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    Whisper goes for a participation award.

    I finished my turtle painting last weekend. I'm not ready to try and do justice to Great A'tuin, but I'm fairly happy with how it turned out. Going to try and do an Aurora next. I need a better phone with a better camera, but here are the progress pictures and final result.
  2. I've been petering out the last few challenges. I think part of that has been depression, and part of it simply being overworked. It looks like the 50-60 hour weeks are going to keep on coming, possibly through the end of the year. Outside of work, we're also going in to a busy time of year for me. Bell Choir has started up again. Orchestra will be starting soon. I'm also planning on taking a study based on the Spiritual Exercises of Ignatius of Loyola, which will be fairly demanding. At the same time, I don't want to fall completely off the grid here. I want to continue making progress (or at least not backslide) with my health, so I'm going to aim small this time and at least stick around until I fill up for a fuller challenge. Goal #1 (as it always seems to be) is sleep. If I stick to a good routine, I do better in most aspects of life, but keep backsliding out of it. Rules for sleep: 1. Laptop never goes in bedroom. 2. Phone gets turned all the way off at 7:30 and is charged outside of bedroom. 3. At 7:30, take night meds, brush/floss, then light reading until 8. 4. 8 pm, lights out, eyes closed. Exception: on nights I am out past 7:30, half hour wind-down starts when I get home. Need to do today: get phone and laptop chargers back out of my bedroom. Goal #2 Finally finish sorting boxes and get my space better organized. I've still got a big stack of boxes from when I moved way back in February. I either need to get them sorted out or moved into a small storage unit by the end of the month. I would rather just get them sorted, so goal is a minimum of 1 box a day, sorting books that I want to keep onto my book shelves, getting rid of books I don't want to keep, and storing through miscellaneous stuff. I've good a good amount of space in my closet to store stuff, I just need to make better use of the space I have. Goal #3 Get back to making/using daily checklists. I don't want to make unmanageably big ones, but a few things to get done each day. Today: 1. Get phone and laptop chargers back out of my bedroom. 2. Get back of scrap paper into car to take to recycling thing at church. 3. Crush empty cans for recycling 4. Put clean laundry away and dirty laundry into basket. 5. Take shower 6. Bell Choir practice, drop off box while at church.