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  1. Been trying to get this put together for a bit now. Haven't got it all figured out yet, but if I don't make a start, I never well. Last challenge, I moved into a new place. The last couple years I've been renting a room from a couple from my church. Now I've got my own, full apartment. I like the place, like having more room and control of my space. But... all my routines have fallen apart. I need to rebuild them. During all of this I was also informed that I am pre-diabetic, and have high blood pressure. I'm also pushing 400 pounds, and struggling with depression. I need to make
  2. Hi Flea, Yeah, I'm still here-ish. Been trying to get myself to put together a new challenge. I'm fairly sure I know what to do, I'm just not totally sure I want to do it here anymore. Maybe it's just me, but with the format changes to the forum, it just doesn't feel like I belong, like I fit, like I have a home here, like lots of words I'm not sure how to say. There is too much cacophony, everything is pressed too much together until some threads become like trying to drink from a fire hose, and everything else is drowned out. I'm not going to be a fire hose, so what's the point
  3. *upon looking at today's date* Hmmm, no wonder my eyes were so bloodshot this morning.
  4. Some videos of the cats at the new place. Sasha does not like to travel, but once he has arrived he plants his flag and surveys his new domain. If I were to design the perfect cat, it would be him, with shorter fur. Dear God, the stuff gets everywhere! But he is friendly, easily greets new people, likes to be with you, but is chill just curled up next to you. Working to establish a habit of furminating him as soon as I get home. ShyAnn on the other hand... She's shy. The other name we considered for her was Heidi. First night here, she found progressiv
  5. Sasha is cuddled up against me. No idea where ShyAnn is hiding, but she'll probably join us at some point in the night.
  6. Sasha and ShyAnn are now home. They've been living with M for the last 2 years and it is good to have them back. ShyAnn is living up to her reputation and hiding, first under an end table, now in the drape over the bookshelves. Had to give Sasha a half bath, poor boy. His backside was soaked in urine when I got him out of the carrier. Not sure if his, or from M's new kitten, that was in there right before him. Tried using some baby wipes, but there was just too much, so had to take him to the sink and clean him while he was trying to climb me to escape. Think h
  7. Just finished a little "open house" with folks from church. Thought I would send you folks a little virtual tour. Bunch of pictures in spoiler; you have been warned.
  8. So, I got these two bookshelves on clearance. Normally I like much warmer wood tones, but, they were cheap. I put them up and I HATED them. They were like black holes­čĽ│ sucking all the light from the space. M had gotten me this pad of different nature themed papers, that I had no idea what to do with. But when I put the two together? I really love how they turned out. Makes for a really different backdrop once the books are in place.
  9. As of today, everything is moved out of the old place and into the new. Need to swing by old place and do a little bit of final cleaning tomorrow. Working on getting stuff situated here. Lots of work left to do, but if I'm smart I'll call it a night soon.
  10. Bed assembly didn't happen until Saturday, but it did happen and I am really happy with it. Bed assembled and made.
  11. Hearing lots of scary stuff with the 2nd shot. Hope the fever stays down for you. Totally understand not peopleing.
  12. A little torn and stressed. On the one hand, M has found / purchased a lot or really nice, useful, and even necessary things for the new place. On the other hand, holy hell woman, not NOW! I need to focus on getting out of the old place, not fully equipping the new! But too much of the last 3 evenings has been focused on new (to me) stuff, not on packing/cleaning. Turns out that it is a really good thing that I couldn't get the movers this Saturday, no way I'll be ready by then. I'll have Saturday and most of Sunday to get ready. Still on the fence about taking Monday off; I'll h
  13. That is a damn good idea that I'm going to need to try. That man's voice is so damn soothing. I'll sometimes fall asleep to SFIA. Hits the right level of interesting / highly technical, but still really soothing to listen to. I used to get mad that I would start nodding off, because I was interested in what he was saying, but I've kind of come to embrace it.
  14. Got all the stuff the was moved outside after the flood, moved over to the new place. Went to Costco and Walmart to get some of the items needed for the new place. A lot of stuff got eliminated when I moved in to my current place. I was really happy to find a nice cutting board on clearance, and got the new bathroom sorted out with a better shower head, and some decor. Also got a big cat tower thingy from Costco. The cats had better like it when they move in. I am having weird mental vocabulary blocks. Neither place feels like "home" right now. I'm sleeping at the old
  15. Today was much easier. New landlord texted to ask if I wanted to pick up the key today, rather than tomorrow morning. I had already loaded up the car with some of the stuff from the basement, so I was able to unload that, and show M the new place. The service tonight was really nice. It was nice last night too, but I was in a better place to experience it. Really looking forward to sleeping past 4am tomorrow. I'll get some desperately needed rest tonight. Tomorrow I'll get the rest of the stuff we hauled up yesterday over to the new place. Couple pieces of furnit
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