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  1. W1D3

    1. Start the Day

    Up and moving at 5:35!


    2. Eat the Plan

    Breakfast and lunch were both good. Used my "off" night for dinner as I had some running around to do.


    3. Fall Cleaning 

    Changed out the cat box before work. Sitting here lazy and don't want to do anything after work, but don't want to have to say I did nothing.


    Ok, did a sink worth of dishes.


    4. It rubs the lotion on its skin


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  2. 13 minutes ago, fleaball said:

    Mine hate each other too much for that. It's generally a miracle when they're both sleeping on my bed at the same time. (And of course it has nothing at all to do with the fact that when we brought FK here from my grandmother's house my mother insisted on letting him out of the carrier immediately and doing no research on properly introducing cats. None at all.)

    Made a slight attempt at proper introduction, but the separate room / interact through a door thing always seemed too much, but I also got lucky. Sasha is solidly of the opinion that everywhere is his domain, but you are welcome in it. ShyAnn was a barely weaned kitten when I got her. Sasha sniffed the carrier for a bit and then decided it was a good perch. Once it was open, ShyAnn ran out and hid, but they both ended up on my bed overnight. Was the same for the first few weeks; only ever saw ShyAnn when she would come to cuddle while I was in bed, but they both always got along fine. 

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  3. W1D2

    1. Start the Day 

    Was up and out of bed by 5:35, so solid win. Took a nice long shower and enjoyed being able to start my day off on the right foot.


    2. Eat the Plan

    Breakfast was bad.  Lunch was really good. Dinner was bad.

    Kind of bad alignment; both breakfast and dinner were things I thought I wasn't going to like, but wanted to at least try them before removing them from the menu. 

    I worry that I sound too negative on the food, but I'm halfway through the second week and I'm overall really happy with it. I'm trying things out and really feel like I'm refining it so that each following week will be better.


    3. Fall Cleaning 

    Did a little bit of tidying and took the trash out before work. After work, I washed 4 forks; didn't have much time between work and bell practice, and hey, that's double the minimum!


    4. It rubs the lotion on its skin

    Lotion happened right after my shower.

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  4. 11 hours ago, Chris-Tien Jinn said:


    Is there any way to start arranging life so that you require less discipline to get there?  

    That's part of the goal with the meal plan. I've got a full slate of healthy meals showing up every week. Looking for other opportunities to make things easy too.


    1 hour ago, fleaball said:

    fwiw this shit is amazing for hands and doesn't feel super lotiony. they have a foot one too which I haven't tried, but I love this stuff and you can totally use it all over, not just on heels, and bonus: you don't have to touch your feet! you can also just put like vaseline or aquaphor all over and put some socks on so it absorbs but they're kinda goopy.

    Working Hands is my go to for hand lotion. I still don't love it, but it is better than anything else I've used.  I might try the roll on stuff when my AmLactin runs out.

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  5. Week zero, did good with all goals. Plan is to make a daily post with them going forward. 


    Did really well following the meal plan, and only had a few things I really didn't like.  I really like the way that I can flag meals with this system, so once I know I don't like something, it won't come back again. Also, flagging the things I really did like, but trying to keep a variety going with it.


    Weight went from 393 to 385.6


    Week 1 Day 1

    1. Start the Day 

    Decided to sleep in this morning. Got up a bit after 6:30


    2. Eat the Plan

    Breakfast was really good this morning.

    Lunch... was replaced by a pizza delivery. Was surprised by how much I didn't like it, I was expecting this one to be good.

    Dinner hasn't happened yet.


    3. Fall Cleaning 

    Did a sink of dishes this morning.

    Going to fold some laundry this afternoon.


    4. It rubs the lotion on its skin

    I don't think I did that this morning, so going to do it as soon as I hit "submit" and then grab the laundry



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  6. 3. Fall Cleaning 

    The place is a mess and I hate it, but the place has always been a mess.  So, Cultivate Discipline, so gradually that changes.

    Morning and afternoon clean SOMETHING. Can be as small as washing two forks (one fork doesn't count because I probably promptly used it for a meal...)

    Again, not going for big, going for consistent. I've been doing this and things are a tiny bit better already.



    4. It rubs the lotion on its skin

    I hate lotion. I hate putting it on and how it feels and just want to wash it off. My poor feet also really need it, and as we go into winter, I can either use lotion or my hands, or I can deal with the skin around my knuckles cracking until they bleed. 

    Every morning, slather my hands up with lotion and rub down my feet.  I'm washing my hands as soon as my feet are done, but hopefully enough gets absorbed to do some good.



    Woo hoo! It took a week and 4 posts, but the "first" post is finally done!

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  7. 16 hours ago, Kalitraz said:

    100lbs in a year is a big challenge, but it is certainly doable (I missed it by 2 weeks! That still gets under my skin)

    Ah, see, but that's where I'm a tricksy hobbit: it's 7 fewer pounds with 5 extra weeks! Still, it is most certainly a stretch goal, averaging 1.6 a week. I might not get there, but I'm going to try.


    16 hours ago, Kalitraz said:

    Don't get overwhelmed changing too much too quickly. Here to support you!

    Most of the challenge is dialing in things I've been working on. The only really new part is the meal plan, and Im trying to give myself grace with it.

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  8. 2. Eat the Plan

    This morning I pulled my assigned breakfast out of the refrigerator and as soon as I lioked at it, I wanted to throw it away, but that was not the plan.


    So I stuck it in the microwave and heated it up, and looked at it and smelled it, and wanted to throw it away, but that was not the plan. 


    So I took a little nibble of one part, and I took a little of another part, and I wanted to throw it away. The plan was fine with that.


    I've signed up for meal deliveries from Bistro MD. Breakfast, Lunch, and 3 snacks, 7 days a week, plus dinner 6 days. It creates a menu for each day that is supposed to be balanced, but I can swap things out, mark favorites, and mark things out of the rotation. This morning's breakfast will be removed. 


    My goals with it for this Challenge: 

    Prep and try every meal

    Don't eat things I don't like

    Update my preferences 

    Report my progress here.


    The vegan taco bowl was bad.

    Turkey breast with herbed brown gravy was fine.

    I liked the Raw Power nut mix snack

    The Nacho Crisps were ok.


    One more snack and dinner today.


    I can eat other stuff, but I need to at least try the right food at the right time.

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  9. 1. Start the Day


    I got a new job a couple months ago (go me!) and my start time changed from 5am, to 7:30 am. Around the same time, I read an article about a trend on the "five to nine before nine to five", basically, get shit done before work. One person made a comment along the lines of "my employer only gets the leftovers of my day"


    This new job has been more physically demanding, and I've found it even harder to get anything done after work than it was at my old job. I've been working on getting up at 5:30, and I like feeling like I've accomplished something with the start of my day.


    Sleep is complicated for me (yeah, narcolepsy! ) and I never feel rested when it comes time to get up, but that's just as true at 5:30 as it would at 7 with me scrambling out the door. The hard part of getting up for me is getting UP. Once I'm up and moving Im generally good.


    I got sone smart bulbs that I've set to start a "sunrise" at 5:20, and I've got a song going off on my phone at 5:30. The plan is to be on my feet by the end of the song. If that doesn't happen consistently, I'll add a screeching alarm across the room at 5:35

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  10. I'm writing this on my phone, even though there is a computer on the other side of the wall from me. In theory it should be so much easier to type this on a keyboard than it is to single finger type on my phone, but the reality is that I'm too distracted on the computer to even start writing this. So slowly on the phone it gets typed. I'm not sure I'll finish getting this out tonight, but I don't trust my phone to save progress without submitting, so this "first post" might come in a few installments.


    About a month ago, I found out that a study was going to be done at my church based on The Spiritual Excercises of St. Ignatius. It's been a long time since we last had the class, and given that the pastor that runs it has already retired, I'm not sure it will be offered again. I had tried taking it once, over 10 years ago: it takes a dedication of at least an hour a day, everyday, for several months and takes a really deep dive into a number of difficult topics, and I hadn't been able to complete it, it was too much for where I was in my life at that point. This felt like my last chance to do it, but as I thought about it, the answer that kept coming back to me was "I do not have the discipline for this." That has been running through my mind a lot recently, my general lack of discipline and a need to work on cultivating it as a necessary means to feel comfortable in my spirit, in my skin, in my clothes, in my home and in my work.


    I stepped on a freight scale at work last week and it read 405lbs. I knew it was a bit high, I had some tools and a water bottle on me, but even so, it's too much. Imagine how much less my feet would hurt at the end of the day with 200 fewer pounds pressing them into the ground. Imagine how much less my back would hurt without that great gut hanging off my front. Imagine worrying less about if things can support my weight, or if I can fit through spaces. Imagine hiw much better my pants would hold up without my thighs constantly rubbing together. 


    I weighed myself at home on Saturday; 393lbs. In 13 months I will turn 40 years old. My goal is to weigh less than 300lbs on my 40th birthday. 


    Getting there takes discipline that I do not currently possess. Getting there takes discipline that I can work on cultivating. 


    Goals for this Challenge: 

    1. Start the Day 

    2. Eat the Plan

    3. Fall Cleaning 


    4. It rubs the lotion on its skin

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  11. 12 hours ago, Sepherina said:

    Following and hope you are feeling better.

    Thanks. Was a lot better by Tuesday, but started feeling off again yesterday. Taking some day quil, hopefully today will be good.


    Haven't been posting any the last few days, but I've done at least a little reading. 


    Starting to plan my next challenge. 


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  12. Sunday was ok. Kept my wake time, read some on the forums. 


    Today was awful. Woke up to some of the most intense pain of my life in my chest, throat and sinuses. Trying to breathe was agony. My best bet is that I had thrown up some stomach acid, and then tried to breathe it. Called out of work and spent a good chunk of the day painfully coughing up phlegm from my right lung. Pretty much cleared by evening, so hoping to be good for work tomorrow. Bit of leangering pain in my throat and right chest, but coughing has stopped. 

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  13. On 9/26/2023 at 12:59 PM, Mistr said:

    This time I remembered that joint pain is an inflammatory response, so i took ibuprofen right away. I took another 800mg before going to bed and that seemed to help.

    And now I'm thinking I should try some ibuprofen before bed to see if it helps with the overnight carpal tunnel flairups I've been having.  Strange how blind we can be to the obvious at times 

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  14. Getting up was hard this morning,  but ny fuzzy alarm clocks did their job. Sasha yelled for breakfast and ShyAnn kept rubbing her ears against my face.


    I've been low dosing my narcolepsy meds for the last month; trying to get through the gap in insurance that came with changing jobs. Finally got the new insurance information and got the ball rolling on an authorization and refill. Not totally secure yet, but decided to take full doses tonight and kill my (electronic) alarms for tomorrow morning. 


    Used some of the tome before work to do a deep clean on my CPAP, so hopefully really good rest tonight.

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