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  1. Hi. I'm new (obvi) and not your typical gamer nerd, definitely more of an academic nerd. I am working on a doctorate in Chinese Medicine and spend much of my day looking through scientific articles and reading about herbs or psychology and chronic pain. I do like me some old skool Nintendo and PS2 games and tend to be more of a casual/mobile gamer. Board games are good. I can make things with sticks and strings. I'm looking to formulate a body-care line at some point, but I'll probably only sell it in my office. I have spent a lifetime under stress and duress and the c
  2. Hey! I clicked on it because I was like "Congrats!" to the acid trip AND to joining up. (I'm over 6 trips in, but they were many years ago and I lost count...) Good on you for just living your honest life. Whatever it is, so long as you aren't hurting anyone, you'll find those you need in your life at the time you need them. I'm so excited for you to be making so many firsts - boundaries, discussions with the little-kid-you inside, NF, acid, not worrying about what others think! My ONLY advice is that if you could try to not be so hard on that little-kid-you.. he
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