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  1. No, you are right, I SHOULD be doing PT. I know I will benefit from the exercises, it's just the finding the right ones that is overwhelming. I do take magnesium, but yes, I should look into collagen. I do like hiking and want to get back to that once there's not so much snow on the ground. Sadly, I never learned to swim. I HAVE learned that learning to swim with my face in the water as an adult is the hardest thing I've ever tried. Haven't been successful yet (and how embarrassing it is to try to learn in a public setting). Actually, my primary care do
  2. I have been to a PT multiple times over the past few years for shoulder (before and after surgery), SI joint issues, and knees. I have various exercises he has given me. I can try to dig up the post surgery exercises for that. Last time I went to the doc (Nov) and mentioned the knees, she basically told me to do my PT, but didn't suggest I go back TO the PT. Basically I'm tired of the going to the doctor, telling them I hurt and getting the, "well, do pt" answer. Apparently it's not alarming to be young and have all your joints falling apart/hurting. She did at least do couple x
  3. I definitely do need to do some things with it, I just need to figure out what it needs. There are so many aches and pains it's hard to decide what exercises to prioritize.
  4. Honestly, I don't know if the stuff cooks off, but I just hate the idea of it being there. I guess after thinking about it, it's more than just fillers and additives that has me draining the meat. It's the diet of the cows. My data collection and research over the years as me firmly convinced that cows should be eating a diet of what cows eat in nature--grass. When they eat other things, they aren't going to be as healthy and that is going to affect the fat in the meat. Beef from grass fed cows contains significantly more Omega 3 fatty acids than that from grain fed. The average American di
  5. I do if I'm using non grass fed meat. There are a lot of fillers and junk that are put into American ground beef, unfortunately. We try to limit what we can. But if we are using grass fed, that yumminess stays in the dish.
  6. Welcome! I haven't posted anything on here yet. I honestly don't think I ever even arted in my 8 NF years, which is a travesty, because now I believe everyone should art. I actually haven't even finished anything in the last month because life is CRAMMED. I'm hoping to finish some sketch journaling stuff this weekend. You can find some of my inktober and random watercolor stuff on my instagram, though, if you are so inclined -- @haikoo575
  7. I loooove fennel! I had never had it until we started getting it in our CSA a few years ago. So good You must be in a non-winter place, i conclude as I see the word garden then turn to look at the thoroughly snow covered ground outside my window.
  8. Thanks for the tips! I will definitely be doing a LOT of research and pushing for the 504 plan if she can't get an IEP. I have to sit down and compose some e-mails this weekend and get the ball rolling. Updates while I'm drinking my coffee: No real progress in the office, but the boys are gone all day and tonight, and my schedule is mostly clear until the evening now. I plan to head in there and get some things organized into the newly shelved closet. I had conditioning class for karate (it's really mixed martial arts, but it's way easier to just say karate
  9. hurrah! It's always nice to see visible evidence of our health making efforts.
  10. Because for some reason we insist on looking at ourselves through a microscope, thus getting a skewed imagine. It's like when you use those super magnified "makeup" mirrors. They literally distort the reflection. No one will EVER see us that way. It's so hard to break the microscope habit.
  11. Thanks, me too!! We need to get this kid believing that she is not stupid and she can and will have a successful life!!
  12. yea, I'm definitely going to be pushing and pushing it hard. They will probably end up giving her something just to get me to shut up.
  13. So week 1 is...week 1. Monday on the food front was fine except we had ice cream in honor of Mr. Koo's birthday. No biggie, it was a planned deviation. Yesterday's food intake was on target, and today so far. I have honestly not gotten anything done this week in the basement. I've had a ton going on. Yesterday we had a follow up appointment with a neuropsychologist for one of the kids. She did not diagnose said kid with a specific math learning disability as we expected. She's calling it more of a general Executive functioning delay. I am familiar with what this means,
  14. SO agreed about the tragedy olympics. Many of us have trauma and we all come through it differently. There is no competition, nor even a valid scale for scoring. It's too subjective, too individual to the person that we are. We all handle it differently. And that is okay. <HUGS>
  15. Hello friend! I've missed you! *KOOHUGS* I just enjoyed a wee tot of Knob Creek Smoked Maple whiskey. Cheers!
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