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  1. Well, I will say that I slept like a baby last night. I did wake up a few times, but nothing more than to just roll over and went right back to sleep. I've included a picture of the app which shows that I got around 8 hours of sleep last night. Overall, I would say that I'm not any more tired than had I just woke up on my own. Today is a cardio day, so as long as the rain holds off I should be able to hit the trail. However, it is raining right now...so we will see if it's trainer or trail.
  2. Day 3! Already? Yes! Already! Just finished my BWF routine this evening. Squats - 3x8 Pull ups (Leg assisted Negatives) - 3x4 Handstand Push Ups (Incline pike push ups) - 3x8 Leg Raises (Flat knee raises) - 3x8 Dips (Bent knee bench dips) - 3x8 Horizontal Pulls (Vertical pulls) - 3x8 Plank (Kneeling) - 3x45 seconds Very similar to day 1. I alternate between Push Ups & Dips and I also increased my kneeling plank by 15 seconds. Diet: Breakfast - Nothing Lunch - Roasted chicken with sauteed peppers & onions with green beans Dinner - Gingery Broccoli Beef (One of my absolute fav
  3. Woo! I like it. My goal for sleeping is to be in bed by 10:30pm and asleep by 11:00pm, getting up by 7:00am. That gives me an hour in the morning to get ready and get to the office, which is only about a 10-15 minute commute.
  4. Is your overall quest achievable (over a short or long period of time)? Is it reasonable? Yes. Losing 20lbs is an achievable and reasonable goal. I feel that I am approximately 20-25lbs overweight. Do your 3 quests all build towards your main quest in little ways, or are you taking on too much? Do your quests have sub-quests or is it just one thing to focus on? My 3 quests do all build towards my main quest. They are three very reasonable quests (BWF workout, Cardio, and Diet). Each quest has a grade attached to each level of success which will allow me to recognize any short comings. Are
  5. Alright, Day 2 in the books. 30 minutes of cardio on my bicycle trainer. Sadly, I can tell it's been awhile since I've been on a bike. My sit-bones are a little tender today. Yesterday's meals: Breakfast - Nothing Lunch - Roasted Chicken with sauteed peppers & onions, and green beans Dinner - Paleo Brunswick Stew Today's slate is another round of body weight exercises and good clean eating. As far as overall physical state, two days in I feel really good. I overslept this morning, but I imagine that has more to do with me doing cardio and not going to bed at a reasonable time
  6. I could definitely do a protein shake. That might be something that is easier in the long run and will still give me the ability to wait until lunch to eat anything.
  7. Mainly because I do get hungry around 9AM when I'm in the office. I definitely don't eat because it's morning and "I should eat." I've never been a huge breakfast person because of the fact that I'm not usually hungry when I get up in the morning. It almost always takes me about 90 minutes before I feel hungry.
  8. Day 1 officially in the books. Initially I was going to procrastinate and start the next day (Tuesday). But I told myself, "NO! You said you would start on Monday! No excuses, only results!" So, I kicked my butt and got to working. I'm following a plan developed by Startbodyweight.com. I definitely forgot how much of a sweat you get just from body weight workouts! I was also able to maintain my Paleo challenge. Unfortunately, I don't normally eat breakfast (I know, I know), so I will be making up some paleo egg-muffins tonight for me to eat the rest of the week for breakfast. For lun
  9. As far as Quest 2, I'm in Atlanta, GA so the weather shouldn't be too terrible. If, for some reason I can't get on a trail or the road, then I have a trainer that I can set up in my apartment and still cycle. A trainer is like a treadmill for the bike where I pop in my rear wheel & tire into the trainer and it provides resistance on demand. So, ultimately, there should be no excuse for me to not do at least 30 minutes on the trainer 3 times a week.
  10. Introduction: Hi, I am UncleHuggyBear and this is my first challenge. I like to ride bikes, however I’m overweight at about 198 lbs and not very well conditioned and going up hills is quite a challenge for me. I’ve joined the rebellion because I want to really change my lifestyle against the Empire of lethargy and laziness in order to ultimately ride a metric and then imperial century on my bike. This isn't my first go around with doing a challenge, but I was in a very bad place mentally about 2.5 years ago and I wasn't having any fun. It didn't help that I was about 1200 miles from my
  11. I actually have a membership to The Edge in South Burlington between Hinesburg & Dorset on Twin Oaks Terrace. As I mentioned above, I've been out of commission for about a week with a hurt shoulder but I'll be back in the gym next week. I'll look into what's necessary for a friend to hit it up with me for a few days. I'll be doing the Rebel Strength training guide doing Push/Pull on alternative days and also mixing in 30-35 minutes of HIIT Cardio as well. I'm hoping to run a 5k in the Fall if I can find one, otherwise I'm just going to run one for fun.
  12. Things are going well. The GF was able to find a job and just finished her training. She'll be a manager at a Panera Bread in Williston which is fantastic because that's 5 minutes from the apartment. Managed to hurt my shoulder pretty badly last month, so I've been out of commission for about 4 weeks now. Giving it one more week of rest and then I'm back in the gym. Can't wait! If I'm ever in Montpelier or you are in Burlington, send me a message. We can meet up for a beer.
  13. Okay, I'm going to update two day's worth of stuff in this one post since I actually started my 6 week challenge yesterday. 5/15/13: Food: Breakfast - 1 Mandarin OrangeLunch - Roasted chicken breast and drumstick with salad with EVOO and Balsamic VinegarDinner - Paleo Chicken CacciatorreSnack - PopcornNotes: I was extremely hungry between breakfast and lunch, but that was to be expected considering I only had an orange for breakfast. The after dinner snack was a moment of weakness for me. I was craving something salty and that was all that I had in the apartment. Workout: Dead lifts
  14. Back Story: I recently relocated over 1100+ miles away from my home town. This has been a good thing as I was getting into a rut and just going through the motions of life. Also, from a career stand point I wasn't going anywhere. Before I moved I had joined a gym but didn't take it seriously, ate poorly, and didn't follow any kind of regimen and also subscribed to the fitness magazine theory of isolating muscle groups. I've now been living in Burlington, VT for 6 weeks now and it really is a gorgeous place and I'm beginning to feel like I'm joining the community, albeit slowly. The M
  15. Just moved to South Burlington, VT from Atlanta, GA. That was a heck of a drive and I'm glad that I don't have to do that again. Still getting settled, but would love to meet up with some fellow Rebels in the next month or two after we get everything setup. Cheers!
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