teacher commented on that, which I thought was interesting... I brought my parallettes and shared them, they were used as an “atelier” (we had different work areas floor / blocks / higher wooden block + mattress behind). People liked them, I think I may have started a trend The teacher called them "tubes", which took me a while to adjust to People were a bit surprised that I was holding so so on the floor but fairly at ease on parallettes. I think the amount of kick power needed on parallettes is a bit off-putting at first (it looks “harder”) but really balance is easier once you're up there. I worked mostly on my hands though! and I'm starting to feel the back line the way I do on parallettes a little bit Fingers action still need work, especially pushing back but I'm starting to "get" it a little. What came up for me: - sometimes I have a slight deviation (due to my left arm unlocking a wee bit), and it's a funny one, because the deviation is aligned from feet to hands, I deviate in one block like the Pisa tower it's a bit hard to detect. That was great info because it's something I feel sometimes but that I can't quite catch on camera. - the teacher also noticed my pike tendency of course and he said that practising full extension kick-ups would help. I tend to find my balance in either straddle or tuck first and then extend. He told me to skip that for now, it's nice to have but it's encouraging my pike, so let's focus on catching my balance from immediate full extension. - and also practice every so often with a closer hand width. I have a wider stance, and I explained that's the space the bum needs for negatives to L-sit But yes I can still practice a closer width when I don't do negatives for instance. Otherwise there was an awesome gadget that was fixed on a wall ladder, I made a quick drawing because I could not find a pic of this pretty awesome torture instrument on-line: When I let go of the feet, my back went GRRRRRrrr CLUNK, wow it's not nice at all but it feels pretty good afterwards. The whole class was mostly focused on tuck and straddle kick-ups. Interspersed by partner work and some more complicated exercises with spotters. Everything free standing. There was no wall exercise at all actually, now that I think of it. I really enjoyed partner work, there was one exercise you do on your feet usually: you have to keep straight while being bounced about between partners. They call it the bottle. And we did that but in HS and that was a lot of fun (and super tiring), in particular going backward while keeping the line. There was also an exercise to train elevation with scapular pushes and a partner coming and pushing you down while your resist the push. We also did exercises coming down from blocks with a spotter. And HS to L-sit negatives, unfortunately my ab did not let me do those and I did not insist. And after 2h30 (workshop was 3h), my body became fairly unresponsive. I am going to FULLY rest for a few days now because my body is just beaten to be honest.
  3. @mu

    Fall wizardry

    Oh I forgot, during the second aerial class, we also had some dance/groupe movement improv with closed eyes, just following each other by touch, trying to keep a flow going, and then collective breathing. I really enjoyed that bit, and when he said that this is a feeling we should try to carry with our apparatus in the air
  4. @mu

    Mike Wazowski Gets Basic

    Love that sentence, can totally identify
  5. @mu

    Mad Hatter does handstands

    Yes, it still definitely qualifies as hand balancing imo, so it's in!
  6. @mu

    WhiteGhost's Fantastically Fancy 5x5 Food Fandango

    Awesome trip! Love the towel origami attention Very interesting video, that last rep looked like something was really happening there. It's very surprising to watch compared to the usual OAH training videos that are super focused on control and alignment. Yours is very dynamic. I saw bboys the other day while coming back home from work. And one guy was doing a very dynamic routine, I could not catch the exact order of things but it did look like he went into a funny bent arm press (somewhat arched + bent legs), went on one arm (arm still slightly bent) and pressed up, then did some other stuff afterwards turning around the arm holding. It was all very dynamic and a great watch.
  7. @mu

    Fall wizardry

    Thanks guys! No worry, I'm kinda running around a lot these days, updating is getting difficult! I like rope a lot, it has a very raw and minimalist aspect to it that I find very attractive. But compared to rope, silks is very comfy, that's nice every so often I like the split bit too, once I did a routine on 2 ropes put together and that was a lot of fun, with a bit more resting points too. A big offline log unloading, as I had no time to come around this week: Monday: freshness 3/5 motivation 4/5 Pistols + flexibility practice – so far so good Tuesday: freshness 4/5 motivation 4/5 Well I felt fresher than I really was! The feeling of bruising around the thoracic cage is gone but upper abs are still a bit broken. Big struggle bus on press, whatever the height, it was one of those days where synchronisation was a bit off. HS consistency: 17/25 - back to the usual but I had to fight a bit for it. Interestingly abs were mostly annoyed by leg raises (not by press), so I limited intensity on those. Wednesday: freshness 4/5 motivation 4/5 (again a posteriori a big case of wishful thinking) Inter-disciplinary class was aerial, but it was mostly beginner level, I only did a couple of interesting things towards the end, but nothing new and fairly low key (catcher stuff and cross-back straddle basing). Which all in all was not a bad thing because I think I might have pulled my left upper abdominal muscle. Towards the end that side was very painful when doing any sort of leg raise (climbs, inverts). I'll go gentle on it now because if it's really pulled, this could take weeks to heal... I'm very much unhappy right now. Thursday: freshness 2/5 motivation 2/5 quite bummed because I probably won't be able to do much at the aerial class... Shoulders are a bit tired in unusual places but not too bad. Left ab is not happy. Nice moment of the day: at lunch time, I won the table football championship with a colleague at work, meaning a bottle of wine each and a bunch of restaurant tickets (we will buy breakfast next week for everybody). We worked well, I'm a good defense and he hits goals like mad. Aerial class was okay, I did not do too much. I really hope that ab is just badly pulled and not actually torn... Most of the class was beginner material, which meant a lot of climb practice and straddle up progressions – not great with an ab injury so I really limited myself on those... Teacher gave me a bit more towards the end, air-based but not too involved ab-wise, nothing new but good to review. I friended quite a few people - maybe because I mentioned I had a rig at home but hey Friday: freshness 2/5 motivation 3/5 - rest Today I have a HS workshop. Before I have to run a few errands. The plan otherwise is to rest my ab as much as possible. No leg raises, no L-sit or V-sit until next Thursday (Wed class will be juggling) because all those are pretty painful. HS are ok, even press oddly enough, the amount of upper ab recruitment is no where near leg raises. It's not bothering me. I will take it EASY in any case. A decade ago, I pull that very same ab when I was weightlifting and I recall it took a while to heal. Generally speaking, my body feels a bit beaten... Freshness: 2/5 motivation: 4/5 and that's super frustrating! Bad point of the week: I only did my Persian goal once, oops. I usually read at bed time. We watched a few movies instead and I fell asleep on all of them...
  8. @mu

    Mad Hatter does handstands

    the TRUTH Awesome progress coming up, keep that feeling in mind, it will come again! You can do all of this (strength, flexibility, jumping) while focusing on HS. Just don't add too many items (1-2 max per "feature"). That might not sound enough for progress, but it does have an impact. You can put some in warmup, before your main HS skill(s), and some in conditioning afterwards, and finally stretch at the end. And then you can alternate your HS main skill, eg focus once on strength (press progression), another on flexibility (bananas, side bends), another on consistency, another on endurance.
  9. @mu

    Fall wizardry

    I'm going to revamp my goals with a little bit of magic. Persian Well, magic comes from a Persian word (cf Magi), right, so it totally fits. I will focus on contemporary Persian: Read (literature / newspaper – social media do not count) – 7x/week Possible variations (I must at least have 5 reading sessions though, that's the primary focus): > Watch a movie or listen to a radio programme > Start a Persian diary/notebook? Work on calligraphy (or least a decent hand writing )? Copy and translate bits of texts? Maybe include some drawings too? Ok this might go somewhere else entirely but I'll have it as an option as long I read regularly enough. Levitation charms & anti-gravity spells Last challenge, I managed my very first press to HS (with love, to Gravity, gotcha!). It will still be the main focus of my parallettes practice because, well, it was my very first rep and it will take a while before I can manage those on a regular basis. I need to practice 2x/week and it's not going to be easy (cf next section). Mana mana-gement I'm starting 2 new circus classes next week and I will have to re-organize my personal practice around those. One of the classes is aerial - I know roughly what to expect but it has been a while! And the other one is cross-disciplinary (aerial / handstand / acrobatics / expression / juggling...), and I have no idea what it will be like in terms of intensity and impact. My current plan is to keep up with my usual parallettes and flexibility sessions. I will be super lenient though (ie if I need rest, I will take it). My first trick will be to reduce intensity, and remove items that will be covered in class. I could easily let go of one HS consistency session for instance and merge my 2 flexibility sessions in one. Since I have 2 days rest, I can also be flexible and swap days if I need it. What I will do is track > how fresh vs tired I am (make sure I sleep enough) > how motivated I am (having enough sleep can also help that one) > take note if any body part feels really cranky for too long, with a special attention to my rotator cuff and the love-hate relationship between my rhomboids and my traps. > track progress - or lack thereof, the usual wizard grind, that mostly means venting out my frustration here! That's it! I will take the first week easy, it's actually deload week. I will start tracking seriously from next week on.