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  1. Its jusy really annoying man. Ive been at 69 kg at 5 11 still my love handles become smaller but really round still and a slighy buldge on my stomach.
  2. No mattet how hard i try my stomach and love handles and chest fat dont go away https://imgur.com/a/M12dh0J I lost weight through diet and cardio alone now started a little bodyweight training. Why is my love handle so round ?
  3. I read the convict conditioning and will probably base my workound that. Its a great book.
  4. How far can it take me? Once I hit 3x10 I will do diamon push ups then planche pushups. I can do 11-8-4 for now Il buy pull up bar too and start with negatives. Im not sure how to do legs . Can I build a good upperbody just with bodyweight?
  5. Im going to start working out(stopped due to many issues) and am getting a powerblock 5-90 lb and will get normal dumbbells post that to save space(prolly till 150lb). How big can you get with solely dumbbells and a pullup bar? Im thinking of doing dumbbell training for a year and a half then go to a real gym and do barbell training. so the routine I mapped out says to progress after I hit 12 reps on the first set. Problem is after 90 lb Il be having 10 lb jumps on the dumbbells, do I shoot for more reps? another issue is on the heavier set for chest press, will it be an issue getting the dumbbells in place? I keep reading it can cause injuries.
  6. the price seems pretty reasonable here https://www.amazon.com/One-Pair-Adjustable-Dumbbells-Kits/dp/B0087T8UOE but it doesnt ship to india, any tips on sites that sell this to india?
  7. hey I stopped working out due to problems but am buying many dumbells (Im a dumbell guy lol) and I will try your method when I start again
  8. How much does a good power rack cost? ?
  9. a transporter will transport dumbells to my place, I am gonna buy 5-50 kg first and as I get stronger, will buy another set the programme I want to follow calls for dumbell deadlifts and dumbell squats, is there a programme that includes bulgarian split squats and single leg deadlifts? can you link me if you have one? I have a spacious room where I can fit all my dumbells and a bench. Its either that or a barbell set up but I prefer dumbells as I feel I can isolate a muscle more(If am not wrong) and I can bench safely all alone.
  10. I prefer a dumbell set up over a barbell set up. I really like the safeness of a dumbell. Legs is a concern. I dont want to have the biggest legs in the world but passable atleast. I was thinking of doing a barbell routine but im giving dumbells another thought. My Q is about weight lifting straps. For dumbell squats, will my grip be better with it? Will it atleast be 60 % of results what a barbell back squat would be? And am also getting dumbells till 100 kg. The seller told me he can make how much ever heavy dumbells i want so even deadlift will give me maximun results right?
  11. Yea i understand that. But i always have this fear I wont progress as per the programme . Do i pick a weight where i can only do 5 reps and fail after that or do i leave 1-4 reps in the tank? Also i have a routine i picked out...i dont know how good it is, i will post the routine in a bit. It tells me to to hit 15 reps on the compound movements. Do i start where i can do 7 to 8 reps and work up to fiften for one set and add weight the next session or do i pick a weight that hits 15 reps all sets. How do i progress? Il just find the routine and post it Edit: heres one i found https://www.muscleandstrength.com/workouts/dumbbell-barbell-mass-workout.html but how do i progress and what weight should i pick edit again: oh yeah this is intermediate too Edit: https://www.jefit.com/routines/workout-routine-database.php?id=24445 heres another one i see that hits all bodyparts 3x a week but same questions Edit: https://www.muscleandstrength.com/workouts/dumbbell-only-home-or-gym-fullbody-workout.html this is a routine i want to follow something im confident i can understand(as i worked with dumbells b4) can i follow thia progression scheme and just replace dead lifts and squats with barbell equivilent?
  12. Im reading on all the programmes and everything seems way to complicated, i was following a dumbell ppl routine but family emergencies came into the way and I stopped. My god are dumbell routines easy. Im reading on 5/3/1 and im getting so confused. When do I add the weight? and how do I figure out my one rep max? esp on benchpress....can I use dumbells? all programmes are confusing me. It seems tougher to progress. Is it because I never did barbell training on my own? Whats an easy programme to follow man. By easy I mean my brain can understand, not the lifting part being less taxing.
  13. What can I do to not feel hungry?. Im trying to use portion control and eating lots of protien. I tried bulking but a specialist in diets and working out said im putting on some fat on my face. So as a sort lf beginner i know i can build some muscle on a deficit. Im not counting calories. Just using portion control. Drinking couple of shakes to meet my protien goals.
  14. Everywhere the highest dumbells in a gym goes to 100lb or 120 lb. Would that much(i have a while to go there) be enough for a good chest? Im asking this as i workout alone so not spotter for press I keep seeing ppl reach 400lb and stuff on a barbell. Would 200lb for reps be enough to build a good chest?
  15. Lol have started bulking on a dumbell based routine. Il gain some muscle over the year then cut later. Im enjoying the proccess
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