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  1. @mu

    Raptron's Haunted House

    AWESOME! The machine looks very oiled, if I may say, on the video it really shows (flexibility /checked, strength /checked) - you got those basically! Everything else is refinement!
  2. @mu

    RogueLibrarian: Lean & Mean

    Fantastic! I did aikido for some time, it was a lot of fun! And that happened to me a lot too I was in a small club where everybody was either black belt or nearly there (training in Japan and stuff). Sometimes it was hard! I remember being thrown around A LOT Which I actually did enjoy most of the time to be honest but my practice was getting more and more into assisted aerials rather than martial art maybe You had a good challenge I think, you still managed to keep training despite a busy schedule, it's not so easy. Don't let the evil twin minimize your effort or lash out because "it's not enough". You kept at it which I think is a win, and more important than the volume.
  3. @mu

    The Ol' Nerd Challenge

    Yesterday 1 mug of coffee, and off-screen at 10PM sharp. My husband is also following me on this no-screen past 10PM thing Today HS warmup Low frog hold 8s x3 Slow push-ups 10 High frog to double arm lever + first lever spin transition (not very successful) x4 Double elbow lever single bar x4 + switches attempts - hard especially on the right HS 8 for consistency - 1 for 17s – 9 for consistency – 1 for 30+s Video for that last HS, it was not exactly still waters... I'm really unnecessarily tensed (coffee / coding sprees do that to me). But I'm very happy because there were so many bail-out triggers in those 30s and I managed to keep it up. Not pretty but good progress I think with respect to my range of balance. Hanging raises Aerial alignment drills + front lever progression + German hangs Silks hamstring curls 10x4 + GHR 5x4 Lying flexed foot leg extension with ball 10x2 Bridge and straddle stretches I used to feel a bit of discomfort (shoulders but also legs) when getting into a bridge, at least the first time. It's really getting better. Greasing the groove is working well on that one. [mu@safran nf10]$ cat challenge_log_w0 | cowsay -n -f koala ________________________ / Challenge Log - DELOAD \ | | | P2+HS: 5/5 | | | | Stretching: 2/2 | | Hanging raises: 5/6 | | Cirque Physio: 12/12 | | Legs: 4/4 | | Ball flex: 3/4 | | Aerial: 2/3 | | | | No screen past 10PM: | | 2/6 2+41+3 mn | | | | Coffee: | \ 2+2+2+2+1 mugs / ------------------------ \ \ ___ {~._.~} ( Y ) ()~*~() (_)-(_)
  4. @mu

    The Ol' Nerd Challenge

    I think I compressed the pics a bit too much as well a pity because I have a new phone with really good quality pics! I'd really like to go to Armenia at some point. Maybe we will go when/if my cousin visits (her husband is of Armenian origin). It's kinda next door, it would be a shame not to.
  5. @mu

    WhiteGhost Will Probably Change This Title Later

    you're welcome That was a busy morning!
  6. @mu

    The Ol' Nerd Challenge

    This morning we went on a little tour in central Teheran. A few pics below. We met at Imam Khomeini metro station which is built in Tehran's Qajar armury (central Teheran today). There is quite a bit too see around, below is the National Gate (also from Qajar times). Plus guys in the street stopping to listen to our guide :D We then visited a synaguogue nearby. In a bit of a derelict state, but very cosy inside. They are Sephardi but a part of the building is allocated to Ashkenazi (different rituals). Then here are the entrance of the ceramic musem and a sneak view of a Zoroastrian highschool (you can recognize the Faravahar). Below is the entrance to a fire temple, we couldn't get in because today is a Zoroastrian holiday (service day). Next to it is an Armenian church with a little museum as well. As I understand it, the Armenian church is neither Catholic nor Orthodox, they have their own head of church who can be recognized by their fancy hood :p I'm painfully posting this from my mobile, I hope it comes out ok! Edit: mobile mess clean-up
  7. @mu

    Mad Hatter Fury Road

    Jumping in! A+++ How's the elbow?
  8. @mu

    The Ol' Nerd Challenge

    dear Lord, that's quite a combo A silly Android Game, Tomb Raider Relic Run
  9. @mu

    Raptron's Haunted House

    Ha ha great theme! Maybe time for a light creepy crow session
  10. @mu

    Phoenix's flexibility & recovery challenge

    ouch, I'm sorry to hear that, I hope it won't take too long to fix Have a good challenge!
  11. @mu

    The Ol' Nerd Challenge

    what option did you use? I'm a bit low on the update rate. Monday Screen past 10pm: +41mn oops (silly game) Tuesday Hanging raises. P2 deload workout with HS lowers (feeling the coffee), L-sit and straddle holds. Aerial alignment and skills (meathooked hip lock + Aloha sequence bits). Cirque Physio back-bends soft tissue prep. Still not quite getting that “Tensor Fascia Latae (TFL) Release”, I'm not sure I'm doing it right at all. 2 mugs of coffee... Screen past 10pm: almost there +3mn Wednesday Back-bends, a bit of physio, ball flex and raises. The usual, nothing remarkable, no fail either. 1 mug of coffee. I was tempted 2-3 times to get some more but NO, I want to handstand in peace! [mu@safran nf10]$ cat challenge_log_w0 | cowsay -n -f moose ____________________________________ / Challenge Log - DELOAD \ | | | P2+HS: 4/5 | | | | Stretching: 2/2 | | Hanging raises: 4/6 | | Cirque Physio: 12/12 | | Legs: 2/4 | | Ball flex: 2/4 | | Aerial: 1/3 | | | | No screen past 10PM: 1/6 2+41+3 mn | \ Coffee: 2+2+2+2 mugs / ------------------------------------ \ \ \_\_ _/_/ \ \__/ (oo)\_______ (__)\ )\/\ ||----w | || ||
  12. @mu

    Mad Hatter embraces fall

    That makes a lot of sense to me too. Because then it also works for food restriction (no substance...) and "auxiliary" rituals. It's not uncommon for people with an ED to have some OCD as well or traits that fall under "personality disorders" issues (not a fan of that term though). Also re the risking getting fat / accepting that a smaller vs bigger weight doesn't matter: I do think this is key, but I also think it's much harder for people who are seen as big/fat by society and are regularly shamed because of it. There is discrimination between the different types of EDs too (e.g. anorexia vs bulimia vs binge eating). People still assume that you cannot be anorexic if you are not feather weight. Fortunately it's changing but anorexia almost passed as glamorous at some point... Now it's fit and lean, but it's not that much better... That level of discipline is still encouraged by society, it does have a positive ring to it while binges are the little out-of-control disgusting monsters, right? I will caricature a bit, bear with me, but imo it's quite the opposite. Binges are the rebels revolting against a form of fascism. Whether it's your little internal judgment voice or social/peer pressure. But they are the bit of life in you saying "no I can't take this any more, I deserve to feel satisfied ffs". I do agree they can end up being pretty self-destructive. They will scale to the level of authoritarianism you are facing... But there is a voice in them asking to be listened to.
  13. @mu

    The Ol' Nerd Challenge

    The sodomized sheep is gone though, you have to look for -f head-in So On Saturday, I reported on my previous thread. On Sunday, I did some P2 deload session (HS, 1-leg crow, HS to L-sit, L-sit and straddle holds) and my hanging raises. Today, I did another one, with more HS and a variety of crows + hip presses. With an amazing fail on those that I caught on video (sound included ) I drank a bit too much coffee, I need to go back to 1 mug a day. And I stopped using a screen right at 10pm on Saturday and a little bit after yesterday (no biggie). Summary so far, I will start with the variation I suggested to Mad Hatter: [mu@safran nf10]$ cat challenge_log_w0 | cowsay -n -f head-in _______________________________ / Challenge Log - DELOAD \ | | | P2+HS: 3/5 | | | | Stretching: 1/2 | | Hanging raises: 2/6 | | Cirque Physio: 4/12 | | Legs: 2/4 | | Ball flex: 1/4 | | Aerial: 0/3 | | | | No screen past 10PM: 1/6 +2mn | \ Coffee: 2+2+2 mugs / ------------------------------- \ \ ^__^ / (oo)\_______/ _________ (__)\ )=( ____|_ \_____ ||----w | \ \ \_____ | || || || ||
  14. @mu

    The Ol' Nerd Challenge

    Summary for the quick reader: Likes: pull / push / bend Tools: body weight, parallettes, aerial silks, ball Epic quest: complete GMB Parallettes 2 (P2) Somewhat low key challenge as life is crazy-busy these days BUT that's exactly when I should be careful about keeping up with practice and other sanity-related goals! I will move back to text-based reporting and use cowsay, a very old Linux command line utility (showing my age probably), to generate extremely fancy reports. Here is a preview: [mu@safran nf10]$ echo "Hello and welcome!" | cowsay -y ____________________ < Hello and welcome! > -------------------- \ ^__^ \ (..)\_______ (__)\ )\/\ ||----w | || || Yeah I know Just wait for it, it has many crazy ASCII options (not all SFW). GMB Parallettes 2 recap: Prep phase: 4 weeks + deload week /done Phase 1 cycle 1: 3 weeks + deload week /done Phase 1 cycle 2: 3 weeks + deload week /done Phase 1 cycle 3: 3 weeks + deload week /done Phase 2 cycle 1: 4 weeks + deload week / done Phase 2 cycle 2: 3 weeks + deload week /on-going Bah more than 6 months of P2 already! Crazy! The original programme is supposed to be 6 months... but I definitely need more time (how do people get the lever spin in 4 weeks??). Here is my full training log so far with ref videos for whoever is interested in GMB P2 / Parallettes progressions. This challenge will look like this: NF break week = Deload – lenient reporting / test week Week 1 + 2 + 3 = P2 Phase 2 Cycle 3 Week 4 = Deload Goals: (1) Epic quest: P2 & HS training P2 3x/week and make sure HS training is happening 3x/week (P2 workouts include some). OR deload week 5x/week (shorter and lower intensity, including HS and no evaluation/scoring) (2) Next is all my usual training stuff. Besides aerial and stretching, there is a list of drills that I need to include here and there in my workouts. The deload format also takes it down a notch in intensity (easier variation, fewer reps) Stretching (hips, back) – 2x/week Hanging raises – 6x/week Cirque Physio – 24 drills /week (deload: 12 drills /week) Legs (traditional leg stuff) – 4 drills /week Ball flex (ball held on a flexed foot work) – 4 drills /week Aerial (flow, skills, alignment, conditioning) – 3x/week (usually 1 big session + 2 light ones) I'm not going to report on those as extensively as I used to (with reps and all), it just needs to happen. I have been consistent enough so far. If I see some dwindling, I might revert to stricter reporting (Log.SEVERE). (3) Stop using a screen by 10PM. Coding / gaming / watching a movie / social media - all count. I'm allowed 1 joker per week. I will keep track of the good days and count overtime as penalty score. (4) Track my coffee consumption. Just track for now. NB1: My week starts on Saturday NB2: Monday is rest day (edit: except on deload weeks oddly enough maybe) Have a good challenge everyone!
  15. @mu

    Mad Hatter embraces fall

    According to the letter, I was supposed to call, which I did. And then they sent somebody to investigate my flat. I'm not sure that's actually quite legal but anyway, I really did not have a TV. The person who came was also a little bit embarrassed.