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  1. 9 hours ago, Cynforgiven said:

    I'm leaving my current job and starting another (see previous challenge thread. I'd add a link but I'm not cool like that - yet.) So since last challenge was a total bust for me and knowing what's coming the next few weeks I'm purposely going to be easy on myself.


    Good luck with the new job! I think the challenge you have laid out is a good one. Your goals looks SMART.

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  2. Had breakfast, relaxed for a while, went for 2 mile walk then headed out to storage.


    I'm trying to decide if I should keep or sell this shelf. On the one hand, I think it looks really neat and I made it myself. On the other hand, I don't currently have a use for it and could always make another one. Fun fact, I didn't plan it this way, but it is the perfect size for storage cubes.




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  3. Sunday: W1D1 (yes, I know day 1 should be tomorrow, but I like starting my weeks, you know, on the first day of the week)

    Whisper Grows Up

    1 Point for checking off all established habits

    5 Points Did enough to set myself up for success the rest of the week, but also recognized the need for rest.

    6/6 points


    Cut the Crap!

    1,722 cals, 33% fat, 15% pro, 52% carbs. 

    0 Point for not eating crap: pizza and iced coffee happened.

    0 Point for cals between 2 and 3 thousand.

    0 point for fat > 50%

    0 point for carbs = 10-20%

    0/4 points

    Not a good food day. Breakfast was late, lunch was skipped. Fitbit says I'm burning between 5k and 6k cals most days, sometimes up over 7k and almost never under 4k. I am trying to make sure to eat enough to stay healthy and sustainably lose the wait. Between Saturday and Monday mornings, I dropped 1.2 pounds, that seems faster than wise.


    Learn to Sleep
    Sleep 8:08 to 4:02. 6 hr 39 min asleep, 75 min awake.

    1 point for all electronics off at 7:30

    1 point for electronics stay off until 4:00

    2 points for sleep start by 8:15

    1 point for not staying up if I wake up during the night. (yes, 75 minutes, but none of be being "oh look, a book when I should be sleeping")

    2 points for physically up by 4:05

    7/7 points 

    Woke up at 4 this morning without the alarm and felt ready to get up. I rarely feel that way and would really like to more often.

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  4. I'm going to try adding some points to this and see how that works going forward.


    Point format:


    Whisper Grows Up

    1 Point for checking off all established habits

    1 Point each for habits that I am working to establish (none currently, but I'll add more after storage is dealt with)

    0-5 Points for how well I adulted that day. This will be fairly subjective but I'm not sure how better to handle it.

    Currently 6 point potential per day.


    Cut the Crap!

    1 Point for not eating crap

    1 Point for cals between 2 and 3 thousand. 

    1 point for fat > 50%

    1 point for carbs < 20%

    Potential for 4 points per day


    Learn to Sleep

    1 point for all electronics off at 7:30

    1 point for electronics stay off until 4:00

    2 points for sleep start by 8:15, 1 point for sleep start by 9

    1 point for not staying up if I wake up during the night.

    2 points for physically up by 4:05, 1 point for 4:15

    Potential for 7 points per day



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  5. On 5/22/2019 at 1:18 AM, Diadhuit said:

    Seems a low carb/high fat diet, but I'm slightly skeptical. We'll see :)


    On 5/22/2019 at 4:20 PM, Diadhuit said:

    Keto/removing grains doesn't do me for the same reason: I would be going keto, feel great for weeks, forget to eat or not feeling like eating and then crave for quick food and break it


    I tried keto at the start of this year and it was WAY too much for me. Tried it for a week, lost all interest in food, couldn't move, couldn't sleep, and was still in bad enough shape two days after reintroducing carbs that when I called my doctor's office, I was told to just come down and they would find a way to squeeze me in.


    That said, I have found that high fat / low carb works really well for me. Breakfast is coffee with heavy cream and four stips of microwaved baccon at my first break. Lunch is bulked cooked "keto" and full fat yogurt w/ berries. Dinner is normally whatever the lady I'm renting from made, with an eye for keeping carbs down and my own salad dressing for a fat boost. I'm not keto, so I don't have to worry about breaking ketosis, but being keto-ish has made it much easier for me to pass on things I am highly prone to over eat.



    22 hours ago, Diadhuit said:

    Goal: don't lose sanity! - regaining it


    2 hours ago, Diadhuit said:

    Goal: don't lose sanity! - better

    I'm happy to see that your sanity boosted over the weekend. Good luck with the house!

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  6. 3 hours ago, Diadhuit said:

    I will need to move soon, and someone gave me a tip that I found mindblowing: 'throw money at problems, if you can'

    Banker boxes saved me during this mess. Strong and uniform in size, stack really good. I bought a lot of them and they have been serving me well.


    3 hours ago, Diadhuit said:

    taking days from work can go a huge way for your sanity, even if it means less money.

    This is true. I'm trying to get Friday off a get another full day of prep before the sale on Saturday.


    3 hours ago, Diadhuit said:

    I will pray for you.

    Thank you.

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  7. Decided to do as little as I possibly could without screwing myself over tomorrow. I had someone with access to a pickup truck willing to help me move the last of the furniture I wanted to keep to the basement I'm renting. Went to storage and got that stuff staged outside while waiting for them, then packed the stuff I had to more out, back in again. With the furniture out, there's enough room in the storage unit for me to work on it tomorrow no matter how much rain comes.


    Got stuff placed downstairs, got my bed cleared off again, and declared that plenty for today. Visited and played cards with the couple I'm renting from and one of my friends for the rest of the afternoon, had supper and just about ready to call it a night. 


    I'm going to follow my sleep routine and timing tonight, but I'm killing all my alarms; I can sleep in tomorrow if that is what I need right now, and if I wake up on time feeling rested, that's fine too. I'm going to relax some more in the morning and not head out to the storage until after 9.



    Whisper Grows Up

    Checked off all non-sleep habits and put a full day into the storage unit.


    Cut the Crap!

    2,773 cals, 50% fat, 23% pro, 27% carbs. There was ice cream after bedtime. Fitbit also says I burned 7,404 cals that day, so maybe not the end of the world.


    Learn to Sleep
    Critical failure: couldn't sleep, phone came on, then the laptop. Sleep 12:34 to 6:04. 4 hr 46 min asleep, 43 min awake.

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  8. 15 hours ago, fleaball said:

    I'm not tossing anything of value, just literal trash and junk mail he leaves lying around.

    I've been doing that to myself lately. I'm a worse packrat than I thought and when I was rushed out of my last place, full boxes of junk mail went with me! And sooooooo much sheet music! Purging it is good.

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  9. Church is over and I am in a better place, but confronted by two competing facts.

    1. I need a Sabbath

    2. It is going to rain tomorrow, and I don't yet have the storage unit in a state where I can do all the work I need to do with everything inside of it.


    I am seriously burned out right now. I worked 6 10s week before last and spent all of last Sunday (after Church) shopping, cooking and cleaning. I worked 5 10s last week and spent yesterday moving furniture and sorting boxes. Rest is a real need right now. But then there is that damn rain. Normally I love rain. In fact, some variation of that is usually my work password. But we've been getting a lot of it lately, and I have to take boxes out of the storage unit to have enough space to sort through all the shit in there.


    So do I rest today and risk the rain tomorrow, or do I work today in the hope of reaching a point where rain isn't such a problem and I can keep working on it after work during the next week and try and rest some tomorrow?

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  10. So last night everything got fucked up and this morning is off to a rocky start and I really don't like being in this mood right before playing music for a church service...


    Spent about 9 hours working on the storage unit, which is physically and emotionally demanding. Progress was made but not nearly enough.


    Tried following my night routine, thought I was plent tired enough, but couldn't sleep. Started messing around on my phone, decided I really wanted icecream, so got some and booted the laptop up too...


    Sleep was midnight-ish to 6 am

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  11. Friday:

    Whisper Grows Up

    Checked off all habits and finished separating worry about now/later stuff at home.


    Cut the Crap!

    2,365 cals, 66% fat,  18% pro,  16% carbs. Talked with Dianne a little bit about my food logging and she was understanding.


    Learn to Sleep

    Perfect execution of night routine! Sleep was 8:04 to 3:47,  6hr 57min asleep, 46min awake. I did wake up again around 1, but just went to the restroom and weighed myself while I was in there and went back to sleep. I have to wake up around 11:30 to take the 2nd dose of my sleep meds, so I'll try to remember to use the restroom then and see if that helps with the 1/1:30 wake up, but I'm kind of dumb at that time, so don't know if that'll happen...

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  12. :star:Great is the victory(s) I o're this morn' hath won!:star:


    The time was 3:47 and I was really damn tired, but I knew that trying to sleep for 13 more minutes wasn't going to make things any easier. I would like to say that I sprung out of bed at that point, but I didn't. I kept laying there debating the merits of 13... 12... 11... more minutes of sleep until I needed to turn off the alarm at 4 am and turned my phone back on. I would like to tell you that I sprang (damn I think I just changed tenses) out of bed at that point, but I didn't. I sat there, wrapt in my blanket and started to doze back off. Then the 4:15 GET YOUR ASS MOVING OR BE LATE FOR WORK alarm went off on my phone, and I got my ass moving! This was my first victory.


    We've been unseasonable cold and wet here, and I was worried about being caught in a shower, so decided to grab my heavier winter jacket, with its hood and better waterproofing. I haven't worn it in a while, and when I zipped it up, I had my 2nd victory; it was noticeably looser! I haven't noticed a change in any of my other clothes yet, but before the jacket had stretched over my gut when zipped, and this morning it didn't!


    I was out the door my 4:30 and decided to walk to my church to see if that is something worth trying Sunday morning's if I feel ok carrying my violin and can find someone else to give rides to the people I normally bring. The church is 2 miles away, mostly down hill, and took about 40 minutes to walk there. Of course by that point I was 2 miles, mostly uphill away from home... The return trip took about 50 minutes. I did not go into the 7-11 either of the times I passed it, meaning I did not get any of the 2 for $2 candy that I love. I did not stop by the Del Taco to get something to eat, instead I went home and had some bacon and full fat yogurt with (previously frozen) berry medley. 


    All in all, I'm feeling really happy with my day thus far. I'm gonna write up yesterday's summary, take a shower, and head over to my storage unit.


    Oh, and I weighed myself when I woke up at 1. Current weight down to 331.4 lbs, 3.5 lbs over the last week! and 30 lbs so far this year! If I keep things up, I should be solidly under 330 by next week and ordering myself another pair of earrings!


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  13. 5 hours ago, Diadhuit said:

    Ugh, 4 am! That is so early! Tell me again, why do you have to wake up then?
    Is it related to your working schedule?

    Work starts at 5am and is a half hour drive away. My morning routine is as minimal as possible, but it generally takes a chunk of time to convince myself to move. 


    5 hours ago, Diadhuit said:

    It is brilliant that you can stick with it during the weekend! It will help your sleep tons

    That is my hope! I'm really thinking that by sticking to it, it'll become easier during the week, and also easier for me to convince myself to go to bed early when I feel like I need a little extra sleep.

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  14. 1 hour ago, fleaball said:

    or: "In which Flea ignores the 'fitness' part of NerdFitness. Again."

    Thus proving yourself a true Rebel.


    1 hour ago, fleaball said:

    Specifically, I need to learn basic things I wasn't taught as a child and have been winging my whole life.

    I'm working on this too. Better to start late than not start at all.


    36 minutes ago, fleaball said:

    Side note, does anyone know where to donate slightly used shampoos/face wash/etc?

    I think a shelter is the best bet. Explain that they didn't work for you but are otherwise fine and they might be open to taking them.


    I want to say that, even though I've only been following you for a little bit, you are a really damn impressive woman.

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  15. Tonight/tomorrow morning is going to be a big challenge for me. I know that I'll do and feel better when I stick to the same sleep schedule all the time, but it is really damn hard to convince myself of that when the alarm goes off at 4am and I don't have anywhere to be for hours! Saturday, Sunday and Monday are all going to be hard for that, but I know I need to do this. My plan for tomorrow morning is to get my feet on the floor before I can talk myself back into sleep, and then to head out for a walk. I haven't yet listened to Issac Arthur's last two updates, so I'll look forward to that during my walk. Got my headphones charging now.

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  16. 6 hours ago, Rookie said:

    So its okay. I had a bit of a weird mental moment where I was like "All these people probably are going to assume its for me because I am fat..." and im like wait no... they assume its for me because I am in line at an ice cream place by myself.. Also everyone here is also getting icecream. It was weird. Not sure why it mattered lol Like PEOPLE ... You don't know me.. but trust me.. I am doing good here! 

    I've had to deal with those kinds of thoughts many times. I'm happy to hear that your brain gave you the rational answer too.


    Hope your sister gets better soon!

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  17. 1 hour ago, Tateman said:

    Well, I read tried as tired haha :) 

    Same. Joys of dyslexia.


    On 5/22/2019 at 2:00 PM, Countess D'If said:

    Hahahahahahaaaaaa! I didn’t even notice that! I did comment the other day on my FB that I cannot see the difference between the words trial and trail. It just does not register. Which is a problem for me :-)


    But yeah. TIRED. Like. . . ALL the time. Is there a fix for that? More coffee, maybe?


    I have 30 days between now and a white water rafting trip. I’ve been really lazy butt recently. Just kidding. Actually I  just started a new job and I’ve been acclimating. I kind of have my crap figured out, maybe? I will say I’m much less freaked out now than I was before. I feel like I could really return to the take-literally-ANY-care-of-yourself plan and not just cruise control the rest of my way into lazy butt town. 


    I’d like to say I’m in a permanent place and I can call this a stopping point, but unfortunately it still feels temporary because this time next year my family is going to move. UGG. I mention that because I will 100% use it as an excuse. So To stop myself looking too far into the future and melting down about what’s coming years and months and weeks down the road, I need to have smaller, chunked-out  shorter term goals. For example white water rafting on June 22! But like I said previously, they can’t be weight loss driven goals. Because I will go insane.


    1. Calorie deficit 

    Track food intake. Move ya butt!

    That’s going to the gym, walks at lunch. Playing softball if it ever stops snowing. 


    2. Prepare better. 

    I’ve forgotten my lunch twice this week. It’s Wednesday. EVERY WEEK NIGHT I need to have my clothes set out, my lunch packed, Midget Mayhem’s clothes and shoes and socks ready to go. Anything that’s a hassle in the morning has gotsta GO, girl!


    3. Wear the same pants every Friday and see if they feel any different from week to week. 

    I like your plan. Happy to hear you're settling in to your new job!

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