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  1. I miss nerds already.... NF Meetup Withdrawal. Good thing we have a built in support group.

    1. Fearkiller


      I do not remember if i showed you this somewhen before, but Scott Dinsmore wrote a good article about it


  2. Avocado TURKEY salad --two thumbs up! MMmm leftovers!

    1. Sandylion


      I made an avacado tuna salad once! It was pretty good. I bet turkey would be awesome!

  3. Tomorrow marks 15 years with the hubby. What?!

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    2. Haikoo


      Thanks everyone!

    3. raptron


      Hell yeah! Congratulations!

    4. Omega v1.1

      Omega v1.1

      Congratulations. I hope he's organised something nice for you. I'm pretty sure 15 years means he has to buy you something with diamonds on.

  4. So much sickness! We can't escape!

  5. Attempted assited pull ups - band I have is not quite strong enough to help me, so I did negatives instead. Ow. Must get soft grip for bar.

  6. EEk! Dead mouse on the basement floor. Yuk yuk yuk. Someone come clean this up, please??

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