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  1. 1 hour ago, NicTheRugger said:

    Oh nooo, the politeness cookie. That's the greatest downfall.

    Oh the ignominy! How can I possibly bare it?


    I was actually good with eating it. I wasn't giving in to something, I was making a decision, I logged it, and I was still fairly happy with how my macros broke down. I had one, declined more and other dessert items and feel like I'm getting better in this area. Cutting this stuff fully out is mostly about getting away from mindless eating, so I'm still counting that day as a win; even with a politeness cookie :friendly_wink:

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  2. 5 hours ago, Wobbegong said:

    Last year I was definitely rounded up and made to eat with the other teachers, and they'll absolutely notice if I don't have food.


    I find the school's obsession with you (and other teachers) eating lunch really interesting. It isn't something I can imagine happening in the States, but they seem to care about their teachers' health much more than we do.


    3 hours ago, Wobbegong said:

    Idk, it seemed very funny at the time. I'm going for that walk now. 


    Confusing the game is fun! Have a good walk.

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  3. Thursday:

    Whisper Grows Up

    Checked off non-sleep habits. Went through a big stack of boxes sorting into "Don't need to deal with now" "Old roommate's" and "Sort of sale/keep/trash" and wrote a label on top of each. About 5 boxes were in the last two categories and I got them sorted out. Today (Friday) I'll finish what i have at home now, and Sat/Sun/Mon I'll take the same approach out at the storage unit.


    I am starting to entertain the seditious and sacrilegious thought that maybe (just maybe) I don't need to continue owning all of my books forever. I don't think a parking-lot sale is the way to handle that, but it is bubbling in the back of my mind as something I might look into after next week.


    Cut the Crap!

    2,276 cals, 58% fat,  24% pro,  18% carbs. I'm happy with what I ate, but I'm not happy with how much guess work is going into dinner. Pork chop and mashed potato with a green salad. I need to get comfortable with the idea of weighing the food so I have a better idea of the real totals, but it feels odd to weigh what someone else has made for you. I'll have to talk to Dianne and see if she's ok with it.


    Learn to Sleep

    The sorting got my brain going right before sleep. I didn't turn my phone off until 9:00, but did go to sleep right after that. I woke up again at 1:40, but just went to the restroom and right back to sleep, so that was better. Sleep: 9:06-4:02, 6hr 1 min asleep, 55 min awake.


    I like the point system that some people are using and I'll think I'll add that in when the challenge get's going. I think I know what I want to do with points for food and sleep, less sure on the Grow Up points, I'll have to think about that this weekend. 


    Have a happy Friday everyone!

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  4. Wednesday:

    Whisper Grows Up

    Checked off all habits but no sorting. I'm finding it hard to get much done after a 10 hour work day, but I really don't have enough time to slack off :angry:

    Bright side, I'm only working 50 hours this week and should get a 3 day Weekend, so that'll help some. 


    Cut the Crap!

    2,410 cals, 58% fat, 20% pro, 22% carbs. I had a cookie :shame: It wasn't really tempting, more of trying to be polite. The granddaughter of the couple I'm renting from had made a batch of cookies and I didn't want to be rude. 


    Learn to Sleep

    Bedtime routine shifted back a half hour. Still waking up at 1:30ish. Turned on my phone (dumb) and lost a bunch of sleep to it. Sleep 8:29 to 4:15. Asleep 5 hr 47 min. Awake 2 hours.


    I think I'll move my phone charger to the basement living room and see if that helps with wanting to mess with it when waking up in the middle of the night. Gonna leave the laptop at work and hope it boosts home productivity a bit, but feeling really tired right now (Thursday afternoon).

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  5. Tuesday:

    Whisper Grows Up

    Checked off all habits and got a bit of sorting done.


    Cut the Crap!

    2,718 cals, 64% fat, 20% pro, 16% carbs. Traffic was crazy bad so I ended up on surface streets feeling really hungry. Got a chicken kabob on pita from a drive through, but didn't get a soda or fries and resisted the treat layout at home!


    Learn to Sleep

    Hit bedtime routine perfectly! Fitbit logs sleep as 8:00 to 4:03 6 hr 50 min asleep, 73 min awake. Last two nights I was awake for around half an hour starting at 1:30. I'll need to see how to fix that.



    Update is late today because I left my laptop at home! Downside of not letting it in my room, I need a place to put it where I'll grab it in the morning. Thinking I'll put it next to my lunchbox tonight.

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  6. Monday:

    Whisper Grows Up

    Not much direct progress here. Worked a 10 hour shift and had two hours of music after that. Not a bad day, just not much time for sorting and such. I did check off all habits.


    Cut the Crap!

    2,200 cals, 69% fat, 22% pro, 9% carbs. No junk at all!


    Learn to Sleep

    Laptop left at work, phone powered off at 7:30 and in bed on time. Fitbit says sleep was 8:15 to 4:12, 6 hr 51 min of sleep 1hr 6 min awake.

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  7. Hi, I'm Whisper


    I love rain and I love forests and I live in a desert!




    I'm using my time here to take ownership of and level up my life! Weight loss and fitness are a big part of that, but so is putting my space in order and developing healthy habits and skills for all of my life.


    I play violin (mostly self taught), play with a hand-bell choir at my church, and am learning how to sing. I also really love reading science fiction and fantasy. The first book I ever enjoyed reading was Babylon 5: In the Beginning and I went from way under grade level to college level reading with the Star Wars books. Loved the X-Wing books most of all. Currently really into David Weber and Sir Terry Pratchett. 

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  8. 1 minute ago, NicTheRugger said:

    Hey Whisper! I've missed seeing you here 'round the challenges! Glad to see you back. I'll be cheering you on. Adulting is hard! If you figure it out, let me know, yeah? 

    Hi Nic!

    Life fell apart after my first Challenge, but I jumped back in about halfway through the last challenge and I'm excited for my 2nd full one! 

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  9. 53 minutes ago, Cynforgiven said:

    So I'm fighting guilt but at the same time I really don't like this company's policies or how they run things. They're both micromanaging and disorganized, there's no communication between departments and not much more between shifts. There's very little teamwork and more than an average percentage of drama queens. It all mixes together to create a wonderfully toxic work environment.

    It sounds like you've been working at a place that has done everything it their power to make you quit. I don't think you need to feel guilty about it, but I do think that the guilt speaks well of you. It's a bad place, but you don't want to put others in a lurch with your departure. 

    Good luck with your new job! Be gentle with yourself. 

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  10. 1 hour ago, Bean Sidhe said:

    I am having a moment. I couldn't find anything to wear this morning and now I am in a white shirt that mostly fits under a lighter sweater. Youngest Agent gave me a dragon necklace that looks way too young, but I am wearing it and I will just blame here. I really don't feel like I am ready for this or dressed appropriately. I mean I remember them all in polos and jeans, so I am hoping I can wear that tomorrow, but first day I should probably be nicer right?

    First day in a "polos and jeans" place? I think your outfit sounds just fine.


    A truth that I have found in life is that feelings follow actions. Want to feel more confident? Act confident and the feeling will follow. You've got this!

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  11. 6 hours ago, Tateman said:

    For drinks, I have mostly stuck to Zevia brand sodas, Powerade zero, and Gatorade zero.

    I've been working on drink more water, but also will drink flavored fizzy water and add heavy cream to my morning coffee or tea. I'll have to give Zevia a try.


    43 minutes ago, Wobbegong said:

    I hope you went straight to bed after posting and are now a few hours into your day, refreshed and well-rested!

    Almost! I tried going straight to bed and discovered that I had forgotten to make it and still had stuff all over it! Schedule got shift back about a half hour to cover that, and the first half of the night was really restless, but the second half was good and I'm feeling good at work today.


    8 minutes ago, StillStar said:

    I love this! And I feel the same. I need to parent myself. I went through a long phase of childing ("but I need/want/deserve this") and now, like you say, it's time to give myself boundaries and consequences. Good luck!

    Thank you. I've been struggling to get the idea into words and wasn't sure how clear I had been; looking at your response I think it's safe to say that I was clear enough!

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  12. This is going to be my second full challenge and I'm really excited for it!


    Whisper Grows Up

    I've been stalled out for a while now on the My Big Why part of the Nerd Fitness Academy, trying to look at what I'm really aiming for and trying to get it into words.

    There's all the standard stuff: I want to look better, I want to fit into place that I currently don't, I don't want to worry about whether or not something can hold my enormous weight. There are the health concerns with obesity; I'm not suffering them yet, but I know things like diabetes, high blood pressure, and heart attack are just a matter of time if I don't get it under control, and I'm sure I'm damaging my feet/knees/back dragging all of this around with me. I'm also sure that I would sleep better, have more energy and just feel better with out the fat!


    But that isn't why I'm doing this. I was talking to a friend recently and told her "I've never actually felt like an adult". Adults take ownership of their lives and I've spent most of mine drifting.  The result has been a messy chaos.  An adult needs to come in, clean things up, teach me the skills and habits I need to be a fully functional adult. In a nutshell, I need a Parent, and its MY job to do it. I know better than to think that I can just do it on my own, or through a feat of willpower make myself an Adult, but I can take steps, seek advice and support and gradually grow.


    I'm not on a weight loss journey, I'm on a journey of growth and personal development. Weight loss is going to happen, and indeed make up some of my major milestones, but I see the tools and philosophy of Nerd Fitness being powerful tools to use in all aspects of my life.


    For this Challenge:

    I'm going to continue to maintain the habits I've already started and continue working through the Mindset part of the Nerd Fitness Academy, particularly focusing on Hack Your Sleep and Customize Your Batcave. The first two weeks will also have a major push to finish up the storage unit, then working more on my living space. 


    Cut the Crap!

    I'm not happy with the amount of crap that I am still eating, so for this challenge I'm going to go hardcore or eliminating mindless and unsatisfying eating.  I've been cutting back on them, so this isn't going from 0 to 60, more like 30 to 60... The rules?

    • No candy (this includes "fruit snacks" I don't care that their in the cereal isle not the candy isle)
    • No popcorn / chips
    • No desserts
    • No non-keto friendly drinks
    • Continue to log all foods to the best of my ability (suppers are hard 'cause I often eat with the folks I live with)

    If I find myself really craving things, allowed items do include diet soda, and Lily's Dark Chocolate Chips.


    Learn to Sleep

    I've never been good at sleep, it has been seriously broken for as long as I can remember and there is a real medical problem with it; but it CAN be better! I have a medication that works fairly well, but I need to maintain a habit and routine that helps it work right. I need to press forward with this, finding what works, changing things as necessary. The starting rules:

    • The laptop does not go into the bedroom EVER. If I break this rule, the laptop doesn't even go downstairs.
    • Phone powered off by 7:30 and stays off until morning. If I have trouble with this, I'll start charging it in another room.
    • Maintain same sleep schedule all week. 8 pm to 4 am. If I need more sleep, I can go to bed early.

    Current bedtime routine:7:30, kill phone, take sleep meds, brush/floss, read evening prayers, read known, relaxing book. 8:00 find stopping point, lights out.


    Look at the time! I need to post this and do that stuff I just typed.


    Good night, and good challenge.


    (Don't have time to proof read right now, so I might come back and make edits) 


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  13. I love sitting where I can see and hear the rain.


    Down another 0.7 lbs this week to 334.9 lbs. Not as much as I would like, but I was worried for a bit that I might have gone up some, so I'll take it. That's 4.2 lbs over the two weeks of the challenge, and 26.5 lbs so far this year.


    I did perfect on my medication, floss and Bible Study habits. I was spotty on the Electronics Off, and that will be a MAJOR focus of my next Challenge.


    Sorting has not been going well, and I'm coming down to the wire. I'm going to have to really work on it during the week, cause I busted my ass today and didn't do a thing on, but food is cooked and laundry is clean, so the day was productive. 


    I'll see you fine folks in the next thread!

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  14. 21 minutes ago, Tateman said:

    My Fitbit didn't properly catch my sleep. I was in bed at 11:32 PM to 7 AM. Fitbit though 12:58 AM is when I went to sleep.


    You can adjust the sleep log in Fitbit to reflect when you really slept, it should fill in the rest of the sleep map for that time, but it can be a little bit of a fight trying to switch it from after midnight to before.

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  15. Thursday:

    2,941 cals, 46% fat, 37% carb, 17% pro. 


    Got busy with some stuff and was up a little later than I would have liked, but did manage to check off all habits and got a decent amount of sleep.


    I'm working a 60 week this week, and it looks like that is going to be the norm until the end of next month. At least the overtime will help with some of my financial goals!

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  16. 4 hours ago, fleaball said:


    Apparently I'm really mad since I’m rant so much. Yikes.


    I think mad is probably the best possible reaction to this. Hell, I'm mad about it and I wasn't even there.

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  17. Wednesday:

    2,425 cals, 50% fat, 34% carb, 16% pro.


    Checked most habits but screwed up the "electronics off" part. Wanted to finish reading an article on my laptop right before bed and spiraled into that instead of getting to sleep. Finally crashed around midnight, but as I have to get up at 4 am for work, that really isn't enough sleep. Getting the stuff all the way off before bedtime seems to be critical; I think that'll be a major focus for the next challenge. 

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  18. 1 hour ago, fleaball said:

    if I ever need to see a GI for anything again I’m finding someone outside of this hospital system because fuck that. 

    Yeah. One douche in the office is bad, but two in a row is a real problem with that office. 

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