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  1. @mu

    Mu's 5 efforts

    ha ha the immediate left over sensation was a bit rough but I got over it And thank you all for your kind messages!! This week was very busy in many ways, including today. But I managed to get my 5th effort done this morning. So it was FLOAT! The hard shit At first I wanted to do leg waves on “Winter” (Mum). I think it would have worked out very well for the float aspect. However I did not manage to get those leg waves at all. For those wondering about leg waves in HS, here is a sa
  2. @mu

    Assassin's Den

    The one where the apparatus falls even before he started running really cracked me up 😂
  3. @mu

    Assassin's Den

    Check that one out: https://www.instagram.com/p/CHnoKR4CJJi
  4. @mu

    Mu's 5 efforts

    Thanks! You're my witness Thanks! That "sustained" bit is so hard to do in slow motion. Really hard. Of all the ones so far, it was not my preferred session. As long as you're enjoying yourself all that said, I don't have any particular talent on my feet. On my hands, I have at least the excuse that it is expected to be hard And another very challenging session today. I went for SLASH (indirect / strong / sudden). I found music that was pretty good I think, but oh ah what a mess it was! I had a very hard time to synch
  5. Your pull workout is insane But I'm sure volume will come back quickly since you can already knock down a few reps of each. It's just a specific type of endurance, not like you have lost the skills. Completely unrelated but I love the Mao vest on the second video, suits you really well (not sure how you call it, in French we say a "Mao collar")
  6. Emma is such a cheery little bit of sun ❤️ How is your mum? And yeah, this year is pretty insane on so many levels...
  7. Very cool videos! Dude, you're ripped And I like the choice of weights in pistols Both look good on form to me. I think you got the main bit which is pressing from that hole. If I recall correctly one option is to do them from a box so that you can keep a straight leg even if it goes lower that your bottom line. It's quite a bit of compression while under tension. But the lift is the main thing to get isn't it?
  8. @mu

    Mu's 5 efforts

    You do not dance at all? ~~~ Press was tough. Remember how I said I was more comfortable with direct, strong and sustained ha ha. Well, let me retract, at least in handstands, the sustained bit was super hard to get to 100%. I mean, I could not. Lots of trembling, some little interruptions while I'm rebalancing as discretely as I can, little drops of the legs when I'm too weak to maintain the super slow motion... Not exactly tightly smooth. I just don't have that level of control in HS. That's something that came up with WRING as well - whil
  9. Awesome!! Those giants are super duper cool! Love it!
  10. It's hard to read this Big hugs ❤️
  11. @mu

    Mu's 5 efforts

    And this one hue hue
  12. @mu

    Mu's 5 efforts

    That one came to mind:
  13. @mu

    Mu's 5 efforts

    Oh thanks!!! That's brilliant! Some sections are very very relevant indeed (it doesn't need to be long for a HS, that's a plus of the exercise ) and you are giving me ideas again! ❤️
  14. I love this. It's beautiful. Backtracking quite a bit, I found the story about your client interesting, the bit where she might or might not be projecting on her husband. If you ever get to know, I'd be curious to know too. That's pretty neat
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