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  1. Raptron Enrolls at NFU

    oh yes yes yes, I see a nice trend coming up in this forum (cf RogueLibrarian challenge ) Yeah!!!!
  2. RogueLibrarian: Assassin Training Camp

    erm cheers mate Silks, of course, silks!
  3. So say we all!

    And Crow PvP awesomeness! So this morning was Parallettes HS 5 5 5 One-legged crow variations (Crow PvP) with a great variation introduced by Elastigirl, it's tough but it should help! GMB spinal flexibility + back drop + elbow stand scorpion focusing on longer holds rather than bending more And crow headstand for the PvP again a little bit later
  4. Crow PvP [May 21 to June 18]

    Fantastic! So it's official, here is the latest MURDER list: Norgaard Mad Hatter Elastigirl lucky fire dragon Raptron @mu WhiteGhost Machete Jlailin @raptron it is your turn! Thanks! What a great tutorial! That's a lot of exploring to do! Love it! Yessss!!!! And I love your smile after the baby crow moment! Here is my one-legged crow practice + the headstand crow. Of the variations in Elastigirl's tutorial, I did the first one with a prop at the bottom. I have a bit of wall that I could use but not enough space in front of it I added another variation on parallettes with deep bent arms that has helped me progress a bit with feeling the shape: either coming down from bent arm press and placing the knee on the elbow, or pressing into the one-legged crow directly. #1 Crow prep + clapping seal crow #2 Baby crow – failed crow to baby crow #3 One-legged crow variation: block support at the bottom or in deep bent arm stand on parallettes #4 Headstand crow
  5. That's a fantastically epic goal! I went to see the Highland Games that were held in Edinburgh for the Clan Gathering in 2009 and it was absolutely brilliant. The caber toss was really really cool to watch! I have no idea how you train this though, it sounds pretty demanding in terms of training space and equipment
  6. Crow PvP [May 21 to June 18]

    Haha that little cherry syrup must have gotten to my head
  7. Crow PvP [May 21 to June 18]

    Nice one though! You're at work?
  8. So say we all!

    This morning, I had a mixed ball of stuff at low/medium intensity (delooooad / prep week before boarding the battlestar) Parallettes HS Bent arm press to 1-legged crow, struggling with my leg position, this is still not a proper 1-legged crow... Baby crow and many fails on crow to baby crow for the PvP Cat was half intrigued half amused by all this crow stuff, but she didn't move / didn't interrupt Aerial invert alignment drills: neutral to shoulder rotations, shelf hold, tuck hold and tuck pebbles, straddle shelf with frog legs and extension – that last one really needs alignment work, my back is still not in the right place Silks: bar 1-arm hold to hip lock with mixed grip to sumo to crab to skin the cat LR - but my apparatus is too low to get into a nice sumo even from a high hip lock, I keep ending on the floor, meh Stretches
  9. Crow PvP [May 21 to June 18]

    Ok I did some baby crows this morning, here is the video, including my failed attempts from crow to baby crow, again and again and again, and some more At first, I thought my elbows would indeed brutally snap down and I used a big cushion, but the fall is actually quite a twisty one, at least when going one elbow at a time. I will keep up a personal log of shinies (and not so shiny ) #1 Crow prep + clapping seal crow #2 Baby crow – failed crow to baby crow
  10. Crow PvP [May 21 to June 18]

    Join us! Some crow variations involve more flexibility, others dig strength, it's fun to try anyway! I use books, firm cushions, the sofa and/or my parallettes to help myself. Looking forward to your mods, I was looking into it myself yesterday! NB: Don't forget to do both left and right sides, to set a good example
  11. [SymphonicDan] remembers how to Assassin [Level 23]

    I do cold showers every so often, but I know I'm not ready to commit to a daily practice just yet Very interesting challenge! Looking forward to the next! Enjoy your trip!
  12. In which Mad Hatter un-adults and enjoys life!

    What a lovely day! Awesome! I'm sure this will also help your climbing directly or indirectly on top of being a feel-good and fun activity. Norgaard had a brilliant idea with this crow pvp. I feel that it's going to help me a lot.
  13. Welcome to Pavowski's Anti-Gym

    Woot what a cool setup! And oh the T-rex
  14. DoubleTrouble's dynamic quests

    Challenge nailed next! How is your shoulder feeling now?
  15. Crow PvP [May 21 to June 18]

    Oh cute & mean baby crow Welcome crow friend! ~ Queue of crow peeps ~ Norgaard Mad Hatter Elastigirl lucky fire dragon Raptron @mu WhiteGhost Machete