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  1. https://leaderboard-lite.throwdowns.com/competition/tsc-spring-2018/
  2. Is anyone planning to participate in the Tactical Strength Challenge? Its a world wide competition that you go to a gym around you and submit your numbers. The events are: Deadlift; 3 attempts at a one rep max Pull ups; 1 attempt at max reps, strict KB Snatch; 5 min max reps each arm I'm planning to go to Victory Fitness in Greenwood, IN to compete.
  3. A lot of great points above. If you are a novice lifter there isn't a need to push the weights close to max. You can still make great gains lifting as little as 40% of your max in the first year of lifting. Just pick a weight that challenges you and keep the form crisp. Always leave a rep or two in the tank and you'll be ok. Just dial up the reps and sets (volume) and you will get plenty strong for a while. Good luck to you on your journey of strength!
  4. Keep at it @Harriet ! You will make awesome gains in the coming year. I see a lot of issues w/ the left shoulder going overhead (in humans). You may not have the core stability on the left side to allow your arm to go overhead safely, thus causing the pain. With most of my clients I move them to a landmine bar for overhead pressing. It isn't directly overhead and allows us to focus on keeping the core tight and reaching long without extended the lower back. I think dumbbels are also a great starting point. You may have better success only pressing one arm at a time and really squee
  5. So.... break at the ankles first or break at the hips first? Just want to clarify. On the topic of ankle mobility, most ankles are tight because people are extended at the spine, puffing their chest forward and pushing their bodyweight forward on to their toes. The brain then keeps the muscles that dorsiflex activated to keep from falling forward. Doing ankle mobility drills wont fix the underlying issue. Performing front loaded squats and learning to set your rib cage back, over the hips and letting the knees come forward on the squat will open the ankles up right aw
  6. I've committed the past 5 months to dropping my bodyweight and losing fat. I've dropped 4% bodyfat (hopefully more at next measurement) and down about 15 lbs since I last maxed out in deadlifts. At my last max out competition I pulled 640 at a bodyweight of 238. I can really feel the weight loss on my heavy lifts. I just don't feel as strong without all that torso mass haha. Well I decided to go off plan, something I hate my clients doing btw, and try to pull 600. It went up! and not too bad. I guess all is not lost. Heres the video of it followed by 400 for what felt like a
  7. Fell off my tracking again.... Lower body, deload week: warm up: single leg hip thrusts supine alternating toe reach cat/cows t-spine rotations Deadlift 2 x 8 455 RDL 2 x 8 275 Hip thrusts 2 x 8 225 High bar back squat 2 x 8 225 Sled Drag 4L Calf Raises 2 x 20 Deadloads are always lame, but neccessary. It refreshes my body and also gets me pumped and ready to start the next phase. Looks like the weights drop a bit and the reps go way up. We'll see what happens
  8. I think a good weight to start with would be a 24kg, 52lbs. If you have pretty good swing technique and are strong you could go for a 32kg. The 24kg is the standard men's weight and is very challenging for high repitition swing workouts like the program minimum, 200 one arm swings in 10:00, and snatch test, 100 in 5:00. I like the kettlebells made by Rogue Fitness and Kettlebell Kings. They seem to be the best quality for the price. You can go Dragondoor if you want to be really fancy
  9. 12.25.17 Arm day Needed to do something since I ate like a total asshole all day Supinating curls 45 Skull crushers 105 superset 5 x 10 Pressdowns 32kg Reverse curls 65 superset 4 x 12 Close grip push up Concentration curls Forearm roll up superset 2 x 15-20 I was worried my schedule would go to crap this week, but being aware of my timing and getting things done allowed me to get in some kind of workouts. Ready to get back on the full schedule today and finish out this high volume week o
  10. 12.24.17 No time for a full workout, too much family stuff. 1/2 mile warm up jog 5 150m sprints; 125 HR recovery 10 min aerobic plyos 10 min cooldown jog Legs are still sore from the sprints 3 days later. I guess upping the sprints from 10s to 20s was all it took to wreck my quads, groin, and hamstrings.
  11. 12.23.17 Warm up 500m skiERG Wide grip pull ups 5 x 1/fail +8kg 10, 8, 8, 8, 7 Parallel grip pull ups 5 x 1/fail +8kg 8, 8, 8, 7, 7 One arm LM Row 5 x 1/fail 10 -> Upright Row 6 x 1/fail 115 12, 11, 10, 10, 10, 10 Superset: Chest supported reverse flye Straight arm pulldown Inverted row -12-15 reps each x 2 Followed by chipotle. YUM!
  12. Friday 12.22.17 Warm up: 90/90 balloon w/ plate reach Pullover Yoga Push up w/ spiderman Incline bench 5 x 1/fail 225 8, 10, 10, 9, 8 Incline flye 6x 1/fail 45 10, 10, 10, 10, 8 Close Grip Bench 5 x 1/fail 205 8, 12, 11, 10, skip Military Press 5 x 1/fail 165 9, 10, 9, 8, 8 Had to cut it short and skip the arms at the end. Just getting in a session during the holidays is a win.
  13. I hope everyone has a great Holiday season. I just ordered a bench and another 40kg kettlebell from Rogue Fitness. Has anyone else bought or received any cool health and fitness gear? Hopefully I can get a rower next year
  14. Craigslist is a great place to look for free weights and dumbbells. I personally love Rogue Fitness. I have a home gym that I train people out of and their stuff is commercial quality, but isn't crazy expensive. They are located in Columbus and I'm in Cincinnati so shipping is only a day or two. its great!!! I would personally start with these: Kettlebells (most options) get one heavy one and two moderate ones Squat stand w/ pull up bar Olympic bar set Rings or suspension system Sled You could get really strong for forever if you had all these t
  15. I had a bad stretch of missing workouts and didn't get in any runs either. Sometimes you need to put more important things ahead of personal goals. Got back on schedule yesterday. 12.21.17 Back focused Warm up: 90/90 balloon breathing w/ plate reach Pullover Leg lowers Adductor Rock backs HK PVC series Chest Supported KB rows 4 x 2/fail 32kg x 2, 40kg x 2 12, 12, 10, 10 Bent over barbell rows 4 x 2/fail 230 12, 10, 10, 9 Wide grip pull ups 3 x 2/fail 8, 12, 10 DB lateral Raise 4 x 2/fail 22.5
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