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  1. @mu

    Raven the Assassin in the shadows

    Welcome to the board! Nice goal-setting! What are you working on fitness wise? Is the evaluation based on rep count / hold times?
  2. @mu

    Hufflepuff this

    Thanks! That particular one, that was the first time. But these past weeks, I have had a few sessions working on HS to L-sit and managed a few with bent legs (a sample of fails and successes in this log from 3.50: https://youtu.be/yBiYLi8pfnw?t=3m50s). In the P2 phase I'm starting now, it will be a core exercise, I will be working on it much more regularly. Starting from tomorrow actually!
  3. @mu

    Hufflepuff Common Room

  4. @mu

    Hufflepuff Common Room

    The gap was even bigger this morning! Chased some, but the gap is still like ~190 reps
  5. @mu

    RogueLibrarian: Jedibrarian

  6. @mu

    Hufflepuff this

    Oops I forgot hanging raises: G-Force Training > Reporting to the CAG Leg raise knees to chest → toes to bar → V hold → leg pull back towards the bar x3 Bar bent knees butt side invert LR x2 DONE
  7. @mu

    Mary's Up To No Good

    Hitting it!
  8. @mu

    Hufflepuff this

    Gryffindor! Mini > Quidditch > Chasing Lying flexed foot straight leg extensions with ball 10L10R x2 Child's pose pike lift 10L10R x2 (Sacred Scrolls > Cirque Physio) Child's pose glute activation 10L10R x2 (Sacred Scrolls > Cirque Physio) Child's pose middle splits lift 4L4R (Sacred Scrolls > Cirque Physio) Pistol squat progression L3R3 x3 Total=73 Sacred Scrolls > Stretching Stretching focused on shoulders and hips (pigeon, grasshopper, lotus) + legs (hams, quads) => not counting towards the Mini
  9. @mu

    Hufflepuff this

    Previously, I only really worked my legs with weights. I wasn't expecting much hardship from body weight. But I was wrong + it's week 6, the build-up is a bit of a killer. Yes I will take a day off every so often. Last week I took 2 days off if I recall correctly, it was manageable. I will certainly go a bit lighter on volume. I don't want to switch to upper body because I'm sure it will impact on P2 if I do extra press or pull. I'd rather have grumpy legs than overused shoulders at this stage
  10. @mu

    RogueLibrarian: Jedibrarian

    Bugger, he is strong
  11. @mu

    RogueLibrarian: Jedibrarian

    Please? (Jedi Mind Trick in progress)
  12. @mu

    WhiteGhost Kind Of Putters Along

    Interesting, it is sort of the same here. Translation is also very poorly paid, except maybe in specialised sectors (e.g. certified translations of official documents - where it is actually a lot of cut & paste...)
  13. @mu

    Dog Days of Raptron

    Impatiently waiting for the fun physical challenges to come up
  14. @mu

    Mad Hatter gets HUFFLEBUFF!

    The social aspect is a fair point I think. And maybe that's why climbing gets to you more than the solo things like handstands. But maybe you will get a new climbing shiny soon and that feeling will be replaced by excitement again. Isn't there a big climb you want to do back in Sweden, sorry I forgot the details, but you said it was a big motivator to see how you would perform 1 year later?