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  1. Thank you @Laghail, I wasn't able to get the walking in as I had hoped, but was still pleased with the activity I got in this weekend. Read on: Saturday, December 9, 2017 Gym: Nope. Had to work on the transport. Leaning over into the engine compartment to reach to part to be replaced really wore on my back, so remember that for the coming days. FitBit: 5,679 Steps, 5 of 10 hours (boo!), BUT, I did manage to get in 116 minutes of active time, so that's pretty good. Weight Watchers: Blue dot, 13 active points This, considerin
  2. Whoa! Fantastic choice! Glad to see the Hut was defeated so readily! Keep it up!
  3. Friday, December 8, 2017 Chest & Back: Upright Press: 50 lb, 3x12 Lat Pulldown: 70 lb, 3x12 (this was a challenge for me. Won't attempt an increase in weight next time.) Lat Row: 50 lb, 3x12 Back Extension: 110 lb, 3x12 We were also going to do butterflies and reverse butterflies but the machine was out of order. As exhausted as we were from this week, we didn't miss it... FitBit: 7,261 steps, ZERO of 10 hours with 250+ steps (I was in and out of meetings all day and I couldn't say, "excuse me, I have to go get my steps in." A
  4. Week one update: Diet: Finish the month of December with at least 75% (21) "blue dots" on my Weight Watchers app I've gotten a blue dot each day since starting this challenge. Well on my way! Activity: Finish the month of December with at least 20 visits to Planet Fitness I made each weekday this week. Unable to make it today as I have car work to do. Mental Wellness: Start and finish one drawing by the end of December. I haven't even started a drawing yet, but only because the aforementioned car troubles have gotten me home way too late to e
  5. I was running late this morning (and our cupboards are rather bare) so I didn't have the time (or the stuff) to make myself a lunch for work. We have this thing at the hospital where you can swipe your ID badge at the cafeteria, coffee shop or built in Subway, and whatever you buy gets deducted from your paycheck, so I figured I'd run to Subway real quick, swipe, and grab a meatball sub. You know, call it a "cheat day" (ugh!) Instead, I decided to walk PAST the Subway to the cafeteria (which is a healthy hike, I might add) and got a burrito bowl (no tortilla). I was
  6. Following. Your goals are awesome and I look forward to watching your progress!
  7. I started my "Level 1" challenge this week with the expectation that I'll start and "official" challenge come the new year, during the actual time period.
  8. I have also seen PB... where do you even get 250 lbs of peanut butter?
  9. Thursday, December 7, 2017 Core: 25 minutes of core FitBit: 7,625 steps, 9 of 10 hours with 250+ steps (I felt it buzz for the 9:00 hour, and I even said, "get up, go wal- oh, let me do this before I go. Whoops, it's 10:05..." Also, ankle was still buggin'. Weight Watchers: Blue dot, gained 25 activity points I have to replace an ignition coil in my truck tomorrow (Saturday) (vehicle's been running like shee-ot, misfire on the #6 cylinder which is "awesomely" up against the firewall in my I-6) so I'm going to miss the gym. I'm d
  10. Some of each. No, but really, what I find happens is I get all gung-ho about exercising that I push too hard my first time out, over-do it, hurt myself, take "a couple days off to recover" then six months later start the process over again.
  11. If I caught an 11 year old drinking beer, I'd smack the crap out of him! In all seriousness, I'm right here with ya brother. I myself am 6'5", 400-ish pounds and am ready to make changes. I'm (re)starting my journey this week and would be open to being your accountabilibuddy. What are your fitness goals? As for the 4 week challenges, you can find a link to them at the top of the page in the gray nav bar, or at the bottom of the front page of the forum. DM me if you want some encouragement from a like-sized individual.
  12. Awesome, thanks Heidi! Glad I wasn't the only one...
  13. You know, I've heard on numerous occasions, cutting soda is a sure-fire way to lose weight. Boy, that ain't no joke! I haven't had a soda at all this week (well, in addition to the sudden exercising and tracking on WW) and I'm confident in a 10 lb loss this week!
  14. Someone should start a "Glossary" sticky for the "Start Here" section. Something that contains frequently used acronyms and terminology that the average noob might not understand. I've seen a couple of terms I've had to google and some acronyms I'm still in the dark about (Like, I've seen people use "PR". "Public Relations"? I doubt that's coming up in a thread about powerlifting and squats...)
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