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  1. Looks like the important stuff has been covered so: what sort of evil ass games doesn't let you save near a boss fight?! Also curious what your yoga mat is made out of. The ones I have are this rubbery stuff that shouldn't have a problem with getting wet, afterall, people sweat on them all the time.
  2. Played the service this evening. Spunds to me like the sound tech did better tonight. If you jump ahead to about 7:15, I have a small solo. Or you can listen to all of it...
  3. That is so cool! Hope everything is going well with you.
  4. That looks really hard to do.
  5. Yeah, I'm lucky enough to have some fairly good places within 15 minutes of home, and some awesome places just a bit further out.
  6. So last summer, I found that I really enjoyed hiking. You're already doing a ton of walking, is there anywhere near you that you can get a bit more off the paved path and into nature?
  7. Saturday didn't really go according to plan. It was supposed to be my day off, and I had planned to sleep in for a bit, but unfortunately, there were problems at work and I got woken up by my supervisor at 5:40. Talked him through a few things, then I was in a funky "I can still feel my sleep meds, but I don't feel tired" state. Got up for a bit, but started getting tired again just before 7, so was about to go back to sleep, when I got another call from my supervisor. Talked for a few minutes, tried to get comfortable and the phone rang again. Asked if he needed me to come in and he said he wasn't sure, so decided that there wasn't any point in going back to sleep. Got up again, decided to go for a walk while waiting to see if he would call again. Did about 2 miles around the neighborhood, which I was happy about, but just didn't have anything left when I got back home. Finally around 10 I just couldn't keep my eyes open, slept for an hour, got woken up by my supervisor again, and then slept for another hour. Did a little bit in the afternoon, but just never got past feeling drained. This morning, I ran the words for our first service, and played violin for the 2nd. (link to video in spoiler). My Aunt commented that my hair looked "professionally frosted" which is probably the nicest thing anyone has ever said about by graying hair. She also said it sounded like our sound teck was asleep and the board, and when I watched the servies myself, yeah. Yikes! Most of it came through alright, but there were some major times where the right mics were not on today. After that, took M to get some groceries for herself, got her home and did my grocery shopping. There is more stuff I would like to get done today, but not sure that any of it is going to happen. Next week is going to be crazy busy. Like, more so than usual. I've got some of my OEMs out from South Dakota to install a new machine, reinstall one we moved, and make some major modifications to another.
  8. 14 thousand steps is roughly equivalent to 7 miles. You walked 7 miles. Most people don't walk 7 miles in a day, most people can't walk 7 miles. And while I know this isn't what was originally meant by the laws of motion, I still think that it applies; a "body in motion tends to stay in motion". You are getting your body into motion. Even if it isn't or doesn't result in weight loss, that motion was the single best thing that you could possibly do for your mental and physical health. You took 14 thousand steps, it wasn't a waste of your time. You had a warm, fresh cookie, I don't think you should feel bad for enjoying that.
  9. I'm tired now and going to go to bed rather than write this out. Had the page open for a while and been processing my thoughts. I'm gonna try a narrow focus on Intuitive Eating this challenge, and nothing else. Gonna steal Jupiter's 100%/10% thing. Good day, I'll put some real effort into the Workbook and share thoughts, bad day, I'll at least post the words "intuitive eating" here as a tool for keeping it in my thoughts. We'll see how things go. Now, look at a butterfly, or not. Definitely not. Getting a "-200" message and "Upload Failed", so no buterfly for you.